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The Boy

The sky was dark and the moon and stars were shining brightly above when the blonde hoped out his window, landing gracefully on the sidewalk below. The call was strong tonight, too loud for him to ignore as he had for the past week, and he finally succumbed to the beautiful choir of voices. But he didn't want to believe that the call had been the reason for his sudden re-interest in the night. He was too strong willed, too stubborn to let himself believe that. He'd been needing to meet with his brother, anyway.

Pausing only briefly to fix his leather coat, the man jumped up and flashed out of view for a brief second before reappearing on the roof of the building next door. He smirked quietly before jumping into the air again, disappearing then reappearing on the next roof.

Somewhere between the fifth and eighth roof, the blonde's stomach growled and he stopped, rubbing at it in aggravation. It had been a while since he last ate, hadn't it? But how long ago? A week? Two? He couldn't remember, but he was glad that he hadn't shriveled up yet. It would have been bad for his image.

Hoping that his younger sibling wouldn't mind if he showed up late, but not really caring, he jumped down into a dark alleyway to wait for something suitable enough to satisfy his tastes.

Finally, after what felt to be an eternity of bored waiting, a beautiful girl just in her twenties walked by. The blonde smiled and stepped out of the shadows.

"Excuse me, miss," he asked, his voice as sultry as ever.

The girl stopped abruptly and swung her head around, her beautiful brunette curls bouncing violently, and she looked at him with bright blue eyes.

"Y-yes?" she asked, a sudden blush making her look even prettier. Damn, she was arousing more than one need inside of him now.

"Could you please tell me the time? I seem to have forgotten my watch at home." He smiled seductively and he saw her eyes go blank. Pretty face but an open mind, she was definitely not his type, but he was hungry.

"Of course." Now her voice was as emotionless as her eyes and he drew her effortlessly into the shadows. "It's twelve-thirty in the morning."

"Thank you," he said, smiling once again and pushed her hair gently over he shoulder, exposing the perfect skin of the girl's neck. "But why is a girl as stunning as you out so late?"

"Because I went out with friends," she said as the blonde moved down, placing his lips on her neck. "What's your name, anyway?"

"That doesn't matter. You won't remember me anyway."

The girl sighed, almost as in grief, and tilted her head a little to the right, exposing more of her neck. The blonde nipped and sucked at the peachy flesh gently, relishing in the little moans he extracted from the girl's throat. He reached down with his other hand, wrapping it around her waist to draw her close, before barring his fangs and biting down. The sweet, coppery taste of fresh blood filled the blonde's mouth and he drank until satisfied. By the time he was done, the girl was a little paler but strong enough to walk on her own. Satisfied, he carefully liked the two small wounds and watched them scarlessly heal before stepping back.

"Thank you, miss," he said with that same smile. "I trust that you won't remember me or anything that happened here?"

The girl shook her head, her eyes still blank and her curls still bouncing. "Oh, no! I have a terrible memory. It'll probably be gone by morning." She laughed shrilly and the blonde winced, his second need dying quickly.

He bowed quickly, briefly, and walked deeper into the shadows before jumping to the top of one of the buildings. He stayed for a second, watching as the girl's senses returned, and she returned to the sidewalk and disappeared into the late night crowd.

The blonde adjusted his trench coat once more and returned to the his roof jumping, only stopping when he saw that part he had agreed to meet his brother at come into view. He saw a flash of pale skin and already knew that his brother was there and waiting. Dammit! And now he would nag him for showing up late.

The blonde jumped down to the ground and walked to rest of the way on the sidewalk so his brother wouldn't see him. After a quick walk, he entered the small park and walked, soundlessly, up to his brother.

"Nice try, Bro," the younger sibling said, turning around with a smile.

The blonde scowled and leaned his back against the nearest tree. "Do you have to ruin all of my fun?"

The raven-haired boy nodded and laughed. "It's my job, isn't it?"

"Being annoying was never in any job description that I read," he scowled, his arms across his chest.

The boy laughed and lightly punched his brother's arm, which resulted in a much harder punch from his brother.

"Aniki!" the boy pouted, rubbing at his arm. "Why do you have to be so mean to me?"

"It's my job, isn't it?" the blonde mocked.

The boy scowled and narrowed his eyes at his brother. "I really hate you sometimes. You know that, right?"

The blonde smiled and the boy relaxed a little. It was usually a good thing when the other man smiled and it made his features look less harsh…younger, even though he was technically only twenty-two.

"I know," the blonde said, "but can we please get this over?"

"Fine, I didn't want to spend time with you either," the younger one grumbled to himself.

The older man sighed and shook his head. He hated when his younger brother got in one of his pouty moods because there was no way to get him out but to play his little games. And he really wasn't in the mood for games tonight.

"I don't have time for your games, Tatsuha. I have business to attend to so tell me why you wanted to see me so I can go on my way," the blonde muttered through clenched teeth.

"Fine, it's about you and you finding a host."

The blonde sighed and dropped his head, gritting his teeth slightly. "When will Father get that through his thick skull? I don't want to be tied down so I don't want a host."

