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Recap- Rogue soon becomes Monique, without anyone knowing. She comes back to Boston and everyone thinks it's Rogue, even though she is acting weird. Monique possesses Jubilee and Chloe with her friends, Catherine and Mary, to complete their quest to get the stone of Orisis. On there way to get the stone, Monique in Rogue's body nearly kills Hannah when she looks inside the book of spells which belongs to Monique. Remy finds Hannah and soon runs into Rogue (Monique, and Chloe and Jubilee (Catherine and MARY). They take away Remy's powers and tie him up. The question him about the stone of Orisis and Rogue (Monique reckons he knows where it is. Rogue went deep into his mind and said this to Gambit:

"Ya father Jean-Luc, he had a mission t' go on, t' get the stone of Orisis from Princess Amara. He couldn't go on it so he had t' send you and ya brother. Ya went t' Africa where Princess Amara's tribe lived, and you and ya brother Henri stole it. Then you gave it t' ya father. A week after ya gave ya father the stone, he gave it ya back because he was scared or somin'. Ya took it back to Africa but ya ran into some trouble. When ya returned t' New Orleans, ya didn' know what t' do with it, so ya gave it t' a friend o' yaws, Lorna, former X man. Of course she wasn't an X Man yet but she still never never went away with it. It was like her favourite thang. She joined a team call the X Men who at the time ya didn' have a clue who they was. She hid the stone there, thinkin' know one would find it, but someone did…Remy LeBeau. Ya found it under one of the crack boards since you're room is the one where Lorna used t' sleep in. Ya forgot about it until you learned Rogue had become possessed. You didn' know that ah, Monique had anythang t' do with the stone, but it was like the stone was callin' t' ya, and you thought it might b' the only way t' save you're precious Rogue. So…you brought it with you."

Rogue took the stone from Remy and Rogue, Chloe and Jubilee left to go to the caves for their final plan, so they could get all the power in the world and be a god among men. The X men luckily stopped them in time and Remy blew up the Orisis stone holding place. The stone of Orisis disappeared somewhere unknown…for now. Rogue had to make a few apologies and her first one was to Hannah. But secretly Hannah is a sort of slave for Monique and we find out that Hannah was helping Monique all along. Monique is not dead but a spirit trapped. She tells Hannah that she shall possesses someone else and destroy the Xmen. Rogue makes apologies to the X Men she has hurt and then Remy finds her on the roof, thinking. He tells her he loves her and she says she knows but she's not quite sure if she feels the same way. They discover they can touch each other and have a passionate kiss. Remy tells Rogue that he will never leave her, in his arms she'll always be since Rogue was feeling a bit insecure. She wants to tell him how she feels but she can't get the words out. Jubilee tells Logan she loves him but he still likes Jean. Soon he told Rogue he wants to be with Jubilee though. Rogue is still trying to tell Remy how she feels and it is ultra romance.

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The Joker And The Queen

Together Forever?

"So his Henry guy is givin' mutants grief huh professor?" asked Rogue unsure who Henry was.

"Yes but he does not understand my young Rogue, he is clouded by too much anger for mutants to realise some of us do not mean harm." explained Xavier.

"So the professor is going to speak with the government about it, it's a big lecture." said Scott.

"Lets just hope they buy the human and mutant living together thing chuck." said Logan.

"Logan, humans and mutants are alike, we can live together with no fighting, just peace." said Beast.

"Ah hope yaw right Hank, ah really do." said Rogue.

The 5 mutants walked through the door to the huge lecture room. There were at least over 1000 people in there. Rogue, Logan, Hank (who had hidden himself under a coat) and Scott found a spot on the front seat. The stage looked like a court room. There were the government people sat in a row facing the whole room while the professor sat in his wheelchair on one side of the room and Henry on the other. Henry kept giving the professor and the X men dirty looks.

"He better stop givin' us those looks or ah think ah might jus' have t' beat him up!" said Rogue clenching her fist.

"No Rogue, remember he is just a man who is hidden in anger." said Hank grabbing her hand and slowly putting it down.

Suddenly everything went silent and one of the government ladies stood up and looked at the huge lecture stadium.

