"Next… It is here…" (Super Smashing New Year, chapter 3)

In a dark, unknown place…

"Fufufu… I did it at last…"

High up in the sky above Onett, lays the Final Destination… Master Hand sensed something… Something that is not right…

He turns to Crazy Hand and asks him, "Crazy, did you sense it?"

"You mean the feeling that someone has breached into that forbidden place and released great evil into the world? Didn't sensed it," replies Crazy Hand.

"Hush! You sensed it already! This is serious!" Master Hand scolds him for being sarcastic. "This is not a joke… He did it at last…"

"Boohoo…" cries Crazy Hand. "I'm too young for it… I'm not even married yet…"

Master Hand though for a while, and then said, "Crazy, I must go and check it out. You must tell the Smashers tomorrow about it! You'll have to look after them for now! I'm not sure if I can make it back alive."

"Yes sir!" says Crazy Hand loudly while saluting, if it's even possible for hands… "I will do as you say!"

"You must not make any mistakes," says Master Hand one last time before he flies off into the dark night sky.


Chapter 1: The Worst Has Come True! The Darkling Awake!

Falco got up from his bed and yawns. "Boy… What a rotten night that was…" He went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth. When he walks down the stair, he saw a sign hanging on the wall next to the stair. "What's this?"

Please proceed to the underground lab
after you have eaten breakfast

Love, Crazy Hand

"What does that fool want this time?" wonders Falco. "Anyway, I'll go have breakfast first."

Peach is cooking pancakes in the kitchen while humming the tune from Peach's Castle in Super Mario 64. "Faster!" shouts Kirby while pounding the table. "I'm so hungry I could eat King Kong!"

"What's the rotten mood, Kirby?" Peach asks him sweetly. "You're always cheerful in the morning."

"I had a terrible nightmare about Yoshi winning the food eating contest!" Kirby shouts out. "I'm so angry about that nightmare that I want to cool off by eating! ARGH!"

"Calm down now, cutie. Throwing tantrum won't get you anyway."

"Away with your sweet accent!"

"Oh… If you insist…" Peach slams Kirby's head with the pan she's using to cook the pancakes with. Kirby flattens onto his chair and passes out. Yoshi walks into the dining room with a huge smile on his face.

"Good morning, Yoshi!" Peach greets him. "I bet you had a sweet dream at last night, right?"

"You bet!" says Yoshi happily. "I dreamed that I beat Kirby in the eating contest!"

Ganondorf is reading the morning papers. "Hey, Mayor Pirkle is found flirting with a woman in Fourside Casino yesterday night. His wife got mad and slammed him against the slot machine, and so fortunate, all three slots got 7!"

"You know, they say something good always comes after bad luck," Marth tells him.

"Here's another interesting news," continues Ganondorf. "A man in green with pointy ears was arguing with a blacksmith yesterday about…"

Before he can finish, Link zooms in punches Ganondorf onto the floor and takes the newspaper away from him. "DON'T READ THAT ONE!" Link shouts out.

"Gee… I wonder what happened," wonders Marth.

Fox comes in and calls out to everyone, "Remember to meet at the underground lab after you have your breakfast."

"Why does Crazy Hand want us there?" asks Luigi. "He never has anything important to say."

After everyone had their breakfast, they proceeded to the underground lab, which is accessed from the bathroom. Fox presses one of the wall panels and the bathtub rises, revealing stairs underneath. "Why must we build the entrance in this kind of place…?" wonders Zelda.

The Smashers went down the stairs and reaches a place filled with experiment tubes and machineries. Crazy Hand is standing in front of a large monitor. "Welcome, my good friends! Thank you for coming here!"

"What do you want?" asks Bowser.

"Now sit down and listen to this important story I'm about to show you. And it's done using Flash presentation."

"You made a Flash movie? Cool!" exclaims Ness

Crazy Hand proceeds to work on the computer and then the Flash movie starts to load.

Note: If you see a script style talking, then it's the characters in the Flash movie speaking.