"It's been nearly a hundred years, Eiri. You're going to need one sooner or later or you'll die."

"We can't die, Tatsuha."

"You're a fledgling, Eiri, just as I am, and the ancient ones are going around killing ones like us like there's not tomorrow. Only those with hosts have lived because they proved to have the strength and stamina to bite a mortal more than three times without it turning into a vampire. Even then, their powers were restricted, and we all know how much you love abusing those."

"As long as I have fresh blood, I'll be fine," the blonde growled and started to walk away, but his brother latched onto his wrist. "Let me go, Tatsuha."

"What will you do if you forget that you've already bitten a person twice? Three bites and we'll have another fledgling on our hands, and you'll have to train it and make sure the Elders don't get to it. Training a newbie is worse having a host. You do know that, don't you?"

The blonde tore his arm out of his brother's grip and whipped around to face the raven-haired boy. He opened his mouth to say something, but a new voice, too cheery for being after midnight, filled their ears. The brother's glanced at each other uneasily and jumped into trees to hide.

A yawn and then. "Aw, man, Hiro. I'm so exhausted!" The shortest one said as the two people came into view. The speaker had vibrant pink hair and a small, lithe body, almost like a woman. He wore tight leather pants and a button up white dress shirt with a black chocker collar around his neck.

The one called Hiro chuckled. He was a tall, brawny young man with long auburn hair that was tied back into a ponytail. He had a harsh, but soft, looking face with cat-like eyes, and was dressed in a pair of baggy blue jeans and a tee-shirt. "You should be after spending half the night dancing in the bar, Shu."

The one called Shu looked at his friend and scowled. "You say that like you think that I'm a whore, Hiro."

The auburn-haired man shrugged. "Hey, did you expect me to lie to you?"

Shu growled and jumped on the taller man's back, showing his tight ass off to the two vampires hiding in the trees. It took all that he had for the blonde not to moan loudly. Oh, how he wanted to squeeze that ass.

Soon enough, the younger man had his friend on the ground and was straddling his hips, his hands planted on the ground on either side of the auburn-haired man's head. The boy bent down, his lips now so close to his friend's that the blonde thought for sure that they were going to kiss. The blonde moaned inside his head.

'Don't do it!'

The boy shot up and gazed around him wildly, his eyes lingering on the tree where the blonde hid before searching the rest of the park. Hiro's eyes narrowed and he put a hand under Shu's chin, forcing the boy to make eye contact.

"What did you see, Shuichi?" he asked, concern layering his voice. It seemed that this wasn't the first time something like this had happened.

The boy rolled off his friend and onto the grass beside him, closing his eyes. "I saw…a blonde guy and he said something about not doing something."

"Are you sure that was all?"

The boy nodded. "Yeah, that was it."

Hiro sighed. "Normally your visions give us more than that. Are you positive that was it?"

"Yes, I'm positive, Hiro!" the boy said in exasperation. "Why would I lie to you when you're the only one who believed me when I told you?"

Hiro sighed again and stood up after his friend. "I'm sorry, Shu. It's just that nothing's come up lately and I'm starting to get nervous. You've never gone this long without something important."

"Don't you think I know that, Hiroshi?" the boy all but yelled, almost sounding as if he were on the verge of tears. "I was starting to think that I actually am crazy like everyone thinks and that it was all just a dream."

"You're not crazy, Shuichi. You have a gift that we use to help people."

The blonde watched as the boy's body shook violently. What in the hell were they talking about? Did the boy have some kind of preternatural powers? The other man walked over to his friend and pulled him into a tight hug.

"I know that the visions all but drive you mad, but you can't stop them. If there was a way to help you accept them easier I would tell you and help you in a heartbeat but I've looked everywhere. Not even any of the witches in the shops downtown understand what you have," he said. "But they, like me, know that you are blessed and that you weren't just given this power. You were born with it and you were born to do good with it."

Slowly, the shudders calmed and the boy just stood in his friend's embrace, leaving the late night park in an eerie silence. That was until he decided to speak.

"I know one way I can escape it," the blonde just barely heard the boy mumble.

The auburn-haired one scowled deeply. "Don't say that, Shuichi. That's taking the coward's way out."

The boy chuckled. "And why not, Hiro? I'm a freak that sees and hears things in my head. Everyone look!" He jumped away from his friend and turned around, his arms in the air to present himself to the world. "Look at the freak! Maybe he'll save your life one day but you won't tell him thank you for it because you'll run in terror after you see him!"

The other just looked sadly at his friend's back as the boy collapsed onto the ground, sobs racking his body.

"I want to die, I want to die, I want to die, I want to die," the boy chanted, his voice getting louder with every repeated phrase. The blonde couldn't see the boy's face since his head was hung his hair was in his face, but he knew that he was crying. It didn't take much to see into the heads of mortals, especially ones in danger.

"Shuichi, please don't do this!" Hiro begged, falling down next to his friend with an arm around his shoulder. "Come on, let's go home so you can get some sleep and sleep everything off, okay?"

