Chapter 6

"I'll get it!" Came the yell following the doorbell as a young boy ran to the front door and opened it. "Hi."

"Um, hi." She said hesitantly. "Um, I think I might have the wrong address, I'm looking for Roger Davis."

"Christopher Michael Cohen what have I told you about opening up that front door?" The woman yelled at him as she walked up. "Hold on a minute sis." She said into the cordless phone.

"It's for Uncle Roger."

"I have told you a million times not to answer the door by yourself!" She scolded him again before looking back at the young woman at the door. "Hi."

"Hi. I ah, I'm looking for Roger Davis. If this is a bad time, I could come back." She said hesitantly.

"Oh yeah, Roger said you were coming by to drop off that music. He's out on the back deck. Come on in." She opened up the screen door to let her in.

"Um, no, I'm not-" She got cut off.

"No!" The boys mother went back to talking into the phone. "I do not want fat free, sugar free ice cream. Regular ice cream. And a regular chocolate cake that simply says 'Happy Birthday Mark' on it. If you're so worried about getting fat, don't eat it! And we do not need thirty-five candles. Just get candles. Fine, fine, get a three and a five if it will make you happy." She looked down at the boy and moved the phone. "Christopher, take her out back to Uncle Roger. And tell Daddy to turn on the grill." She waved the woman in and went back to her phone call. "You're my sister and I love you, but right now you are making me wish I'd sent Maureen to the store! And that's saying a lot!"

"Uncle Roger's back here." Christopher told her. "It's my dad's birthday today. He's 35. That's my aunt on the phone. She's supposed to be getting him a cake."

"That's nice." She said, following him through the house.

"I'm Chris. I just had a birthday. I'm five. How old are you?"

"I'm 18." She told him as he opened the back door and walked out onto a deck were four people, two men, and two women, one of them pregnant, sat all laughing at something.

"Uncle Roger that girl's here with the music. And Mom said to turn on the grill Dad." Chris said.

"Yeah, okay." Mark replied as he dug a beer out of the cooler and popped it open as he stood up and turned around. "Oh my god." He said as the open beer slid from his hand, hitting the ground and sending foam flying and spraying the pregnant woman.

"Jesus Mark, watch what you're, holy crap!" Maureen exclaimed when she looked up to see what Mark had been looking at.

Joanne grabbed the napkins off the table and handed them to Maureen to wipe off the beer foam. "What?" She looked back and forth from Mark and Maureen, who were staring at the girl.

"April." Maureen whispered to here.

"Oh my god." Joanne said just under her breath, realizing that the girl had that deer in the headlights look on her face and Roger was just staring at her.

"I, I'm looking for Roger Davis."

Slowly Roger stood up. He couldn't believe how much the girl in front of him looked like April back when they were in high school. "I'm Roger."

She took a quick deep breath and spit it out, just like she practiced it. "My name is Kendal. But I think my real name's Amber, and I think you're my father."

A huge grin started to spread across Roger's face. "Yeah, I'm your father. God you look so much like April, your mom." He said shaking his head. "But yeah, I'm your father. And your name was Amber. Amber Michelle Davis. And I am so happy to see you."

The End

A/N Well I wanted to end it there. It needed closure, but I wanted to leave it open to personal interpretation somewhat too.

In case you missed it, Mark is married with a kid (Christopher), Maureen and Joanne are still together and Maureen is finally having a baby.

It's not stated, but Roger lives in the basement apartment of Mark's house. They are 35, Mimi and Collins are gone. Amber just had her 18th birthday recently, so she was able to get her adoption records and track down Roger.

Hope you guys liked the ending and that it wasn't too sudden, but I didn't want it to turn into some big long drawn out thing.

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