Narrator: Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to… THE LEGEND OF THE DARKLING!

"What's a darkling?" asks Luigi.

"Just watch on," Crazy Hand tells him.

The scene switches to the Final Destination with a photo cutout of Crazy Hand and Master Hand on it.

MH: Crazy Hand, he did it at last! Great evil has entered the world!

CH: Oh no! I'm too young to die! I'm not even married yet!

A photo cutout of Peach appears on the screen.

Peach: Don't worry, sweetie! I will marry you!

CH: I'm da luckiest man in da world!

"What? You use photo cut-outs instead of drawings?" says Game & Watch with a disappointed face.

"Yeah, so?" CH asks him.

"Cutting out photos is no skill at all! You should make a REAL Flash movie in which you draw it! Using photo cutouts in movies are only for lazy losers! This movie sucks for sure!"

CH just kept silent. He presses a button on the wall and the ceiling above G&W opens. The chair G&W is sitting on launches the black paper man through the ceiling and outside. "Anymore comments?" CH asks everyone. The remaining 25 Smashers shook their heads.

"Okay, let's continue."

MH: I will be going away to stop him! You tell the Smashers about it!

CH: Okay! Now Smashers, I will tell you what happened!

A picture of a badly drawn black blob appears and the word 'Darkling' appears below it.

"So that's a Darkling?" asks Young Link.

Narrator: There is a forbidden place hidden somewhere in this world. It is a place where the great evil once terrorized the entire planet. It was defeated by the royal Hand family and then sealed in the forbidden place. These great evil beings are called Darkling. Darkling come in different forms and very dangerous. They are best known for possessing people and making them do evil stuff. But Darkling CAN ONLY possess people who is sinful and has an evil ambition. Those with a righteous heart and mind cannot be possessed. And by the way, it is still called Darkling in plural form.

"Interesting…" says Samus while writing everything down onto a notebook.

Narrator: Darkling are only vulnerable to one kind of thing, and those are the HOLY WEAPONS!

"You mean those weapons we used to battle King Starman?" asks Roy.

"You got that right! But I don't have any prizes for you…" says CH.

"Never mind that…"

Narrator: You can scratch and slice them with any other weapon, but try as you like, you can never kill them. Only the holy weapons can kill them.

Then a photo cutout of Falco appears on the screen. "Hey! That's me!" says Falco.

"Oh no, that's not you," CH tells him. "That's…

The word 'Oclaf' appears below the Falco cutout. "But the photo clearly show it's me!" says Falco.

"Sorry, but that's Oclaf, not you," CH tells him again.

Oclaf: I am evil! I wanna take over da world! ALL YOU BASE ARE BELONG TO US! MWAHAHAHAHA!

A Darkling drawing appears and goes inside his body.

"Excuse me, Crazy Hand," says Peach. "Why do you use drawings for Darkling instead of cutouts?"

"That's because I don't have photographs of Darkling," CH tells him.


Back on the movie, the Falco cutout's eyes turns purple and he starts roaring madly.

Narrator: This is what happens if a Darkling possesses you.

Oclaf goes on a rampage spree, and then a photo cutout of Roy appears, holding the Sealed Sword. "Hey! It's me!" exclaims Roy.

The Roy cutout charges at the Oclaf and strikes him with the Sealed Sword, which is one of the holy weapons. The Darkling comes out of Oclaf and is immediately killed by Roy. Many cutouts of beautiful girls in sexy lingerie appear and cuddle him.

Girls: Roy's our boy! We love you!

"Why does Roy get all the girls!" asks Link. "You should've used me instead!"

Narrator: Remember, Darkling can only be killed by Holy Weapons. They are now freed from their prison and are terrorizing the world by now. Now Smashers, your job is to destroy all the Dark Reactors and kick the ass of the fiend who freed the Darkling. And remember, you saw nothing.


"Funny movie…" says Fox.

"Is everything in this movie telling the truth?" asks Samus.

