TITLE: Solitude

PART: Sequenced Three-Part (Three of Three)

PAIRING: Sanada Genichirou x Kajimoto Takahisa

GENRE: Yaoi (Humour/ Continuation/ Angst / Romance)

DISCLAIMERS: The series I'm referring to does not belong to me… only this weird story does.

NOTES: Blah or Blah is for emphasis. /Blah/ is for conversations over the phone or flashbacks (if any). /Blah/ is for the conscience or whatever inner voice there is talking. Blah is for thoughts or random Japanese words. Some of these words are footnoted at the end of every page (I'm beginning to understand the need for footnotes in fiction. Thank you dear friend, you know who you are. XD).

ADDITIONAL BLAHS: This is a response to Hanabi Reeza's challenge. I had a lot of fun making this, though when you look at the plotline, well, it doesn't really show, since it's very depressing. XD This takes place in their senior high and university days. I was having trouble integrating the major characters as junior high kids, since they absolutely have no interaction whatsoever. Sanada is still the vice captain of the senior high team and still under Yukimura. Why? There are a lot of complications, and it will bundle the story up. Kajimoto has some issues as well. This is in assumption that they went to the senior high departments of their respective schools... except for, perhaps... nah, I'm not telling. Just find out on your own. XD Enjoy!


Part Three: Omega

Solitude (Noun)


Isolation or seclusion


Lack of companionship


Wakato dazed thoughtfully at his jittery friend.

"Stop thinking about whatever it is you're thinking, idiot." He intoned, grabbing Kajimoto's shoulder to stop him from pacing. "You don't have to worry about useless stuff. You have Mizuki, You have me, what else do you need?"

Sanada-san. The sudden thought came unbidden in his mind. He hadn't been able to meet him this past few days, and he wondered if he had been waiting for him in their meeting place. He did not mean to push aside his friends for him, but he couldn't help it. There was comfort in what they have – even if all they did was talk.

Come to think of it, they never did venture out of the tennis court. Why was it like that? He did not understand it himself. Maybe it was because the place's familiarity put them at ease... and the lack of people as the day comes to an end... or maybe they both did not like the company of many people all at the same time.

From their talks together, he knew that Sanada did not exactly mingle much. All he had was his own special group of people he called friends. There was his best friend, Yukimura Seiichi, his long-time partners in his chosen sport and chosen academy, and then he had his supportive family – and unprecedented rivals like Saeki Kojirou, Atobe Keigo and Tezuka Kunimitsu... possibly, from all his stories, maybe Inui Sadaharu as well.

Sanada Genichirou had that advantage compared to his case.

Like Wakato said, there was truly just him and Mizuki in his life. They were truly, his only friends. Maybe the injury he had did him good after all. He learned who he was and who backed him up. There was no Hanamura-sensei, there were no club people chummy with him. Only Wakato... and then Mizuki from St. Rudolph, in addition to the irony.

He hated it. No, he did not hate his friends... he hated the circumstance he was in. He hated his personality that made him a part of so small a group. He hated the fact that he was no one except for a broken masterpiece, fit to be cast away by many.

He hated the fact that save for two people, he was nothing.

And then there was Sanada. What was he really? Until now, even after all the time they spent together, he still couldn't categorise what he was to him. He felt like he was an outsider when Sanada was talking about Yukimura... And he felt like intruding whenever he asked questions about him as well. Shouldn't friends be comfortable talking to each other regardless of issues? If that was true, then he still couldn't consider Sanada as his own.

Then what of the comfort? What of the security he felt when he was around? What of that? Should he just ignore it?

"I know, Hiroshi, I know." He said tiredly, stepping up beside his friend. "I just feel weird, you know... going away for a while and leaving the two of you here..."

"And Sanada-san as well."

It was a statement, not a question.

He did not have to say anything.

The answer, Wakato saw, was written all over his face.


/The heady smell of desire was overpowering, and Sanada couldn't do anything but succumb to it. Body soaked with perspiration, he dipped, the source of his passion hot with want... with need... straining to make contact with the equally throbbing desire a heartbeat away.

