A House POV of the same moment that I wrote, with inspiration from ACMD, because I didn't even consider writing a House POV until your review! Anyway, this one is entitled "I Don't Like You." I am worried about my House characterization, but I wanted to post it anyway, because I've decided that I like poetry and...I have no other House bunnies. :)

"Do you like me?"
It's unexpected
Well, maybe not entirely
Cameron's been acting pretty weird lately
She has a major inferiority complex
I don't know why
She gets treated the same as everybody else

Still, I can't help it
This looking like a complete imbecile
This loss of words

"I have to know."
She's closer now
I still have no words
And all that's running through my mind
What the hell is wrong with her?

Whatthe hell is wrong with me?

I study her face
I have this…
Strange urge to tell the truth

But no!
I tell myself
That's not the truth
How could it be?
How could I have feeling for Cameron?
Real feelings
Not lust
Romantic feelings
How could I?
How can I?

She's still looking at me
She's fragile
Can I do this?
Can I tell her what has to be?
I should
Or can I be selfish?
Have my way with her
Hurt her with my unsatisfied nature
Throw her away when I'm done


Her face falls
She looks broken
But then she builds herself up
I smile inwardly
She's got spunk


I watch her walk—

How am I going to get myself out of this one?