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The Joker And The Queen

It's snowing!

Girl's dorm

Kitty raced out of bed and shouted so loud trying to wake everyone up.

"Come on guys it's snowing!" Kitty shouted. Everyone just moaned. Kitty had just joined the X Men and she was already acting like a family member. Most of the kids were about 18-19, and Kitty acted younger than that.

"Kitty! I was fast asleep!" Shouted Jean.

"It's snowing Jean!" kitty shouted again. Jean didn't react. The other 6 girls started to get out of bed, except Jean and Rogue.

"Kitty! Shut the hell up! Ah was having a really good dream." Moaned Rogue. Kitty crouched down over to Rogue's bed.

"About Bobby?" Kitty laughed. Rogue threw a pillow at her. Kitty fell on the ground. Rogue's super strength was that powerful Kitty hurt her back.

After everyone got out of bed (Rogue and Jean still were in bed though), Kitty rushed into Logan's room and turned all the lights on.

"Hey Logan! It's snowing! Logan…Logan?" No one answered. Kitty ran back into the girl's dorm.

"Logan's not here." Rogue jumped out of her bed and ran into Logan's bedroom. She searched and couldn't find anything, not even a note.

"Ah guess he ran off again. Stupid Logan! He never even says goodbye."

"Aw, that's just Logan." Kitty put her hand on Rogue's shoulder (what was covered). Rogue flinched a bit.
"Sorry Rogue. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable."

"It's okay Kitty." Rogue walked out of the room.

Boys Dorm

Bobby was all ready and dressed. John (Pyro) looked at the boy.

"Hey, I've noticed ever since you and Rogue's been hanging out together you've been dressing up like that and putting your best cologne on."

"John I've just changed what I usually wear. I'm not bothered about Rogue. We're only friends." John just laughed.

"When have you ever been friends with a girl? Come on, Bobby the ladies man is never friends with girls."

"Well I am with Rogue. She's…different." Bobby stared into space.

"Yeah, she can't touch what limits you from the kissing."

"We're only friends John. I can be friends with girls. I'll show you." Bobby walked out of the room. John just laughed and followed.


"Remy LeBeau? He escaped from prison? And now he's been captured by A.M.T (Anti-mutant terrorists), to see if they can create something to destroy mutants?" Asked Scott kind of stunned.

"Yes Scott and I'm worried in case the A.M.T actually create some substance what can actually do this. That is why we must break him free. And if any other mutants get captured, we will break them out to." Explained Professor X. Scott nodded and walked out of the room. Jean approached the professor.

"I'll gather up the members. Who do you want to go on this mission?" asked Jean.

"Scott, you and Rogue. Know one else. It's not a big mission."

"Yes professor."


"Give me the controller Bobby!" Shouted Rogue.

"Not until you go on a date with me." Bobby said. John watched smiling.

"Why dya want me to go on a date with ya?"

"Because John doesn't believe were friends, so if we go on a date and show him nothing will happen, he'll believe me." Rogue just stood there and punched him. The controller fell into Rogue's hand.

"Shut up Bobby." Rogue sat down on the sofa as Bobby was trying to recover from the punch and John was laughing.

"I told you, true love." said John.

"No it's not!" shouted Bobby and Rogue. Jean came running in.

"Rogue come on, we're going on a mission!" Jean ran back out.

"See you two losers later!"

"How come she's going on a mission and never us?" asked John.

"Because she's practically a god compared to us. She's invincible dude."

John just sighed.

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