And so, the last chapter…

Final Chapter: Aftermath of the Battle! Forever We Will Keep Peace!

It is a bright and sunny day in Congo Bongo…

Cranky Kong is rocking back and forth on his rocking chair at the front porch. Diddy Kong and the Animal Buddies are playing around in the jungle happily. It has been a long time since they get to come out and have fun. The Darkling incident made it so that the jungle is a dangerous place to go to. But now, it's safe…

"You have done well, my son Donkey," Cranky says to no one in particular. "You're almost as good as your old father. Surely you will surpass me someday."


"Where am I? What am I? Am I still alive? Or… am I dead…?"

K. Rool opens his eyes and finds himself in his own bedroom. "Uh? What is this place? What happened to me?"

At this instant, the door bursts open and all the Kremlings rush in. "CAPTAIN! YOU'RE ALIVE!"

"What's been happening?"

"You were greatly knocked out when fighting the Smashers and have been in a deep coma ever since!" explains one of the Kremlings. "We were losing hope that you would recover, but now you're back up!"

"Well… It's good to be alive… Hey, what's of the Dark Reactor?"

"We lose, boss… We heard that the Darkling have been utterly destroyed. The Darkling King has lose…"



The Going Merry is sailing peacefully once again on the sea. Luffy is sitting at the head of the ship, looking into the distance. Zoro is doing his usual harsh trainings. Sanji is preparing some nice snacks and tea for his two favorite girls. Usopp is working on some new, wacky gadget. Nami is on the crow's nest, keeping watch for anything in the horizon. Chopper is taking a cute little nap (Awwww…) and Robin is busily reading books.

"Hey! I spot an island!" shouts Nami.

"All right! Let's sail there!" commands Luffy. "Now that there are no more odd-looking monsters, we can have a great time like always! Let's set sail for adventure!


Prof. Birch is conducting a Pokemon research in his lab. "Hey dad!" Sapphire shouts to him. "I'm going out for some exercise!"

"Okay! Go hit the day and be a bad girl!" he replies. "Don't get into trouble!"

"Okay!" Sapphire rushes out the door with her Pokemon and jumps for the nearest tree vine and swings away, calling like Tarzan all the way. "Weeeee! It's so much fun ever since those strange black monster disappeared! Now I can play as much as I want!"

Suddenly, she hears a cry for help, and she turns to see a girl and her Zigzagoon on top of a tree and they are attacked by a large Ursaring. "Help me! Get this mad Pokemon away from me!" cries the girl.

Sapphire runs to the bear Pokemon and hits it with a powerful roundhouse kick. The Ursaring is annoyed by the kick and turns to attack Sapphire. She quickly calls out her Blaziken, Chaka, and has her do the job of kicking the Ursaring into kingdom come. "You're safe now!" Sapphire says to the girl.

The girl climbs down and thanks her, and then Sapphire rushes off into the trees again.


Cloud is standing on top of a cliff, gazing at the magnificent scene of the Hoenn before him. "For some reason, I sense the evil presence gone from this world," he says to himself. "Looks like I have no more reason to be here. I have something important to accomplish. People who I should be with…" He turns around with his sword placed against his shoulder and walks away.


A blue blur rushes across a wide green grassland, and he is closely followed by a pink blur. "Wait for me, my Sonic!" calls out the pink blur, Amy.

"Not today, Amy!" replies Sonic the blue blur. "I'm too excited to stop running! You'll never catch me!"

"So you want to play catch? I'll be happy to keep you entertained!" Amy chases him faster, so Sonic has to run faster.

Tails watches them from his Tornado in the sky. "Like always… Amy chasing after Sonic... But somehow, I never get bored of this sight."


In a faraway place, there is a small cottage made of scrap metal, and inside lives a fat egg-shaped scientist.