"We are here today to decide whether mutants should be allowed to live by humans in peace or be locked away for humans benefits. We have here today Mr Charles Xavier, famous mutant protector representing the mutants and Henry Gyrich, from the friends of humanity, representing the humans. Henry the government court will let you speak." explained the woman. She sat back down and Henry stood up and walked to the front of the stage.

"Humans and mutants…living together? It's a nice image…if you like you're loved ones dying, being hurt, you're life being sacrificed! Think about it people, think about what you are doing! Mutants can never live along side with humans, humanity. They are there own race, a dangerous one, one that cannot be trusted. They'll destroy our planet! No mutants are good, they want to kill us all. There people who went wrong…"

"Gyrich, how can you say such things, mutants and humans alike can live along side each other as friends instead on enemies! I am sure that if you had a child you would want to protect it from things like these, from people like you. Mutants are people mr Gyrich, not monsters!" shouted Xavier. Rogue nodded at his statement.

"I've always wondered about you. Xavier, the great peace maker, friends to both mutants and humans. Could it be that you yourself are a mutant?" said Gyrich.

"Oh o', this doesn't look good." Logan stood up.

"No Logan, we must wait, remember that the professor is trying to make a point here." said Beast. Suddenly Gyrich got a devise out and pointed it at Xavier, he pressed a button and energy zapped Xavier.

"Professor!" shouted Scott. The 4 X men ran to his side. Gyrich looked at them as though they were dirt. "What have you done to him!" shouted Scott.

"I have terminated him!"

"Why you big headed…!" Rogue came at him but was held back by Logan.

"Leave it stripes…let me take care of him!" Logan pounced for him. Gyrich dodged him and two guards came out and grabbed Henry.

"X men…see if you can survive now!"

Scott looked at Xavier. Xavier then screamed and energy blasts came from his hitting everyone with painful noises.

"Ahhhh!" everyone ran out of the stadium. The X men went off with Xavier back to the blackbird. Rogue stopped for a second and looked at the smirking Henry still being taking by the guards.

"You'll pay fo' this Gyrich." said Rogue to herself.


"Is he gonna b' alright Hank?" asked Rogue as the blackbird flew as fast as it could.

"I don't know Rogue, his readings ar every low, we could loose him at any minute." said Beast. Rogue put her hand on her mouth,

"Haven't we been through enough already! I mean the professor did this for us, for mutants and look at him now!" shouted Scott. Rogue put her hand on his shoulder.

"It'll b' okay sugah, he'll make it through." said Rogue nearly crying herself.

"So are you on you're way home Logan?" asked Jean on the blackbird screen.

"Yeah we'll be there in a few." said Logan.

"I hope he's okay, when he gets home we'll be sure to pull him through!"

"We will try Jeanie." The screen turned off. Logan put the blackbird on auto pilot. He walked to the back of the blackbird where the X men were. "I've informed the X Men."

"Good, we need to get him into proper medical care." said Beast.


"Oh look at him Kitty, he looks so helpless." said Rogue as she looked through the med lab window. The professor was laid there with Jean and Beast treating him. He was on life support yet slipping away from them.

"I like, hope he's okay. I just like, can't believe that guy did this to him Rogue." said Kitty tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Don' cry sugah, everythang will b' okay, you'll see." said Rogue. Bobby came round the corner. His eyes widened when he saw the professor.

"Oh my god!" was the only thing he could say. "Is he going to d…"

"No he like won't Bobby! Don't say such things!" shouted Kitty. Storm and Remy came through the doors to look at the professor. Storm gasped and did nothing else. Remy looked at him, sure he didn't know him all too well, but he knew he was a good person, probably the only decent person alive, and to loose someone like that was even a loss for him.

Storm saw Kitty crying her eyes out touching the glass window.

"Why…?" she asked. "Why him?" Storm put her hand on Kitty's shoulder.

"Do not worry Kitty, I am scared too…but I am sure he will pull through." said Storm softly. She didn't know if she even believed her own words. Kitty pushed Storm's hand away forcefully and came up to her face.