"Oh yes! They are real!" CH tells her. "I'll explain things clearer. Yesterday night, a guy whose name I forgot freed the Darkling from their prison. It is said that whoever freed the Darkling will be made king of Darkling. Or queen in case it's a woman who opened it."

"So?" asks Link as if he's not caring about the situation. "And what's da dark-a reacta mentioned in da movie?" asks Mario in his Italian accent.

"Oh, the dark reactor is what gives power to the Darkling. By now, they should be appearing all over the place. As long as you destroyed the reactor, the Darkling will not invade the place that the reactor was in."

"So we have to find and destroy the reactors, right?" asks Ganondorf.

"And then you go kill that fiend who is made king of Darkling," CH replies.

The Smashers talked over it for a while. "I think he's just making up these," says Bowser.

"Well, it doesn't really sound real," states Falco.

"But it sounds rather frightening…" says Pichu, whose legs are starting to tremble.

"Coward," Young Link jeers at Pichu.

"You take that back!" shouts Pichu angrily as he zaps YL into submission.

"Why must it have to be us anyway?" asks Dr. Mario. "Why us?"

"Because you dudes are the only one that have the holy weapons!" CH tells him.

"You can give weapon to other people and have them save world," says Jigglypuff. "Me tired of saving world all day."

"Are you fools growing lazy?" CH scolds them. "You're not like before!"

"Well, try and make us do it," says Samus. Then all the Smashers walk out the lab together. Crazy Hand stood (or rather, float) there, and he says to himself, "Fine… You're change your mind after you witness it…"

The rest of the day went on peacefully without anything happening, until that night…

"Where's Young Link?" asks Zelda. "He went out with his friends," Peach tells her. "He's still young! And he's coming back this late!" says Zelda. "He should wait until he gets older!"

"He's growing up now," Peach calms her. "He can protect himself." After she has finish speaking, there was a knock on the door. "I'll open it," says Link. When he opened the door, he was shocked with what he saw. "WHAT THE!"

Outside the door stood Young Link, all beaten up and bleeding severely. He limps into the house slowly and collapses onto the ground.

"What happened!" asks Dr. Mario in shock. "Someone raped Young Link!" cries Pichu. "Pichu… This definitely isn't rape… Don't you even know what rape means?" Bowser asks him.

"Quick! Take him to the sickroom!" orders Dr. Mario hurriedly. Within a few minutes, Young Link is lying in the sickroom bed.

"How is his condition?" Zelda asks Dr. Mario. "He'll live," the doctor tells her. "Besides having several cuts on his skin, he's all right."

"But who could have done this!" asks Roy.

"If I ever find the person who did this, he's going to hell!" says Link angrily. "And I think hell won't even welcome him!"

The next morning…

Mario got the morning newspaper and reads it. He flips through the papers until he came to a headline that says: Three students killed and left lying on street.

He continues to read the entire story.

Yesterday night at 10:00 P.M., three dead bodies were found in Route 007, Onett. These were bodies of elementary students. It appears that they were being attacked while walking through the streets and were brutally killed. Their bodies were torn beyond recognition. There had been no witnesses that night and it is a mystery on who did this.

"Mamamia… What-a frightening story," says Mario.

"Hey, it just came to me… Young Link went out with three students yesterday night," Samus tells him. "Young Link returned home at about 10:10 P.M., and was badly wounded. Do you think he happened to got attacked by the same person who did it to those three students?"

"So you mean theez three students are Young Link-a's friends?" Mario asks her.

"I think so… It does make sense…"

Dr. Mario comes into the dining room. "Young Link is conscious now. I talked to him just now and learned that while on the way home with three of his friends; they were being attacked by an unknown being. Young Link was able to escape the attacker's grasp, but not before he got badly wounded."

"So the three bodies mentioned in the newspaper must be his friends…" says Samus.

"Sadly, yes…" says Dr. Mario with a sigh.

High up in the sky, on the Final Destination, Crazy Hand opens the center of the FD and drops the holy weapons inside.

Back in Smash Mansion… Someone is looking at the mansion from outside…

"How are you feeling?" Zelda asks YL. "I'm all right now," YL replies. "I can get up and walk again!"