"Argh! Those hell of a Smashers!" curses Eggman angrily. "They ruined everything! No wait… It's Sonic who is responsible for this! If it weren't for him, then the Smashers would never ruin my plans! That annoying hedgehog! I'm gonna get him for this someday!" He pounds the table so hard that it breaks into two, and his cup of coffee spilt onto his shirt. "OW! HOT! CURSE YOU, SONIC!"


In some dark alleyway, a lone man is getting beaten by some thugs. "Please spare my life!" pleads the man.

"But we enjoy hitting you! We can't stop!" reply the thugs.

"You better stop, or else…" says a threatening voice. The thugs turn around and see 4 turtle-looking dudes glaring at them.

"Ha! Who do you think you are that dare say these words to us?" ask the thugs. "Do not underestimate us Purple Dragons! Though our commander is gone, we are still active and well! Get them, boys!"

The thugs charge forward to attack, but where instantly beaten up by the ninja turtles. "Let's get out of here before anyone notices us," says Leonardo. The other turtles agree and they quickly disappear into the nearest manhole before the poor beaten man can thanks them.


The atmosphere in Halloween Town is as creepy as ever. However, there are more ghouls and creeps around the town, livening things up. "Citizens of Halloween Town!" says Jack, who is standing on a public stage. "I am proud to tell you that today shall be celebrated as a special day! Why? It is the day that the Darkling have been totally destroyed! Now the whole town is safe once more! We can now go out and have fun without getting attacked by unknown danger! The mayor approves this, so everyone have fun!"

"YAY!" cheer all the citizens of Halloween Town.


Ranma is in his room doing his own business. "Nothing much to do around these days… Very boring indeed… I just wish I can somehow be cured from this transgender curse."

All of a sudden, Shampoo bursts into the room from the window via her bicycle. "Nihao! Ranma!"

"Shampoo! What the hell are you doing here!"

"Shampoo made special treats for Ranma my love! Try it!"

Knowing very well that she has something up her sleeves, Ranma tries to reject her. "No! I'm already full and I don't want to eat!"

"Ranma don't say that! You want to eat with Shampoo!" She goes closer and closer to him until she has her arms wrapped around him, and this is when Akane bursts into the room.

"Ranma… What are you doing…?" she asks with a tinge of anger.

"She barged in!" protests Ranma. "It's a misunderstanding!"

Akane whips out a hammer and charges at them both. "HIYA!"

Soun and Genma are playing shogi in the lower floor, and they hear the crashing going on upstairs. "Like always," says Soun.

While Soun is looking away, Genma quickly plays dirty on the board game, and lies to Soun that he is losing. "Checkmate!"

"What! How can that be!"


Yoh walks out from his house, for he must once again embark on his training. "I'm going now, Anna." He notices Anna putting on her shoes too. "Anna, you going out too?"

"Yes, to buy dinner."

"But you usually want me to do it."

"Something special happened today, so I want to buy by myself. Besides, you should come back early. I will whip up some nice dinner for us two."

"Okay! Then I'll be back as early as I can!" Yoh gets up and runs off for his daily jogging.

Anna looks at him taking off and smiles. "I really love that guy."


Under the sea, Godzilla swims silently through the open ocean. All the fish and living things of the sea make way for the almighty King of Monsters. No creature on earth is as terrifying as the greatest mistake of mankind…


Dr. Light is working in his lab, Roll is cleaning the house, and Rock is helping her out. Suddenly, Dr. Light receives an emergency phone call saying that some rowdy robots are causing trouble at the bank. "Megaman! The bank needs your help!" Dr. Light tells Rock.

"I'm on my way, Doctor!" Rock quickly changes into his battle form and leaves the house with Rush.

"Take care, Rock!" Roll calls out to him.


A lone robot walks among the remains of Wily's Super Fun Land. "Curses… How can I be defeated… by a flesh being…?" mutters the robot under his breath. "I, Bass, will never lose to someone like that! Until I defeat Megaman, I will not lose to any other beings!"


Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke are standing in an open square, waiting for their sensei to come. "Kakashi… Late as usual…" grumbles Sakura.

"Man! Why does he always come late when he told us to come early!" says Naruto angrily.

"That useless teacher…" grumbles Sasuke.

Suddenly, Kakashi appears in front of them without a word. "Hi!"

"You're late!" Naruto and Sakura shout at him together.

"Sorry, I got lost on the path of life."

"Enough of those lame excuses!"

"All right then, let's get on with our mission."

Tsunade watches from her office window at the foursome setting off for their mission. "Those 3 children look like they will become great people in the future. I hope we can have strong warriors as good as the Smashers!"


The Digimon of Digital Desert are rebuilding their city. Under Gennai's command, they have pretty much rebuilt File City to its former glory. "Keep up the work!" Gennai tells everyone. "With the Darkling defeated, we can surely rebuild our city back into a great place!"

"Yes! Gennai is the best!" cheer the Digimon citizens.


Crocodile sits in his prison cell. Locked with him in his cell are Mr. 1, Mr. 4, and Mr. 5. Ms. Doublefinger, Ms. Merry Christmas, and Ms. Valentine are locked in another prison cell that is for women.

The Baroque Work agents have been rounded up and thrown into the jail of one of the highest authority government prisons.

Apparently, they are the only BW agents that are captured. Mr. 3, Ms. Goldenweek, and Mr. 2 have disappeared after the Darkling incident. They were never heard of or seen again.

Crocodile looks out the prison window. He lets out a sigh, knowing that there is no way he can get out of here. The prison is made of seastone, a mysterious substance that has an aura that prevents Devil Fruit users from using their powers. If it weren't for this, then he would've turn into sand and slipped away.

He has nothing to fear in here though. He and his agents are the most feared captives and all other prisoners fear them. Though he is a prisoner, he is treated like a big boss here. The only thing that annoys him is that old, mad scientist locked in the prison directly across his. That scientist keeps on shouting and crying nonstop.

"I demand right to get out of here! I am the great Dr. Wily!" shouts the scientist. "I am the brain of the world! Without me, how else will the world thrive without great inventions?"


That evening, the Smashers are in their mansion celebrating their victory over the Darkling.

"Three cheers to ourselves for defeating the Darkling!" says Captain Falcon as he raises his cup.

"CHEERS!" say the Smashers joyfully as they raise their cups too. So they all eat, drink, and play all day long, enjoying to the fullest they can.

Lilina goes near Roy and says to him, "I want to give you a special reward for going through all these dangerous adventures bravely and returning safely."

"What is it?" asks Roy. Without a word, Lilina brings her face towards his and gives him a kiss on the lips.

The others see it and gives a sweet and long, "Awwwww…" This made them two blush shyly.

Bowser plops down onto a large couch and says, "Ahhhh… This is what I call a great celebration after a long hard war! What can be better than this?"

Then the phone next to him rings and he answers it, "Hello? Oh no, this is not Pizza Palace, for more than a thousandth time. But look on the bright side; I didn't scold you today! It's because I'm in a happy mood! AND DO NOT CALL THE WRONG NUMBER AGAIN!" He ends the call by slamming the phone back down. "Tsk… Annoying phone calls…"

As they party all night, a car pulls up to the mansion's gate. A person steps out from the car and slowly walks up to the door, and presses the doorbell.


"Someone's at the door!" says Parry.

Since CF is closest to the door, he goes and opens it, and is extremely surprised and shocked to see… "Mr. 2!"

"Yes! It's me! Call me Bon-Chan!" says the gay ballerina happily.

Pichu and Parry burst into tears and jump into his wide-open embracing arms. "MR. 2! YOU'RE ALIVE! WE MISS YOU!"

Mr. 2 begins to weep tears of joy also. "Yes! My friends! I have come back alive to meet you all! Friendship is sure to bring us back together again!"