It was delicious, their precious friction, and the initial pain felt between them faded, immediately blown away and replaced by the outpouring sensation of pleasure. Up and down... in and out... they met, they held and repeatedly fall apart with burning abandon, each pleasurable moan striking the heart and the weary soul.

Breath coming out in short gasps; he stared at the reddened features of his partner, marvelling at the way the contours twisted to that of pure animalistic desire.

He was perfect.

This was perfect.

With a knowing chuckle, he leant close to his ear, teasingly, breathily whispering... "More?"

And it gratified him to hear the almost inaudible acquiescence. "More..." He moved with him as he intoned the long-suffering words, repeatedly. It made Sanada feel so victorious, as if he had just conquered a nation single-handedly. The silent plea in such words spurred him even more, stirred his passion, and his hands slid down smooth damp skin. He moaned softly, revelling in the tightness of his present heaven. His heaven – all his own, only his own.

"Mine." He whispered, thrusting harder, deeper, making the other squirm and cry out in primal orgasmic frenzy... "You're mine..." He whispered once more, pressing an open-mouthed kiss on moist lips.

"Only mine... Ta..." /

Sanada woke up gasping, breath so short that he had to get up and open his bedroom window. After a few moments of recovering his composure, he sighed, staring out at the night sky.

Two Weeks.

It had been two longs weeks that he hadn't seen a trace of him, and frankly, Sanada was getting pissed. He hated waiting, and wonder of all wonders, he still waited until eight in the evening every single day in that empty tennis court for someone who had the slightest chance of appearing...

He tried calling him upon realisation that he did not do so when he promised to, so he was partially at fault over what happened, but why didn't he answer his phone then? Was he mad at him for not being able to come because of Yukimura? He couldn't take that against him, after all, Yukimura was his best friend and always comes first before others. Wasn't he being entirely too difficult over such trivial thing?

Sanada's eyes narrowed as he focused on a patch of light in the distance. Maybe something happened... but Kajimoto confessed to him before that he couldn't go anywhere without his cellular phone... maybe...

He shook his head, slouching in defeat. He couldn't believe he was mooning over some guy like a dumped girl. Sanada Genichirou did not do dejected. He is someone on top of everything! So why this? And why this disturbing dream that he had the misfortune of having in the same two weeks that he hadn't seen Kajimoto?

Was he lusting after him? Was that the reason why he felt like he was not complete when he did not see him everyday? But if that was so, shouldn't he have jumped on him within the span of time they were meeting up? Well, he found the former Jyousei Shounan captain good looking – he would be blind not to notice that... and the sparkle of his earrings under the setting sun provided him with that extra gleam that enhances not only his physical features but his personality as well... but... He just couldn't understand it, and he knew that if he did not do so, he would be doomed to have the same dream for all eternity. But was that actually bad?

He groaned. He was becoming as perverted as Niou. He shook his head as images of two bodies merging flashed in his mind. What the hell... Masaharu, if I see you reading that weird yaoi manga again, I'll kill you. I will make you run a hundred – no, two hundred laps around the court. Tezuka is right when he suggested this 'make your subordinates pay' penalty. I'm sorry Seiichi, but it has to be done.

Convinced that he was calm, finally started shuffling away from his spot by the window, shutting it and drawing down the blinds as he turned up his air-conditioning unit. It wasn't until he felt the stickiness in his hands for the first time that the impact of what had happened while he was sleeping hit him fully.

His eyes quickly stared down at the crotch of his boxers – and grimaced.

"Oh shit."


He was there again, waiting.

He did not know why he continued doing so when he knew no one was going to meet up with him anyway. However, there was this part of him that hoped... that maybe he would see him again.

After thinking hard on it, he realised he was the problem initially. He had been too hasty, making instantaneous decisions that were unprecedented... and at the same time, not bothering to grasp what was between them. He was the source of all the confusion... maybe he was being too sentimental about things, and that proved to be his undoing.

It was not wrong to dote on his best friend, but to dote entirely was all too much. They were not married, after all... no matter how much he wanted to be back then... and until now, there was a small spark of desire to be tied completely to Yukimura. He was being selfish. It was just that.