"Don't treat me like a kid Storm, I'm not a baby I can handle the truth!"

"Carm down sugah, Storms jus' sayin', what we're all hopin'." said Rogue. Kitty just burst out into more tears and Bobby hugged her. Remy looked at his Rogue and Rogue looked at him, both silent. Rogue looked back to the professor. "Oh prof." Rogue felt the tears starting to come down. In an instant she ran, she didn't know why she just did. Remy followed her.

Rogue ran into the rec room and collapsed on the floor. Remy soon came in calling her name and saw her in a little corner scrunched up.

"Rogue…" She put her head up a little so he could see her eyes. The hurt, anger and sadness clouded her eyes. He slowly walked over to her and knelt down to her. "Don' b' afraid t' cry chere, Remy b' 'ere."

"Oh Remy, he's dyin' aint he?" Rogue didn't want an answer so carried on talking. "Ah told ya didn' ah, that one day it'll all b' takin' away from moi! THAT AH'LL B' LEFT ALONE!" screamed Rogue.

"Ya've got moi chere, I'd never leave ya." said Remy softly as he put his hand on her head and stroked it. She jumped into his arms knocking his balance so he was also on the floor.

"Why did this have t' happen t' him. He was such a great person."

"I know chere, I've never met anyone like him befo'. Sure I don't know him all too well, but I knew he was a good person, probably the only decent person alive, and to loose someone like that is even a loss for moi ." said Remy as he kissed her head.

"Ah don' wanna loose him Rems, ah want 'im 'ere with us." said Rogue.

"I know Rogue, I know." Remy started to kiss her neck, wanting her in his very soul. But he knew it was wrong when she was in a state like this. He loved her and wanted nothing more for her to be happy. She never had peace, can't she at ;east have a couple of days.

"Remy…stop kissin' mah neck and look at moi." Remy did as she asked and looked deep into her emerald eyes.

"What is it mah chere?" asked Remy concerned.

"You've always been there fo' moi, even as strangers, but ah've noticed that you've changed, you've become more of a true man. Ah like that. Ah can b' honest with you. Ah…ah want t' say thank ya, for everythang. Ah hope that ah won' ever dissipointcha." said Rogue. Remy started to get worried.

"Chere, what's goin' on." he loosened his hold on her.

"No, Remy please hold moi." He did and kept looking in her eys, their faces Justas close. "Ah think…ah know that ah ah'm in love with you Remy LeBeau. And ah always have been." Remy's face was happy, yet shocked he didn't smile, he had no expression. She was waiting for something…but it was like he was dead. "…Remy?" Then he just kissed her, no thought just kissed her. She was taken back at first but then melted into the kiss.

It stayed like that for a while, just kissing and showing how much they cared for each other with a simple kiss. Rogue pulled away as did Remy, needing air.

"Ah didn' wanna tell ya coz ah was afraid that maybe if ah said it and ya left moi, that ah'd b' heart broken." explained Rogue.

"Rogue, I would never leave ya, even 'f da gods told me t' I wouldn't." said Remy so serious. She smiled. "Y amah air Rogue, mah oxygen, my light."

"And you're mah knight it shining armour." she said as he held her.

"I love you Rogue."

"Ah love you too Remy Lebeau."

Silence was all that could be heard around them. Nothing more aswell as there love. Rogue looked into his demon eyes again.

"Remy ah gotta tell ya somin'. Mah real name is…" he put his finger on her lips.

"Names aint important t' moi Rogue, as long as you're wit' moi, dat is all dat matters."

"Yeah but this is important t' moi. Ah ah'm tellin' you a part of mah past, the past ha wanted t' forget. AH need t' tell ya." she said to him. He smiled at her.

"I'm so happy t' hear dat ya trust moi wit' ya past chere."

"Mah ream name is…is…Marie, but Remy please doncha ever call it me, mah name is Rogue now, Marie is the gal with the life, ah'm jus' a Rogue now." Remy nodded and smiled at her, he was so happy at this moment.

Remy kissed her again. When they pulled away Rogue, who was breathless said to him;

"Remy…jus' say it please."

"Say woy mon amour?"