"What the hell are you doing here?" CF asks him.

"Yeah, I thought you're dead," says Roy.

"Oh no, I'm not dead! I'm just gravely injured!" replies Mr. 2. "Fortunately, I'm such a healthy okama that I recovered sooner than expected!"

"Who's this weirdo?" asks DK.

"We first met him at Pokemon Coliseum," answers Ness.

"And then he reappeared in Digital Desert," says CF.

"He's not really a wicked person," says Peach. "Though he was our enemy, he tried to help us escape the desert in the end!"

"Yes! Friends should help friends!" says Mr. 2. "It is what keeps the bond of friendship together forever! Now that the world is free from harm and danger, let us celebrate happily and I'll show you my newest dance!"

"Hold on a second! Can you be planning an ambush on us?" asks Marth. "After all, you work for Crocodile."

"Oh no! Do not say that! I actually do not like what his plans are about! A world he imagined of will not bring happiness and friendship! This is the way I like the world right now!"

"Come play with us!" Pichu begs him. "We will be good friends from now on!"

"Yes! I can't wait to start my latest dance and tempo! Oh come away! Okama Way is the greatest!" Mr. 2 happily dances into the living room and parties with the Smashers.

"I don't really trust that gay," says CF.

"Don't be like that. We already saw how helpful he was back in Digital Desert. People can change, you know?" Peach tells him.

"Fine, but he cannot live with us. I cannot stand the fact that some gay ballerina in our house!"

There is another knock at the door, and Fox opens it this time. When opened, he sees nobody at all, except for a letter on the floor. "What's this?" He picks it up and reads through it.

The note says:


Just to let you know, we have escaped from the Forbidden Realm. Though you killed our leader Ridley, we do not hold a grudge against you. Now that our leader is dead, we Space Pirates have no more purpose for existence. We will now travel the world as wanderers, trying to find the purpose we can live on for. We do not plan on doing anything to you. We never had grudge against you; we were simply following orders. Perhaps someday, we will meet again, maybe as friends or maybe as enemies. For now, let us part ways…

The Space Pirate Trio
Punk, Pix, and Pork

"What's this letter?" Samus asks Fox.

"It's from Punk, Pix, and Pork," he replies. "They somehow escaped the Forbidden Realm and are now wandering the world. However, they do not plan on taking revenge on us."

"Well, I hope they stay out of our business. I never really liked them."


So in short, the Smashers party throughout the entire night. They had the greatest happiness of their life. They stayed up late and played various games and told each other jokes. Mr. 2 Bon Clay performed some of his best dances for them and they all laugh at how silly he is. Roy and Lilina confess their love to each other under the moonlight. Yoshi and Kirby ate until they can't move. Falco boasts about how great he is. Jigglypuff tried to sing a song, but they taped her mouth before she has the chance. For the first time, Mewtwo went crazy and wild in the party. Ness and Young Link secretly took a sip of beer. Bowser receives another wrong phone call and gave the caller some good shouting and lecturing.

Master Hand and Crazy Hand are on the rooftop of the Smash Mansion, looking at the beautiful night sky. "Ah… What a great day…" says MH. "Night has never been this peaceful and exciting."

"True! We have accomplished the greatest thing in history!" says CH. "History always repeats itself!"

"But that does not mark the end of our duties though. We always have something to do in this world until the last day of our lives."

"Oh… I'm too young to die!"

"Haha! Of course you're still young!"

The two Hands talk with each other happily as the Smashers party under the roof below.

"Say, is this the thirtieth year?" asks MH.

"I haven't been keeping record of the time, but I think it is," says CH.

"Surely this is the thirtieth year. The time when that event happens will surely come soon." Master Hand looks up into the night sky that is full of stars. "But before that comes, I hope the Smashers can have the rest they truly deserve."





Peace Forever…

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Super Smash Racing 2: F-30 Grand Prix

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