Just like he was being selfish with Kajimoto. He was being too obstinate, insinuating that he was more important, and manipulating him in a way, even unconsciously, making him the focal point of the other's existence... that everything would have to be about him... that everything was him. Maybe Kajimoto realised it and decided to stop meeting up because he was being too utterly dependent on him now.

He was wrong in deducing that he was not needy by nature, because in actuality, he was. He needed someone to need him, or else he wouldn't function well... and that drove him straight to Kajimoto. He seemed to be the one who needed him the most, not Yukimura, not Yanagi, not anyone. It was Kajimoto, his sad smile, his defeated frame, his quiet words... and the steel buried underneath.

It was not the lack of things to talk about that worried him as he initially thought... their entire conversations, all the laughter, all the sentiments, they were the one he was worried about the most. It was his subconscious thought that if they talk about too many things, then Kajimoto's burden would be lighter; therefore, the degree of need would dwindle to that of which Sanada did not know if he could take. He wanted him to need him.

It was not the lack of communication he dreaded... it was the lack of connection.

In his absence, he learned the impact just a few unspoken words between two people.

He finally understood why Yukimura was pushing him to meet up with Kajimoto all this time.

He had seen through him.

He did not know how but somehow, he did.

He sighed, taking off his cap.

It doesn't matter if he doesn't come... at least I'll be able to find comfort in the fact that even after everything, I still waited for him.


Kajimoto was not stupid that he wouldn't know what was happening.

He wanted to answer Sanada's calls before but his body did otherwise. Everytime his phone rang, he just stared at it, inwardly marvelling at the way his name blinked, signalling the source of the call. It was mesmerising, and it was painful.

He hadn't called him either, for the time he was away to Kyushu, accompanied by Wakato who had taken school leave just to be with him. Mizuki, on the other hand was anxious, and said he was going to visit the two of them soon with Akazawa, and probably Yanagisawa and Kisarazu as well.

He was afraid.

He was afraid that he was becoming all too dependent, and it was the state that he never wanted to be immersed into. He didn't want to feel helpless... he didn't want to be needy... he wanted to be stronger. And in contrast to what Mizuki said about how talking problems over would make one more capable... less emotionally burdened.

For him, it was the exact opposite.

He buried his head deep into his folded arms.

Takahisa, you idiot... how could you be so careless?

X o X o X

Tezuka put down the phone.

"What did he say?" Atobe asked, flipping the page of his book. "Good stuff?"

Tezuka nodded, sauntering over to where he formerly sat and unceremoniously plopped down. "The car is ready, though I don't think Mizuki-san is very happy about it." He answered quietly, picking up his ballpoint pen.

"I wouldn't."

The corners of his mouth twisted upwards in amusement. "I know." He allowed, scribbling some formulas on his notebook. "You and Mizuki-san are very much alike when it comes to those kind of things."

The Hyoutei captain's brows knitted in annoyance. "Don't compare me to that Purple Schemer." He grumbled. "We're very different! I'm way better than he is and I deserve the best!"

Tezuka glanced furtively at him before chuckling.

"No. You're very similar alright... you're both drama queens."


Wakato left him alone in the hospital suite while waiting for more tests. He said he was going off to pick up something to eat at a nearby restaurant. It didn't matter much now, after all, he was used to being left alone like this.

He fingered his earring thoughtfully.

Maybe I should take it off... so I could at least feel myself changing. He thought in amusement. Maybe I would be less sentimental that way; letting go of something I love... but then, wouldn't that be stupid? Wakato urges me to keep it when I told him that earlier... well maybe because we got this together, that's why he protested. Heh. Seems like I'm not the only sentimental person in the world after all.

He could actually name another person who felt the same way... but it wouldn't do him well to think about him again, lest he found himself lethargic again tomorrow from total lack of rest.

But he couldn't help wondering though...

What's Sanada-san doing right now? He thought, leaning back against the starched cushions of the hospital bed. He was probably studying at home. Kajimoto could almost imagine him with his knitted brows poring over elements and such. It was all too amusing. Then, a thought made him sober up immediately.

