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Chapter 14: Happily Ever After

Four years later

Ichabod sat on the bed with his daughter in his lap as he gently ran a comb thought her long, soft black hair. He smiled as the little girl played with the small toy horse that her other father had made for her before she was even born. He loved his daughter. Her pale white skin, long black hair, and startlingly light blue eyes made her the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. He gently braided the soft black locks into twin braids, tying off the ends with light blue ribbons that matched her dress.

Ichabod placed a soft kiss on the back of her head and lifted her up and then placed her down on the floor. He turned her around to face him, looking her up and down. He smiled as he tucked a stray strand of hair behind her ear.

"You look very pretty Meriwether," he told her happily, causing the little girl to blush and smile shyly. "Are you ready to go see Vater?"

She nodded happily. "Can I bring my horsy with me Daddy?" she asked, waving the toy in front of him for emphasis.

"Of course you can," he said, patting the top of her head.

Meriwether squealed happily, hoping up and down. Ichabod got up, taking her hand and leading her down the stairs. There, Masbath was packing a picnic basket for the two. Ichabod smiled at the young man. Masbath had grown much more confident as well as taller over the last four years, but his loyalty to Ichabod hadn't changed. Even when Ichabod offered him the chance to go off on his own, he had declined, not wanting to leave the older man's side.

"Are the lunches packed?" Ichabod asked.

Masbath nodded, patting the top of the basket for emphasis. "Aye sir," he said politely. "And the horse you requested is ready for you."

"Thank you Masbath," he said, picking up the basket and heading toward the door.

"Thank you," Meriwether repeated sweetly as she followed her father out the door.

It was a strange sight to say the very least, a small child actually happy to see the Hessian Horseman, running into his arms with a wide smile instead of cowering in fear at his very presence. Yet this was the very sight before him and Ichabod couldn't help but smile.

The dead man, smiled as he lifted the pale little girl into his strong arms, holding her close to him in a warm embrace.

"Vater!" Meriwether squealed in delight.

The Hessian kissed her pale cheek, murmuring something softly to her, causing the girl to erupt into a fit of giggles. Meriwether then pulled out her toy horse, seemingly from thin air, and waved it in the German man's face.

"Look Vater! I brought Lil' Daredevil," she said happily, referring to the toy. "Where is Big Daredevil?"

Viktor placed her back down on the ground and pointed off into the distance. "He is off grazing in a near by field," he told her.

"Oh," she said and then looked down at her feet sheepishly, digging the tip of her shoe into a patch of dead grass.

Viktor raised a brow at the child's sudden change in mood. He knelt down beside her, wrapping a large arm around her gently. "What is it kleines?" he asked gently.

Nothing," Meriwether said bashfully. "Just... I wanted to know... if... if..."

"If what?" he prompted, placing a gloved hand comfortingly on top of her soft black hair.

"… if I could ride Big Daredevil today."

"No!" Ichabod nearly screeched the words, causing both Viktor and Meriwether to turn and stare at him. His face was white with fear, his eyes doubled in size, and he placed a hand over his left breast as if to slow his heart's frantic beating, "No," he repeated, this time in a less panicked tone. "It's far too dangerous Meriwether."

"Why?" the young girl asked, her light blue eyes widened questioningly. "We rode here on horseback Daddy."

Ichabod sighed, going to kneel down beside Meriwether, cupping a pale cheek in his equally white hand. "Yes, but that was a different horse." And even then I was frightened for you. Some may call Ichabod over protective, but to him keeping his daughter safe from injury and illness was top priority, and his mortal daughter riding on top of a dead war horse did not sound very safe to him.

"But Daddy, Daredevil loves me!" she argued. The child did have a point. The ghost horse was much gentler with her then others, where as the beast would usually snort and buck about furiously in the presence of a stranger, it would willingly stay calm for Meriwether, even allowing her the honor of stroking his nose and feeding him by hand. Ichabod reasoned that the horse was able to sense a part of its master in the girl, but that still wasn't enough to convince him that it would be safe for her to ride him.

Ichabod shook his head in a slightly apologetic manor. He didn't want to be the bad guy, but he had to put his foot down. "I am sorry Meriwether, but my answer is still no."

Meriwether pouted slightly then turned her pleading blue eyes on Viktor. "Please Vater," she begged. "You know that Daredevil won't hurt me!"

The Hessian looked Ichabod in the eyes for a moment. Seeing the worried look on the mortal's face, he heaved a sigh and turned his gaze back to Meriwether. "When you are older, kleines, I promise."

Meriwether pouted, but managed to nod slightly anyway. "Okay," she said, knowing that she was beat. "Can I go play with Daredevil?"

Ichabod raised an eyebrow at her suspiciously. "'Little' or 'Big'?"

"Lil," she said, disappointed that Ichabod had caught her trying to sneak away.

He nodded, kissing her forehead. She wandered off into a clearing still in plain sight. When she was far enough away the Hessian wrapped his large arm around Ichabod's waist, pulling the thin young man into his lap. Ichabod was about to gasp, but was cut off when the Hessian captured his lips in a fierce kiss. He moaned parting his lips just enough to give Viktor the chance to slip his tongue in. Ichabod felt the other man's hot wet muscle enter his mouth, caressing his insides. He whimpered with pleasure as the Hessian's sharp teeth grazed against his lips lightly. He moaned in need as Viktor broke the kiss. He panted slightly, resting his head on the lager man's broad shoulder.

"I love you," he moaned breathlessly.

The Hessian placed a soft kiss on the top of his head. "I love you, too," he murmured back. They sat in silence watching Meriwether playing happily in the field, stopping every now and again to pick a flower or two. Viktor smiled at the sight, tightening his arms around the thin young man's waist. "What would you say to having another child, mein geliebter?"

Ichabod smiled mischievously, snuggling closer to him. "What would you say if I told you I was already pregnant?"



According to AltaVista:

Vater - German for "father"

Kleines - German for "little one"

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