The boy's head snapped up and he turned his tear streaked face to his friend. "You can go ahead," he muttered. "I know where to find it." The other opened his mouth to disagree but the boy interrupted him. "I have a key and it's late. No one's going to hurt me because I'm a freak, remember? They never see the real me, they see the…the thing underneath my skin."

The other sighed and hung his head, closing his eyes.

"I wish I could help you, Shu," he said as he stood up.

"But you can't," the boy whispered. "No one can."

The auburn-haired man sighed and turned away. "I'll see you at home," he muttered and walked off.

The blonde scowled and watched as the taller man walked off. How could he leave someone who seemed to be unstable and suicidal alone in the middle of a park around hundreds of extremely tall buildings?


He watched as the boy stiffened and, even though he wasn't looking up, he knew that he had his ears open and was listening for any approaching noises. When nothing came, the boy screamed and buried his hands in his hair.

"Get the fuck out of my head!" the boy screamed in agony and collapsed onto the ground, sobbing. "Go away and leave me alone."

He sounded so pitiful and soon after he collapsed he had cried himself to sleep. Checking the boy's mind to make sure that he was indeed asleep, the blonde jumped from the tree and was soon followed by his brother.

"What in the hell just happened here?" Tatsuha asked, his eyes locked on the slumbering form of the small man.

The blonde took a step toward the body. "I don't know, but I'm going to find out," he said, but his brother latched onto his wrist again.

"What do you think you're doing? You can't take him back with you! No mortal is to know where you lie when the sun rises."

The blonde growled. That boy and his complete devotion to the rules, he needed to learn to have some fun once in a while.

"I'm taking him home and I'm going to let him sleep. You act like I'm going to let him sleep in my room so he'll wake up and see an ice cold and apparently dead body next to him." The blonde shook his head. "He already thinks he's crazy. Do you really think that would make him feel any better?"

The raven-haired boy opened his mouth to reply but the blonde had already lifted the boy into his arms and was running away.

'Just be careful, Eiri. Please,' his brother sent with telepathy.

'Don't worry. I'll be fine.'

His brother didn't respond and the blonde made the rest of the trip in silence, the slumbering bundle of the boy curled against his chest. The blonde leaped into the air and vanished out of view, not appearing again until he and the boy were safely tucked inside his extremely old house. The trip had taken longer than before because he returned to his home instead of his apartment in the city, but the boy still hadn't woken up.

He carried the boy to one of his many guest rooms and laid him out on the large bed, making the room safe from the boy with his magic. Once his deed was done, he turned and looked at the sleeping form, his normally cold eyes softening at what he saw. He was so peaceful when he slept and one would never know about the visions and sounds that plagued him while he was awake unless they understood him.

'You aren't a freak, beautiful one; you're just lost and confused. Let me help you.'

"Death?" the boy whispered slowly and the man sighed, saddened.

'No, love. I am not death. I am the life after death.'

The boy sighed and snuggled into the bed to get more comfortable. "No good."

The blonde sat on the edge of the bed and carefully brushed the boy's bangs out of his face. He moved his fingers down and traced his cheek down to his chin and then up to his lips, which he touched briefly.

'You are an angel.'


'Yes, you are. You just need help spreading your wings.'

"Angels heal; they don't bring pain and fear."

The blonde sighed. He knew one kind of angel that did bring pain and fear and death but he didn't want to give the boy that life…no, death. He wouldn't be able to handle it.

'You are a healer. You help those of whom you see in your premonitions and make sure they live through their hardships, even while you are suffering. You are an angel.'

The boy sighed and said no more in that groggy voice. Smiling slightly, the blonde began to feel that slight tingle that would transform into an unbearable burning if he wasn't sealed in his room soon.

'We'll meet again when the moon rises.'

The boy just moaned quietly and the blonde left the room, sealing the door as he did so the boy wouldn't be able to escape.

There were so many things that he wanted to know about the boy. Where did he come from? What was he? Who and what gave him the powers he possessed? The power in the boy's mostly violet aura was astounding and, as much as he didn't want to believe it, inhuman. The power was dangerous and he knew that the boy would be able to ignite the blood that flowed through his veins if he really wanted to. Then that would be the end of him. Well…except for ashes, hair, and the clothes that he had been wearing, all held together by a little bit of grease.

The blonde finally made it to his room and closed and locked the door. He went to all the windows and pulled down the black-out shades so no sunlight whatsoever would enter the room, and went to his bed to pull the blankets back. He didn't need the sheets and comforter, but he loved the feel of the silk beneath his skin and the warmth that radiated around him, even while it didn't penetrate into his bones.

After stripping out of everything but his boxers, the blonde climbed between the sheets and pulled the blankets under his chin. The tingling had gone away so he couldn't tell how high the sun had risen outside his window, but sleep began to overcome is mind soon after.

Just before falling into unconsciousness, he sent his conscience out to the boy and entered his mind. Nothing but blackness in there, but now protection wasn't far away from the boy's side, even if the blonde couldn't go out in the sun.


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