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Summary: "Lily, you are like the sun to me." James propped himself up on his elbow and looked down at her. "It is true that the sun is but a star, and in all the world there are so many. But to the earth the sun provides life. I am like the earth Lily, without you, I could never be the same person."

Chapter 4: Losing My Lunch, Great Scott!

4 September 1975

It's me again! Well, it's the first Thursday of the new school year. Hurray! I can't believe I just wrote that! Curse quills for not having erasers!

Actually, as you can tell... I'm not that excited, but we had Charms this morning. Yeah That's my favorite class! However all we did was review. I'm starting to think May and I would be better off skipping this first week of class, hitch a ride to the States and make fun of their accents... possibly eat our way through the country then dig a hole to China, seize and interrogate the fortune cookie creator and then finally, when we feel up to it, take the Silk Road back to the Mediterranean Sea, and tackle a few pirates and make our way home... or we could just go and visit Honeydukes...

Any who, just a bit off topic... We also got this huge long lecture about studying hard and keeping up with homework because we have our OWLS this year, and blah blah blah! If I hear one more word about OWLS or reviewing I'm going to scream!

Now, I thought this morning at breakfast that charms was going to be great, spectacular, rack up on the points... but the second I walked in to the class I knew it was going to suck (Haha, pun there! keep reading). Here's the reason why; Diggory and his fan club. Okay, Amos Diggory is the 'hottest jock in all of Hogwarts!' insert sarcastic attitude

Now, Diggory isn't the only 'hottest jock in all of Hogwarts', right, you guessed it.
Each house has its own 'jock'. Hufflepuff's just happens to be Diggory; Gryffindor's is Taegan Wood, James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black. Wow, we're special, we got many hot men! Snickers at other houses Ravenclaw's is Rynus Clocke and Phil Whaser, and Slytherin's (do you even care?) is Lucius Malfoy.

I can't even write his name without almost losing my dinner. He's the cruelest person alive- well aside from old Voldie... I won't go on about Malfoy; all I will tell ya is that he HATES muggles and muggleborns, I think you can put two and two together. STUPID SLYTHERIN GITS! ERG! I HATE THEM!

Well, back to Diggory - his fan club is obnoxious and he is truly of blonde origin! I know that saying 'dumb blonde' is mostly for the chicks, but sometimes I have to wonder... On with it! Before Professor Flitwick decided to show up for class, Diggory had another Huffie on his lap sucking his neck. (See, class sucks... done now, sorry) EW! Gag (Why am I writing this? So you can hate Diggory as much as May and I do) Her name was Audrosine Foster; dyed blonde hair, tad overweight, couldn't get a decent grade if her life depended on it... Oh, horrid thought!

I sometimes wonder how many gross hiccies Diggory has had in his lifetime... ouch I just voiced this thought to May and she sent her pillow flying at me, not a very nice thing to do May... I know where you sleep. Okay, read WAY too many Muggle horror books.

Onward in recording the day!

Lunch was great! My voice was a little hoarse, though, from 3 hours of singing. Geeze May, is a wiz at the piano! I wish I could play like that! So beautiful, she never seems to mess up either! We need to do that again, really soon! making a note on my hand... Hey! Did you know I'm left handed? Pretty slick, eh? Sorry, Random Lily will go away now.

After lunch was the bore period- History of Magic. May and I tried to stay awake while taking notes. May finally zoned out and slept, I think she liked the no-class thing yesterday, or maybe it was our midnight flying? Ha! Either works! So, I'll let her borrow the notes that she missed while she was asleep, what are friends for? ((Big cheeky grin))

Around nine, when we finished all of our homework, we started a game of Spit, one of my favorite muggle card games. It went on forever! May and I are whizzes at it because we were laughing hysterically and slapping each other's hands every few minutes! It was a blast! Some people in the room were looking at us like we were crazy.

I suppose we did look a little loco, I mean slapping cards, I bet these Purebloods don't even know what cards are. Silly magical world! It was great. Good times, Good times. May and I still haven't decided what to do to prank Pete yet. He's one tough cookie, speaking of cookies; he needs to lie of them for a while!

Oh! Great Scott, I almost forgot! Remus's pen exploded around eight forty- five this evening as he was trying to work on his History essay. Luckily, May and I were just walking in from being in the library. It was hysterical! I think that's what started us on our 'noche loca'! Well, I'd better turn in now; my muggle watch says its 1:34 AM. Dang, I'm going to be dead tired tomorrow! Bu bye!

Luv and a couple of strawberries


Remember, this is just the beginning. The story will evolve and eventually turn into a story instead of diary entries between May Delfin and Lily Evans. Please, If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears! Anyways, don't worry, the pace will pick up and I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I've had many people read this story before I decided to post it, and they all loved it. So, have no fear for it will get 10000 million ba-jillion times better. Ta Ta for now. Love ya!

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