Maybe he's with Yukimura-san...


Sanada twirled his pen in his fingers absently.

He was supposed to be studying for the entrance exam next week, but there he was, book open on his knee, still staring at the same page he started with an hour before. The afternoon sun was hot against his scalp, and he was somehow irritated with it all.

Why did he keep on coming here?

Maybe he just needed peace and quiet while studying... or maybe he wanted to be alone, to be with the place familiar to him the most – the tennis court. It was stupid. He berated himself for it, but somehow, his feet still chose to wander over to this place.

He had been out of it lately, and this place didn't help much in curing him of it. Instead, it worsened. Sanada knew it was not good for him to keep on coming back to a place full of quiet memories, but he couldn't help it. Deep in his heart he still wanted to visit, as empty as it was.

Because it was where he found solace.

It was where he got his confidence back.

It was where he...

He shook his head, trying to focus once more on his Geometry. He was finally on his way to actually understanding the illustrations when he heard the last thing he was expecting.

His heart pounded wildly in his chest.

His phone was ringing.

Camaraderie (Noun)






He quickly cleared his throat and answered.

It was Atobe.

Sanada tried to calm his fast-beating heart. He actually thought it was...

He shook his head. "Keigo, what is it now?" he asked impatiently, twirling his mechanical eraser with his fingers.

/"Ahn, I'm hurt Genichirou, that you speak to me so cruelly..." /

"Such a drama queen..." he muttered.

"I heard that!" Wait... Sanada thought in alarm. That sounded way too close...

A click at the other end of the line. There was a flurry of footsteps and something hit him right smack the back of his head. "Ow!" He yelped, turning around to see Atobe glaring menacingly down at him, rolled folder in hand. "Atobe! What did you do that for?"

Atobe Keigo huffed, and sat down noisily beside him, smacking him once more at the back of his head. "You called me a drama queen!"

"But you are a drama queen!" That earned him another beating. "Would you quit it? The entrance exams are approaching and you're knocking everything I've learned out of my head!" Sanada glared. "Honestly now, you're worse than Seiichi!"

"I can't believe you guys call me that..." He muttered darkly. Sanada had to raise his brow in question.

"Eh? Who called you a drama –"

"Don't say it."

"Who called you that... oh."

Atobe sighed. "Who else? Seriously, the two of you are alike in so many ways that it gives me the heebie-jeebies sometimes."

"Yeah right. What gives me the heebie-jeebies is you leading the Hyoutei cheer, especially when it's your turn to play." Sanada snorted. "You narcissist."

"Ha! At least I look good doing it!"

He couldn't refute that however, after all, he wasn't blind to such things. So he just shook his head, as his wont whenever he was with his overbearing friend, and snorted. "Right."

Atobe swatted him with his folder. "What are you doing here, sweating in the afternoon sun? Your house is nearby and your room is air-conditioned!" He raised a questioning brow. I hope you're not getting all too sentimental, oji-san."

He glared at him for a moment before looking straight out once again at the horizon. "I'm waiting for someone." He answered simply. It was not until Atobe spoke that cold sweat dripped down his temple.

"I bet he's very important."

Sanada sighed. "Yeah."

His friend huffed playfully and crossed his arms across his chest in mock annoyance. "So that's why you sounded so disappointed when you realised I was the one calling! Why, ahn? Do you not miss me for all the time we haven't spent together lately that you have to turn your eye away from Seiichi and my beautiful self?"

"Shut up Keigo."

Atobe laughed. "Honestly though, the one you're waiting for seems important enough. After all, The Great Sanada Genichirou wouldn't wait this long for just someone... and I have an idea whom you're waiting for. It's Kajimoto, isn't it?"


"Damn that evil bastard!" Mizuki swore as he squirmed to get himself more room. "Of all cars to lend, the narcissistic jerk had to give us this thing! How could we fit six people and a whole lot of luggage in here?"

"At least Atobe lent us a car... ow, Mizuki, yametekure da ne!" Yanagisawa groaned painfully.