"That you love me." said Rogue.

"Rogue, I pledge my love t' you from mah very soul." he said.

"No Remy say that you love me." He caught on and cupped his hands around each side of her face.

"I love you Marie." She smiled and they kissed again.


Logan walked into the rec room where he found Jubilee, Jean, Ororo and Remy. He walked over to Jubilee as she was at looking into space. he put his hand on her shoulder but she nudged it off.

"Don't be upset kid." said Logan. Jubilee turned to him and gave him a dead eye.

"Who said I was upset! And what d'ya mean by kid…"

"Jubes, I call everyone these days kid. Look, I'm sorry about earlier on, but maybe we can talk about this later, alone."

"No way Logan, if you have to say something I am sure you can say it here." Jubilee wasn't sure if he was going to tell her he loved her, but if he was, he shouldn't be scared o telling everyone else.

"Okay kid, have it you're way." Logan looked at everyone in the room who were having their own convosations anyway. "I'm sorry for how you feel about me."

"What d'ya mean…for loving you?" asked Jubilee sort of angry.

"Um…well yeah. I am not the right guy for you Jubes, but i…but i…I sometimes…no I know that I wished I was." admitted Logan. Jubilee smiled and put her hand on his face.

"Logan, you are the right guy for me, I've never had anyone care for me as much as you have. Oh Logan, if only you gave us a chance." said Jubilee smiling.

"I know Jubes, but if we got together, I would hurt you, and I can't let that happen t' ya."

"I can look after myself Logan. it's not like anyones out to get you."

"Yeah but look what happened to Rogue. Remy loved her and the guy he used to work for found it out and nearly killed her, just to get Remy back…ad to make super mutants." pointed out Logan.

"Oh Logan…why won't you just, just, just love me like I do you." cried Jubilee. She couldn't take it so she walked out of the room tears strolling down her cheeks. Remy came over to the hurt Logan.

"What's wrong wit' da lil petit?" asked Remy. Logan growled.

"She's NOT little!" he walked out of the room leaving Remy with a questionable face. He then smiled knowing what was happening. Ororo came over to Remy.

"Don't mind him Gambit, he's probably upset that Rogue can touch now and you and Rogue can finally be to…well you know, together." Remy grinned even more.

"I don' tink it's mine and Rogue's relationship he's worried 'bout Stormy, I tink it's his own." Remy also walked out of the room.

"Jeez do we smell or something." said Jean wiping away her tears.

"Huh? Oh no..well I guess we have been working all do, so maybe it's best we take a shower." Jean nodded her head and they two X women walked out of the rec room.


Rogue and Betsy was sat out near the Mansion's lake. They were both just staring into the water, not a work spoken. Warren and Remy soon came up to them and each took their places next to their girlfriends. Remy put one arm round Rogue and Warren held Betsy's hand.

"Ya okay ladies?" asked Remy being polite.

"'F ya call weepin' an' sloppin' 'round okay then sure, we're okay." replied Rogue.

"Look, maybe we should all go back inside, it's getting a bit chilly out here." suggested Warren covering Betsy with his wings.

"No luv, I can't go back in their. Not with the atmosphere, it's too much to take in. I mean the professor is, dying War. He's taught us everything and now he could be gone in a couple of hours." said Betsy crying into Warren's wing. Rogue clenched onto Remy's trench coat.

"I know this isn't fair, but think about everything he's done for us, for the world. There are believers now, people who want to help bring peace to the world." said Warren.

"Peace? Peace is nothin' without the prof, he was everythang t' us War…everythang we worked fo' was fo' him, so he could believe in us." said Rogue.

"Exactly, you two guys don't know us as well as we do." said betsy.

"But we know it's tragic. I've never met anyone like 'im befo'. He's incredible, and it would b' a great loss 'f he died, but as long as us X Men keep his dream livin', den we will b' fine." said Remy. Rogue looked at him.

"Ah'm way t' lucky fo' ya Cajun." said Rogue. Remy smiled and kissed her.

"We may not have a lot of time Rogue, ya wanna go in and see him?" asked Betsy.

