Chapter 1

Joanne shook her head, making a disgusted face as she finished off the last of her shot glass. "That's it. I quit."

"Me too." Mimi said, leaning her head against Roger. "I can't drink any more tonight."

"Me either." Maureen agreed. "Maybe we can finish up tomorrow night."

"No. Never." Joanne told the group. "When I said I quit I didn't mean just tonight, I meant forever. I refuse to ever play any more of Collins' stupid, made up drinking games."

"What's wrong with my games?" Collins asked as everyone, including himself laughed.

"What's wrong with them? What's right with them? They're stupid! They make no sense. And the rules change every time!" She told him, having a difficult time attempting to stand up from the floor where they all sat around the coffee table.

"And they always get you trashed!" Roger laughed from his spot on the floor where he finished off his last shot.

"Well yes, that too." Joanne agreed. "But that's not the point. They are just stupid games."

"They're drinking games Joanne. They aren't supposed to be the most intelligent things on earth." Mark told her as he started to clean up the Monopoly money, Risk board, and Trivial Pursuit cards that Collins had managed to turn into the latest game.

"Well who won?" Mimi asked Collins who was figuring out the scores on a piece of paper.

"Believe it or not," Collins told them, "but Maureen won." He laughed.

"Yes! I'm mostest brilliantest in the world!" Maureen exclaimed, throwing her arms up and bouncing up onto the couch.

Joanne flopped down on the couch. "See that's what I mean. It makes no sense that Maureen won. How? How is that possible? And we won't even get into the grammatical errors of her last statement." Joanne gave a drunken pout.

"Oh Pookie! Be happy for me! I never win. Ever." She climbed over to Joanne and gave her a little kiss. "Besides you didn't do that bad."

"Yeah Joanne you didn't do that bad for a change. It was Maureen, then Mark, me, Mimi, you and in last placeā€¦.Roger Davis!"

Mark laughed at that. "Yeah you sucked big time tonight buddy!"

"Oh bite me." He told them staring off into space.

Joanne rubbed her eyes. "Oh I'm going to have a headache tomorrow. And I wanted to get some work done too." She pulled her feet up under her and got comfortable in the corner of the couch.

"What time is it?" Mimi asked.

"Almost two." Joanne said. "Maybe I'll bag working tomorrow and go in Sunday morning instead."

"Yeah I got a huge stack of papers to grade tomorrow too." Collins told them pouring himself, another shot. "I hate summer sessions. They are too short. Both for grading and for getting anything decent turned in."

Roger looked up curiously from his spot on the floor. "Hey what day is it?"

"Friday." Maureen answered as she laid her head in Joanne's lap and closed her eyes. "Actually I guess its Saturday now since it's after midnight."

"Yeah but what's the date?" He asked.

"Oh, um the seventh."

"Oh wow." He said softly as he poured a shot for himself and Mark. "Today's Amber's birthday."

Mark silently nodded as he picked up his glass, clinked it against Roger's and drank it back.

"That's nice. Tell her we said happy birthday." Mimi said in a tired drunken voice before sitting up some from where she rested against Roger and looked at him. "Wait. Who's Amber?" She asked confused.

"Yeah, who's Amber?" Maureen asked as they all looked at him wondering the same thing.

Roger just stood up and gave a little shrug. "My daughter. I'm going to bed. I'll see you guys tomorrow." And he walked into his bedroom and closed the door.