It was kind of fun hearing them bicker in the backseat. Kajimoto was lucky that Atobe gave specific instructions to make him sit shotgun, or else he would be suffering like the other three caterwauling behind him.

"If you two don't sit still, I'm gonna go all-Kirihara-kun on you!" Wakato cried out from... somewhere underneath all the suitcases. How his friend could even feel the motion around him, or even cry out in protest was beyond him.

"As if you can, you overbearing jerk!" Mizuki retorted in irritation. "You can't even move in there!"

"Good thing you guys are only immobile – Me? I can't even see anything!" came a low raspy voice from somewhere.

There are four people in the back? Oh... so that's why Hajime said six people instead of five... Kajimoto thought in surprise, peeking at the tangle of limbs and leather casings. There are four people in there? He shuddered. It was a good thing he was the fragile one at the moment.

"Atsushi, stop moving da ne! Ow, Mizuki, get your toe out of my eye da ne!"

Oh, it's Atsushi... I pity the guy... I wonder how his skin is doing... I hope there wouldn't be any bruises... it is too fine to be subjected to such pressures... maybe I should tell his twin brother about it when we get home... or else he would kill all of us the moment he sees him on the doorstep...

"What toe?" Mizuki countered angrily, squirming some more, earning another round of curses from the others. "My toe isn't in your eye, you idiot! I'm wearing tennis shoes! The one wearing sandals is Yoshirou!"

Kajimoto finally burst laughing as Akazawa protested.

"Hey, no fair Hajime! I'm the one driving here!"


"He's what?"

Sanada couldn't believe his ears. It was dark when the story was over, and he was even more surprised that Atobe knew everything that was going on. There was a part of him that ached. Why didn't Kajimoto confide in him? He was there all the time and yet he wasn't trusty enough to...

Maybe he was looking at it all wrong. But no matter what he thought of, everything pointed to him not being trusty enough. How could that be, when he was already baring everything out, all that he was inside? Maybe Kajimoto thought that he wouldn't understand?

Atobe must've sensed his inner conflict, for he patted him twice on the shoulder in a gesture of comfort. "You know him better that Tezuka and I do, Genichirou, so I know you'd figure everything out in time.

Sanada was thankful though that Atobe helped Kajimoto with his problem, and he also knew why. It was all too obvious. From the quiet pain glittering in his friend's eyes, there was a degree of guilt enslaving him, remnants of the one he experienced before out of selfishness and drive to be the victor. In a way, he knew Atobe was not the one to blame for that. After all, his opponent chose to up the challenge; so technically, they were both at fault, yet Atobe was the one who started it all. Briefly, he wondered if that was truly the case in Kajimoto's part. After all, he hadn't seen the Shinjou guy play yet... maybe he should ask Renji.

"Like Tezuka huh?" He murmured, staring at the last vestiges of the emperor sun.

It took a few moments before Atobe spoke.

"Yeah... like Kunimitsu."


As expected, Atsushi turned out bruised.

After thirty minutes of explaining to Kisarazu Ryou about what happened to his precious twin brother, they were finally allowed to go by the twins' parents. More like they were too fearful of the homicidal look on their son's face...

Kajimoto was dropped off his home, with Wakato helping him with his mountain of luggage. Seemed as if the three Rudolphians would be off spending some time squabbling some more. Turned out, Yanagisawa was right. Mizuki's shoes were taken off because of the luggage by accident and it was indeed his toe poking the poor guy's eye.

That must've hurt.

"Are you sure you don't want me to sleep over and help you unpack?"

Kajimoto turned to his friend and smiled. "No, no need. I'll just see you tomorrow in school."

Wakato turned to the house helps taking away the luggage and glared. "You guys!" He called out, making them cringe. Then, he smiled. "Take care of him for me, okay?" He quipped before flashing a V-sign and rambling out the door.

As his friend walked off whistling contentedly, he remained watching by the door.

He was lucky Wakato was his friend.

My friend.


"Well, Oh Great One, do you want to meet up with him?"

He was about to answer when a loud cry of rage rang. "Ah, just as I thought!"