"Ya know what, ah think ah do." Rogue and Betsy hugged each other and stood up. Their boyfriends held them tight and would be there every step of the way.


Rogue walked into the rec room, but before she was noticed she heard a few noises about a death mission. She listened in and realised it was Scott and Wolverine.

"…so we go to him Magneto…he'll kill us!" shouted Logan.

"He'll try, but we can do this, look the professor means everything got me and I know he has found you a new path to. We have to save him." said Scott. Logan sighed.

"Okay Scott, but remember he has that new gang, they'll try to kill us."

"I know, I know."

"So should we get ready?" asked Logan.

"Not without moi ya not!" shouted Rogue.

"What! No you can't come!" shouted Logan.

"Ah was lost Logan, lost in darkness. Sure you guys pulled moi out, but the professor he stopped moi from turning t' another path, the dark path. His dream soon became mah dream and ah'm not gonna let that go without a fight!" shouted Rogue.

"Tell her Logan, we aren't planning on making this one back." said Scott. "I haven't even told Jean or anyone about what we're doing! Logan she can't go!"

"Sorry Cyke, but the girl has a point, we came here together, and we're gonna end it together, right stripes?"

"Ya got it straight Logan! Ya got a plan?" asked Rogue.

"Yep and Rogue, this is where you come in…"


Jean went inside her room. She was going to have a nice hot bath, she needed after running back and forward, but to save the professor's life, it was way worth it!

Jena took her top off so her bra was showing. Rogue just leapt into the room. Jean screamed and covered her bra with her top.

"R..Rogue what are you doing in here!" shouted Jean.

"Ah need ya t' do moi a favour." said Rogue, sadly.

"What kind of favour?" she asked.

"Well, ah need ya t' use ya powers t' let moi have mah powers back." said Rogue.

"But Rogue I thought you wanted touch. I don't get it."

"Jean, ah can save the professor's life, but ah need mah powers, and 'f ya don' give them t' moi, something bad could happen." said Rogue. Jean studied her.

"Rogue…what are you planning." Jean read her mind and new what they we're planning. "Oh know, Scott, he can't he'll die!" Rogue sighed and punched jean in the face. Jean was knocked out in an instant.

"Ah am so sorry Jean, but we need t' do this. Now ah need t' go and find Sage."

Rogue crept up into the younger bedrooms, and opened the door to one of them. There was a girl with black hair prating in her bed.


"Oh hey Rogue." said Sage sadly.

"AH need ya t' do moi a favour." said Rogue.

"Sure what?"

"Ah need mah powers back, so ah need ya t' give them t' moi. Ya see we're goin' on a mission and ah need mah powers back."

"What kind of mission?" asked Sage.

"A mission t' save the prof. Now can ya hurry up and get it over with. It's not like a wanna give up touch, but t' ave the prof's life, ah'd do anythang."

Sage nodded and touched Rogue's face. Rogue felt a tingle on her cheek and then pain, pain from Sage. Memories…fire buring away….a woman holding a baby, who was this, was it Rogue's past, no it was Sage's. Rogue pulled away and Sage fell on the floor.

"Thanks sugah, ya may of jus' saved us."


Magneto looked on his computer. His new secret base proved to be good, except the X men new about it, but he didn't care about them. At the moment his plans were going well. He had half of te world ready to attack on his command. He smiled at the thought of it, but it was true, behind everyone's back, Magneto had been planning the greatest war ever.

The computers we're picking up something.

"What is it Sunspot?" asked Magneto.

"It's some sort of plane sir." Sunspot replied.

"What sort of plane?"

"Well to describe it, it is jet black and has a…X on it." Magneto frowned.

"The X men…Sunspot gather the team, looks like the X men found out our little plan after all."

Magneto went to the roof and looked up to the X jet. Berzerker and Multiple came up behind him.

"What are you going to do with them Magneto?" asked Multiple.

"The X men I shall admit to that were worthy adversaries, but they could never be apart of our world." Magneto raised his hand and the X jet rumbled. Rogue, Logan and Scott jumped out without Magneto realising. The X jet then blew up.

"Well I guess their toast." said Barzerker. The three went back inside.


