Disclaimer: I have decided to make a poem from Kairi, kinda as a journal, dedicated to Jade Destiny. She's probably gonna kill me cause I'm not updating so much on Variant, but I have to give her major credit. If it weren't for her reviews, pretty much no one would know about my Kingdom Hearts stuff. I went back and looked at the reviews I've had for any Kingdom Hearts thing I've done and about 80 percent of the reviews are hers, and so I'm dedicating this poem to her. Thanks so much for your reviews, Jade!
As the clouds gave way to mist and stars began to fade,
tears were streaming from my eyes when you were sealed away.

I tried to call, and as did you,
but your words, they stopped so short,
and suddenly, my heart had dropped in the loneliness as not before.

The days dragged on; I was alone,
the others had astrayed,
and I knew not what to do but weep from day to day.

Under my sheets had I hid from the glaring sun of heat;
I wanted not warmth, but only cold that beared on my heart of sheath.

But all was hid, and all was well and no one questioned me yet,
but of course, few had seen my face,
for I feared that they may fret.
For you see, I changed against my will,
such weight, I lost in days,
but then a light grew in the East,
from then, there was a haze.

Three new faces joined my home;
was hesitant, was I.
At first, they seemed not to care,
but the oldest had when I cried.

His name, Nirvana; he seemed so kind,
but I was wary, for he seemed to recognize that my face seemed familiar, but something seemed varied when he looked into my eyes.

Magnolia, so small, and then so loud though a pest, I welcomed her smile and though persistent, I guess I deserved it and let her stay a while.

But then, there was Cheisu, who frightened me most;
to Sora, they looked so alike;
but his heart was not pure; instead, darkness endured,
and I feared his presence near night.

Then the doors opened the night of the storm and I knew what I had to intend;
I ran for the door before the world had collapsed,
or I wouldn't see Sora again.

Then shortly after, the rest was a haze;
some stranger had frightened me so,
and I was defenseless, so weak, so senseless,
and had nowhere to go.

..I was there when he fell, he was struck through the heart,
and still now, I blame myself.
I keep my head high, with a smile on my face,
in my heart, inconfidence dwells.

And so now, here I stand, ready for battle,
but can I face my fears?
Although I show promise for the ones who trust me,
they cannot wipe away my tears.

But I will not fall; I have to be strong,
for Sora just sleeps in my heart;
I know with his strength, I will find him again and no one will pull us apart.

So, whaddya think? I hope it's okay. Thanks again, Jade. I couldn't have kept going with my story without'cha!