They looked up in surprise, crucial moment broken by the voice of someone very much familiar that it made Sanada's insides cringe.

"What are you doing here, ahn?" Atobe asked, brow raised in question. "Stalking Ore-sama again?"

"Oi, oi... I was stalking Akutagawa, not you, you stingy jerk!" Mizuki seethed. "The car was horrible!"

Sanada wondered briefly what they were talking about, only to discover something incredibly thrilling in his part.

He could feel his adrenaline pumping... as if he was rallying for a sure win in one of the tennis tournaments he was in before. "What car?" He asked, gripping his phone tightly.

Atobe flipped his hair and smirked. "The one that transported Kajimoto home."

He could vaguely hear Mizuki ranting about their conditions on the way back, and Atobe snarkily answering back. All he saw in his mind was him.

"Where is he?"

The bickering pair was momentarily silenced before the Rudolphian team manager gave him a knowing smile. The question was there again; the same one Atobe asked a couple of minutes ago.

"Nfu Do you want to meet up with him?"


"Call his home number, not his mobile phone!" Mizuki hissed behind the bushes lining Kajimoto's house.

"He knows that already, idiot!" Atobe hissed back nastily. "Stop nudging my ribs with your elbow!"

"I'm not! You're the one poking my side with your elbow!"

Sanada couldn't believe he was doing this. He felt like Romeo from one of Shakespeare's plays, waiting for his Juliet in complete anxiety. And he looked the part too – almost – since he was standing right under Kajimoto's window, looking up in, you guessed it – complete anxiety.

Taking a deep breath, he paced, clutching his phone as if his life depended on it.

"Don't just stand there, dial his number!"

He winced, thinking of the unfortunate souls in the tennis club of St. Rudolph. Mizuki was a drill sergeant – the worst kind – worse than him because of the way he talked. After all, it was not everyday you have someone grilling and drilling you with such airy tone (Not to mention effeminate).

Deciding not to say anything anymore, he dialled.



Startled, he stuffed the medical test results under his pillow. It took him a couple of seconds to realise that it was not the servant bell ringing, nor the doorbell, but his room phone. Letting out a relieved sigh, he stared at the blinking fluorescent numbers on the caller id screen.

His breath caught and he froze.

He knew the number by heart.

/CLICK I'm not available right now, got stuff to do.../

His recording echoed in the room, making him feel more apprehensive. Maybe he should just pick it up? He shook his head and decided against it, he'd better be well away from the phone this time or he would surely do something stupid.

/So, if you've got something to say, say it, otherwise, I can't call you back. If you know what's good for you, you'd leave a message after the beep. If this is you Hiroshi, damn you, stop your prank calls! I already know you've got a new mobile phone, so quit it!/

If it was any other day and if it was any other person calling, he would've been snickering at his own voice mail.


"Ah... Kajimoto."

It was him.

"It's Sanada. Pick up the phone. Please."

There was quiet desperation in his tone, and he felt sorry for him, but he was afraid of what he might do. Silently, he reached out, hesitating for a split-second before grasping the phone handle, eyes closed, and he put the receiver on his ear.

"Sanada-san." He answered quietly. There were a few moments of silence before Sanada spoke.

"Kajimoto... Meet me downstairs now."

He couldn't believe his ears. The esteemed vice captain of Rikkai-dai was ordering him around! His brows knotted in irritation. He was expecting questions, like 'How have you been?' and 'Are you okay?' or even an 'I missed you.' But what was this? He was Kajimoto Takahisa. He might as well be an invalid now, but he was not going to let anyone his age boss him around like some subordinate! He wasn't even studying in Rikkai for heaven's sake!

"Sanada-san –" He started angrily, only to be cut off by another command.


But this one was different. It excited him, so much that he felt ill from the sudden burst of emotion after such a long time of frustration.

"I'm waiting right here, just below your window."

What? The picture of Shakespeare's Tragedy entered his mind. He quickly drew the curtains open and peeked cautiously out. And here he was, looking up at him, eyes wide in surprise, and then softening as he continued gazing upon his form half-hanging out his own window, phone still on his ear.