Rogue flew them to the ground, with a bit of a rough landing.

"Ya couldn't make it more delicate could ya Rogue?" said Logan as he cracked his back. Rogue smiled.

"Sorry Logan, it was along jump."

"Come on, this way." said Scott walking ahead of them.

They followed Scott and went into Magneto's secret base. Luckily the dodged or destroyed all the security cameras.

"I can smell him, this way." Logan pointed to a door with an M on it. They nodded and walked in. No one was there so they looked around. It was a cave like area with a huge balcony. Magneto was stood there watching over the forest scene.

Rogue came up behind him without Magneto noticing and touched the back of his neck. Magneto fainted…

His eyes opened and he saw a beautiful southern gal grab him by his collar and look at him deadly in the eye.

"So ah see ya been planning somin'. The greatest war on Earth! Ah rsaw it in mah head!" shouted Rogue. Scott pushed her away from him.

"What am I doing here, why are there chains on me?" asked Magneto.

"We stole one of you're jets and chained you up so yuou can't use you're powers." explained Scott.

"What is the meaning of this!" shouted Magneto.

"The meaning of this bub, is so you can save an innocent life. Anf trust me, I wouldn't ask for your help if we really didn't need it, but we do!" said Logan.

"And what innocent life would I be saving!" shouted Magneto trying to get out of the chains.

"Someone ya love."

"Look I do not have time for this I have a mutant world to run. They are waiting for me! I must strike now…"

"Xavier wouldn't strike first. He didn't give his life so you could destroy everything he held sacred!" said Scott.

"What do you mean?" asked Magneto scared of the answer.

"Xavier's dieing Magneto." said Rogue, sadly.

"But he couldn't be…how long does he have to live?"

"Xavier has only hours left to live." said Scott.

"Xavier. Dieing...A sad ending to a great life." Magneto said sadly. "For Xavier, I shall let you go, now untie me and I will not let you die!"

"Magnto, the reason why we kidnapped ya, was nothin' more than t' save the professor's lyfe." said Rogue.

"What…what do you mean?" asked Magneto.

"What would you do 'f you knew ya were the only one on Earth who could save his life?" said Rogue.

"Do not play games with me!"

"Listen to me. You may be able to supercharge his mind. His brainwaves are electromagnetic." said Rogue.

"Don't ya get it, you're his only hope for survival." said Logan.

"You lie to torture me. My legions await my command pledging body and soul to me. With a single word I can remake the world. We all have felt the sting of human hatred, seen the disgust smoulder in their eyes, we have grubbled and hidden like beaten animals anxious for a crumb from a master. We have lived too long in darkness and fear. No more! Nature has made us superior. We are the living future of this mighty planet. This world is our world now! I cannot simply leave it for him. I can not leave." explained Magneto.

"You know what you should do." said Logan.

"Why now? My greatest enemy; and perhaps my only friend. But I have waited all my life for this moment!"

"Wouldn't he do it for you?" said Rogue.


"Mah fillie you return and wit' de famous Magneto." said Remy. He walked over to Rogue and hugged her.

"So, Magneto are you willing to give this a try?" asked Beast as Magneto looked down on the defeated Xavier.

"Is that even a question?" said Magneto.

"But be warned, Charles' brainwaves could come in contact with your own and could kill you." said Beast.

"Do not worry, I won't let him down."

Logan walked over to Jubilee who was crying. he hugged her and she hugged him back. Rogue sniffled then clung onto Remy and he held her as tight as possible. Magneto put his hand on Charles' head and send electronic waves to his brain.

Charles opened his eyes.

"It seems I have quite an audience." he said weakly.

"PROFESSOR!" most of them yelled in happiness.

"Hello Magnus. Surely you have more impressing business then nursing an old friend." SAID Xavier.

"Nothing more important." said Magneto happily.

"Thank you. Thank you all. I'm grateful to have the chance, to say goodbye." Most of the X men gasped. ""Cyclops; Were I your father, I would tell you that no truer son could ever be."

Scott held onto Jean. Jean smiled and went to the side of the bed next to where the professor lay.

