Jotham and Saysha stood shoulder to shoulder in a copse of trees. They watched in silence as the rescue team from Atlantis came across the missing team, unconscious, not far from the opening to the original collapsed room.

"Why could we not help them?" Saysha almost pleaded.

Jotham put his arm around her shoulders, giving her a solid squeeze. "If we were to help and they, in turn, harmed themselves with that knowledge, would you be able to live with that decision?"

A member of the rescue team wearing a tan uniform bent to check each of the people on the ground.

"But you heard them, they live in the Atlantean's city, use their Gateway to travel to different planets. Are they not endangering themselves every time they use that technology in ignorance?"

One of the group ran in the direction of the Gateway.

"They will learn from their mistakes," Jotham stated simply. "Now that we know we are all that is left, we must focus on finding a way to defeat the Wraith. That is the best form of help we could offer anyway."

Saysha reluctantly conceded. They watched as more arrived through the Gateway and their six new friends were secured to stretchers and carried back to the Atlantean's great city. Turning, they walked arm in arm away.


Rodney opened his eyes to the bright lights of the medical bay. Hearing whispers close by, he turned to see Teyla and Lt Ford chatting quietly on the bed right next to his. On the bed just past them was the major, semi-reclined, speaking around heavy eyes to Sgt Bates. Behind him, Carson strode into the room, hands in the pockets of his white coat, chatting quietly with Dr Weir.

Carson's thoughts were tumbling around in his mind. He couldn't make sense of the events of the past thirty-six hours. He remembered being attacked by a huge bobcat-looking-thing then…nothing. He wasn't used to not having the answers. Between himself and Elizabeth they were able to sort most of the events out but there was a twenty hour gap that no one on the team could fill in.

The rescue team sent to the planet searched all day for the missing team, eventually finding them unconscious, in a relatively open area that was searched not four hours before. All were suffering exhaustion with no explanation for their anesthetized condition. The lacerations and contusions that Rodney, John and Carson had sustained were all healed, everything except Major Sheppard's broken bones. A slim, quarter sized disk of unknown origin was found under his right arm. It was easily removed by the nurse who did his preliminary exam and taken to the lab.

Carson looked up to see Rodney's eyes wandering the room. "How are you feeling?" he asked, walking over to his side.

Rodney shrugged, watching Elizabeth join Major Sheppard and Sgt Bates' conversation. He focused on Carson, motioning for something with which to write.

Carson glanced around for anything he could use. Coming up empty, he said, "Sorry, I don't have anythin for ya to use. Do ya want me to go find somethin?"

Rodney rolled his eyes. The total ineptness of the medical profession drove him crazy sometimes. No, all the time. "For god's sake, Carson. You are supposed to be a professional. Don't doctor's write or type or communicate on any level other than needles, magic potions and latex gloves?" He paused at the shocked gazes that turned to him. "Did anyone else hear that?"

John couldn't shake the feeling that this had happened before. He itched absently under his arm, trying to sort the memories from the trip to that planet.

Aiden nodded at Rodney. "It's good to hear your voice again." He frowned, 'De ja vu, weird' but shook it off.

Teyla's brow furrowed as her gaze went from Rodney to Ford and back. She felt as if she were reliving a dream. "I, too, am pleased to hear your voice…my people feared you would be sent to live on the mainland if you were of no further use to Atlantis…" She trailed off, 'Have I not said that before?'

The confused silence was broken by Major Sheppard, "What the hell happened on that planet, Doc?"

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