Disclaimer: I only own May, Siena, Lydia, and Geminey, and Blaise. The plot is written by my best friend Charmelite and me. I, unfortunately, own nothing else.

Summary: Entering sixth year, change is defiantly in the air. Life becomes a roller coaster for May Delfin and Lily Evans. New friends, attitudes, and danger make friendships tighter and new loves arise. For the first... 30 chapters it'll be diary style, then magically morph into 1st person, altering between Lily and May.

Chapter 1: Back and In Action –May

1 September 1975

Here we are at the very beginning of another new year! Things seem basically the same as usual so far... same roommates, bimbos, with their same horrible personalities! Some people honestly didn't change as much as Lily and I have over this summer, but perhaps we're not the only people who think they are truly wretched.

Today, I attended my first Defense against the Dark Arts and Muggle studies classes for 6h year! Lily and I had a blast in DADA. We reviewed over things learnt in 4rd and 5th year, and believe me the two of us couldn't fight off a Redcap if our lives had depended on it! Now we're not really THAT bad, but our Redcap kept jumping under Lydia and setting the back of her robes on fire! We couldn't stop laughing! The way she went running and squawking around the classroom each time it happened. Neither Lily nor I could hold our breath long enough to mutter a single incantation. She finally had to run to the professor, no one in the class would help her!

Nothing eventful happened in Muggle Studies. Unfortunately, Lily isn't in that class with me, so I always feel kind of lonely, but today Remus sat at my table with me! It's so strange that he is paying attention to me. After four years of no contact with anyone... it just feels so odd. Lily is making friends with everyone...Sirius and her have become very chummy and she's getting along very well with James Potter. I'm not to sure what James and Sirius think of me. Sigh Of course you know me I always assume the worst. Sometimes I still think that this is all a joke... oh well.

Well, I think that I'm going to go find Lily (she'll be in the library of course!) and force her to go outside by the lake so that we can write our Redcap extra homework reports for next Monday. Good-bye for now!


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