"Yesterday night… Did you see who the attacker was?"

"I didn't see the attacker clearly. All I saw was two glowing purple eyes."

"Glowing purple eyes? That's strange… Remember the Flash movie yesterday?"


"When it shows a drawing of a Darkling, it has purple eyes…"

And then a sound of slamming is heard coming from below. "What's that?" wonders Zelda. She left the sickroom and looks down the stairs. There was a black humanoid beast with purple eyes inside the house!

"Who the hell are you!" asks Captain Falcon while pointing to the unknown beast. "How can you barge in here!"

The black beast shows his sharp claws and pounces at CF. CF quickly rolls aside to avoid him, and the beast keeps going and crashes into Parry's cage. "Squawk! Help me!" screams Parry.

Link pulls out his sword and slashes the beast on the side. There is no blood pouring out from the wound, and the wound instantly heals! "What the heck!" gasps Link. The beast swings his sharp claws at Link, who quickly holds up his shield to block the hit. Captain Falcon runs up to the beast and strikes him with Raptor Boost. The black beast flies upwards and smacks into the ceiling, and then drops back down. "That hurts, ain't it?" CF asks the beast.

The beast got back up and prepares to attack again. "Still got energy, eh?" says Link. He charges at the beast and slashes him rapidly with his sword. Link delivers a diagonal swipe across the beast's body, cutting it in half. "There! Finished!" says Link. But to his surprise, the broken body got up and glues together automatically!

"What is this thing that it won't stay dead!" gasps CF. "I'll handle it!" says Bowser as he delivers a strong punch in the beast's face, sending it out the window. Bowser then runs out the house and continues to attack the beast.

The beast swipes Bowser with his sharp claw, but Bowser withdraws into his shell to block the hit, and then he uses Whirling Fortress to grind the beast with his spiked shell. Still, the beast remains healthy and alive. "Can't you just stay dead!" Bowser shouts at the beast.

Samus appears in her armor and fires a missile at the beast, blowing it into pieces. "Mission complete!" she says proudly to herself while making a pose. Surprisingly, the pieces got together and forms the beast again! "What!" gasps Samus. "It can't be killed!"

"What the hell is this thing!" cries Bowser. "Can it be the Darkling Crazy Hand spoke of yesterday!"

"Don't worry! HERE I COME!" shouts a voice from the sky. Crazy Hand drops down from the sky and smashes the beast onto the ground, crushing it. Crazy Hand got up from the ground and the beast is seen lying flat on the ground, and then it disappears. "Phew… Made it in time…" says CH.

"Is that a Darkling?" Bowser asks him. "If so, then how did you kill it without using the holy weapons?"

"Us hands have a special bloodline in which we can destroy Darkling without using the weapons," CH explains to him. "And now, do you believe me about the Darkling?"

"Are these Darkling really a threat to the world?" asks Samus. "They are," CH tells her. "Right now, Master Hand is dealing with the king of Darkling. He wants me to take care of you all."

"You mean Master Hand is fighting for the world right now?" asks Fox. "We should be helping him! After all, he provided us many things."

"Right!" agrees Falco. "I say we fight these Darkling and kill the man behind all of these!" He turns to the rest of the Smashers. "Who here agrees with me?"

All the Smashers, except DK, raises their hands. "What did he say?" DK asks Game & Watch. "Did he say 'Boo beer agrees with meat'?"

"Okay, I have something I must say," CH tells everyone. "I just found out that a Dark Reactor is lying somewhere in Onett…"

"Then what are we waiting for?" says CF. "Let's go find and destroy it!"

In the Space Pirate Base…

"Where's the boss?" asks Pork.

"He went to a meeting," Punk tells him.

"What meeting?"

"I'm not really sure. I do know it's a meeting where all the bad people gather to talk about their plans."

"What do you think he's planning on?" Pix asks Punk.

"To destroy the Smashers, what else?"


The quest to save the world begins next chapter… Any flames will be destroyed by the holy weapons.