"Jean, first in my heart. Your courage allowed you to see things no other human ever has, yet remain the same innocent child I met so very long ago." Jean smiled and put her head down.

She walked over to Scott who was crying.

"Wolverine; Loner: you have found a family. Wild savage: you have found dignity. Senic: you have found faith."

Wolverine his tears under his glove.

"Storm, my beautiful Storm. Mighty as a hurrican; gentle as a summer rain."

Storm smiled at him and sighed.

"Kitty, when I think back to hard times in my life, all I do is think of you and how hard you trained to be an X man. When I think of you, happiness enters my heart."

Kitty held Bobby's hand tighter.

"Like you too professor."

"Bobby, you tried to hard to prove yourself, yet why? You have a been a student here for many years now, and you have proven to be a good man."

Bobby smiled at him.

"Betty, you have that spark in you're eyes, and you have already shown that you are a true friend. Warren, I have not known you for long, but I did know you're father. And if I were him, I would be proud. Jubilee; You are the future. When I look at your face, I see hope."

Jubilee smiled and buried her head into Logan.

"Gambit, thief or hero? Can you answer that question? You have tried to prove yourself a good man, yet think back on you trying to set things right. My first question was a hero." Gambit frowned sadly and held onto Rogue,

"Rogue, unable to touch, yet look around you." Rogue looked around her. "You will find that you already y have. Left in darkness, into brightness, you have found hope, in loneliness, you have found love." Rogue smiled at Xavier purely.

"My X men, I have seen the future, and it is bright and dark." Xavier remembers what he has seen. He saw enemies become friends, Magneto and a future enemy. he saw an X woman with white stripes become possessed by dark fire, he saw a card being thrown into snow and red eyes of sadness, he say Jean with too much power to control. He saw Logan being stabbed. Storm being wed to a man. He saw future X men, and love that would last forever.

"Is there anything I do, Charles?" asked Beast.

"The friends thou asked, and their adoption tried, grapple them to thy soul with hoops of steel." explained the professor. Beast nodded. "I am proud of you proud of my X men." Xavier closed his eyes…closed them shut…forever…

"Oh Remy…" said Rogue as she cried into Remy.

"'S okay mah amour, I will always b' 'ere fo' you." He knew this was hard for her and he would be there for her, no matter what. He would never let her be in darkness. Hearing what the proferssor had to say about Rogue, mad ehim realise Rogue had a past that was difficuilt, and he would love her and be with her forever, to make it all the easier.

"Vous êtes Mon air, mon eau, je ne vous partirai jamais. Ensemble à jamais mon vrai et seulement aimer." (You're my air, my water, i shall never leave you. Together forever my true and only love).

ThE eNd


So that's it, I know, I know, you don't want it to end, but it has to at some point. Jeez don't get mad I'm only kidding, in a few months or so I will do ThE jOkEr AnD tHe QuEEn II. So don't worry, but first I'm going to do another story, then after that one is completed I shall do the joker and the queen too. So don't worry.

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Want to know what to expect in the next story The Joker And The Queen II? Then here's a little peak, just remember that it'll be probably September when the second one will be out.

Rogue- Ah can' Remy…ah'm so sorry.

Remy- But Rogue I love you.

Rogue- Love…love has destroyed me, ah now know mah life is t' b' like this…alone, for the good of all of us Remy, ah jus' can'.

Remy- No I won' let you go!

Rogue- We both let go along time ago Remy, you know that of all people, there's nothin' t' let go of. Goodbye Remy LeBeau.

And I will let you have another part of the story because I am that nice 

Rogue- No ah had t' leave, t' leave fo' everyone's sakes, who knows what ah could o' done t' the X men.

Logan- But we need you home Rogue.

Rogue- Home…ah've never had a home Logan…

Logan- (Sniffs) I can smell a rat. (Rogue looks to the corner where a dark shadow is).

Rogue- (gasps)…Monique!

There's a sneak peak on what is going to happen, anyhow, see ya around for my next story, Grease: Evolution style. It's a slash between Romance/Drama and a hint of humour. Goodbye…I don't want to say goodbye lol. But I have to…good bye and so longXxXxX

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