It was only when Sanada raised his hand in greeting did he react.

He did the only thing he could.

He smiled.


"Ah... isn't that sweet?" Atobe sighed, staring at the two from behind the bushes. "Makes me feel warm all over."

"Nfu" Mizuki responded with the same degree of awe. "They sure took long enough to figure each other out, huh?"

"Very much, but something puzzles me..." Came a deep stern voice from behind. "What are you two doing in here?"

They stared at each other for a moment, and finally, they figured out at the same time that neither of them was the one who spoke. With a frightened yelp, they stood up and brushed themselves, staring wildly at the imposing figure Tezuka Kunimitsu cut in the dim light. He was not alone... Wakato was with him – and Akazawa too.

"What are you doing here, ahn?" Atobe asked irritably.

"Looking for the two of you." Wakato huffed. "Tezuka-san figured out that Atobe-san here was up to something. And after Akazawa-san returned the car, he called Mizuki up but he wasn't answering, so we gathered the two of you are together... doing something absolutely horrible." He glared. "Are you?"

"No we're not!" Mizuki glared back. "We were just reuniting those two together! And we did a great job, you know! Besides, how did you even know we're gonna come here?"

"Knowing how your minds work, we put two and two together and figured it out." Akazawa chuckled. "Hajime, we're not as clueless as you think we are." He slid an arm around his best friend's and led him away, sulking. "Come, let's have dinner and leave those two alone."

"I'm coming with you!" Wakato declared, skipping after them happily, arms folded behind his head, all carefree.

Atobe glared at the solemn Tezuka, crossing his arms across his chest as his wont to do when frustrated. "You are lying." He hissed. "Through your teeth."

The newly-retired Seigaku captain cracked a small smile. "Look who's talking." He shook his head slightly, and then tilted it in invitation. "Let's have dinner. My mother wants to see you again. She fell in love with you, I think."

He glared some more before looking back at the scene he had just witnessed earlier. They were still there, still staring at each other as they had been for a long time now. He smiled inwardly. He had accomplished something worthwhile for his friend. It was the least he could do after all the things he and Sanada had been through before.

Then, he turned to Tezuka and smiled. Now, it was time to fulfil something he and Sanada agreed upon when they parted ways. He had to be faithful to what his heart dictated... because contrary to what many people believe, staying with a substitute will never heal the soul.

This time, it will be different.

Just as Sanada's life will be starting tonight.


Sanada laughed suddenly, jarring the quiet moment between them. "Are we just going to stare at each other all night long?"

Kajimoto's cheeks flushed in embarrassment. "Fine, I'll be right there in a minute." He sighed in mock frustration. His heart was beating too fast that he thought he would surely faint if he did not cling to the banister as he climbed down the grand staircase. He felt giddy... he was giddy... and he knew the reason why.

No more pretenses.

No more hiding.

He heaved a huge breath as his hand gripped the doorknob. He could see the butler eyeing him encouragingly, as if he knew something he did not, and he took that as a good omen.

He wasn't scared anymore.

Because the moment he stepped out of his home...

He wouldn't be alone again.


Sanada waited calmly, his heart was racing.

He finally understood as he waited for Kajimoto to pick up his phone a while ago. He was not alone after all. Not alone because he had people supporting him. Not alone because his best friend was not leaving him behind but actually leaping with him towards another direction. Not alone because the one he had a relationship with remained his good friend even after they ended it together. Not alone because he found more people whom he could trust and trusted him.

And he was not alone because he found the one that filled the empty space in his heart after all this time.

He was never alone after all... and he will never be.

The moment the door before him opened, he will never feel that way again.

Because the moment the door opened, he will finally be complete.


A/N: Finished! So, Reeza, how did I do? I had fun making this, yesh, even if it's leaning on the angst and drama side. I think this is one of my best works... well, of course after I edit it again in the near future. Stretches arms happily Finally done! Well guys, tell me what you think! Now I can finally concentrate more on "Painful Interjections" and "Who Says College is Easy?"! Reviews people! Honest opinion matters!