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Devils Can't Cry
chapter one: Ink

On the inky waves
My ship is slowly sinking
Dying for your touch.
haiku, original

Ink. My life has been the shade of the darkest India ink imaginable. Yet, I wouldn't have it any other way. I thrive in the shadow, like mold thrives in dank, dark caves. That pathetic shack we call a house, is my cave. Yet I am ashamed of it. I could do so much more; I could rule this city, this country. Yet here I am; rock bottom with the cock-roaches and my twin sister.

We just keep climbing up the slippery slope of success. I keep loathing how people so morally corrupt and mentally inept are in power, and we are stuck at the bottom with the cockroaches like they should be! They are pests that I want to crush, that I want to throw down to make them work themselves back up, but I can't. I am the shadow, and naturally people hate the dark. I am hated. I won't succeed if I am to be hated, because regardless of my infinite prowess, and resourcefulness, politics is about who is against you, and who is behind you. Right now, no one wants to be behind me. For I am a shadow and whatever follows me ends up darkened. And people hate the dark. Except maybe Kagura.

"Naraku! Yo wake up we are here!" I stir; my mahogany eyes tinted with scarlet look at the building out the smudged window, the high-school building. I suppress a growl of discontent; I know that this is a privilege that I must endure to succeed. My school uniform, of a disgusting color of sea-foam green overpowers my pale skin and my long, dark wavy hair while managing to accentuate my unnatural eye color.

"I was never sleeping witch." I respond as I get out of the rattling 1986 Honda accord, complete with cracked windshield and keyed doors, slamming the door in her face. She looks at me with a sneer of complete disgust, not holding any pity for me knowing full well that I do not behave well in social situations. She leans over and rolls down the window half-way, her full hazel eyes are sharp in anger.

"Listen you bastard, we've already been over this, I have a steady job; you are smart, that simple! Now get your head out of your ass, and don't get expelled this time!" I open my mouth to retaliate to my twin, but she squeals away in a cloud of gray exhaust before I could say a word. I narrow my eyes knowing that Kagura is right. I turn to the school, looking at its innocent façade, scantily clad school girls giggle like hyenas on the steps, while the boys lean up against the walls laughing heartily about what they did the previous weekend.

Happy people anger me the most.

I take my first steps toward the school, my head up high, hands in pockets, my sharp mahogany stare keeps them in check as the wind attempts to blow through my thick, waist length ink black hair. I hear the coos of girls talk about me as I glide to the first four steps of the high school, wishing to death that I could turn around and go home, to work on my projects that are due tomorrow, but that is never the case. Nothing goes my way.

"Oh, wow, I think that must be a new guy!"

"He is so handsome! Look at his hair, is that even a legal length?"

"He looks angry though, I would be too if I started half-way through the year."

"I wonder what his name i—"the ringing of the school bell cuts off the hypersexual teenage chatter for which I am eternally grateful. All of the kids reluctantly run past me inside, some turning to look at me, most just telling their friends their last menial tid-bit of information. I grumble and continue to walk, people give me migraines.

I turn to look at a girl with short black hair and normal honey brown eyes, and she blushes and smiles. I turn away, ignoring everything as I get to the landing right before the doors of the school when I am confronted by four guys, of a somewhat impressive build; they are taller than me, and by the looks more muscular. I have never been of an impressive stature. At least not in height terms. I look up at them with a cynical look pasted on my features…this day is going to blow.

"I saw you checking out my girlfriend. You are going to pay for that you make-up wearing freak!" The ring leader yells out, his voice deep from the progression of his puberty. What a fool, he must be referring to my blue tinted eyelids. They are naturally like this, like my sister's naturally pink ones. They aren't that noticeable, just only slightly tinted that way. We are just different, and this peon likes to point that out. I try to walk past him, but his friends create a wall. I stop and glare with my mahogany eyes.

"Move worthless insect. I want nothing to do with you worthless fools." I command him, yet all of his friends laugh in my face. They are making me late to class, and this will certainly not do. I am going to make a good first impression no matter what these people have up their asses. I take a step foreword and I look them directly in the eyes, they hesitate, but continue to taunt. I am trying to remember what exactly I am to do in these types of situations…killing is not an option, and a full out fight is will make me more late and in trouble. I mean, how hard could it possibly be tracking down a guy with long wavy black hair, blue tinted eyelids, and a tattoo on the back of his neck?

"Like what are you doing to do runt, beat us up? What is your name anyway!" One of them snorted sounding and looking like a pig. I smirk one of my deadliest looks and they have a look of utter confusion. No one calls me runt. I raise one eyebrow, a trait not many posses, and study their reaction as I snicker at them. These people are not worth my time, I came here to accomplish one thing, to prove that I am educated. If I must tell them my name then so be it, but I cannot be held responsible for the repercussions. I part my lips to utter two words that will send them running inside the school for their lives.

"Ichiku, Naraku." Their faces paled after a moment, putting the pieces together. Their knees shook as they clumsily and hastily scrambled to the sides of the landing to free my entrance to the school. I cast a dark look to them as I step past them into the emptying hallway, I am probably already late to my class and I do not even have my schedule or my books. Curse people.

"I am so sorry Naraku, err I mean Ichiku…please, have my girlfriend, have my bike please just don't harm us!" The ringleader grovels from behind me, shaking in pure fright in my shadow. I get pleasure in seeing people grovel before me, and seeing them respect me. I hate all people and I will hope to keep it that way. The thing I am aiming for most of all though is success, and if anyone in this school knows anything, I don't let anything get in my way. I walk down the hall to the desk where the receptionist hands me two pieces of paper, one my schedule, the other my locker number.

I stride down the hall, knowing I am late, pick up my textbooks and make it to class. I check my schedule…an English language class. Great, I have to endure fools butchering a romance language first in the morning. As I open the door, a warm reception is the opposite of what I get.

"Who are you?" the teacher, a tall weak man with a receding hairline and glasses commands me as I slip through the door almost unnoticed by the class. I look down at my schedule and look up at him. My eyes narrow, he should know exactly who I am. I bet he just wants the others to know it too. I won't play by his rules.

"I am an 'ever so desperately in love with English' student." My dripping, sarcastic, low, haunting voice seems to send chills down their spines, my blue-tinted lidded eyes lock onto his with a venomous dart. He frowns at me and points at me with his hand flat, gesturing to something on my person…what? He is making this difficult; I locate a seat behind a staring boy with brown hair and make a move to sit down. So much for a good first impression.

"And what may I ask is with your hair! It is not of regulatory length. And another thing, males at this school are not permitted to wear make-up of any kind at this school, and that includes your hideous eye shadow! And your contacts, no color contacts of any type are permitted. I have no choice but to send your nameless self to the principal." The teacher frowns as he announces and the students snicker and murmur to their friends. I keep my head up, and alter my course to the front of the room, whether there is an empty seat, I do not care, no one mocks me and gets the last word. No one.

"My hair is halfway pulled back, in the student rules it states that if one's hair is properly restrained no penalty may be given. For my eyes, my eye color is naturally this red-brown, and the blue coloring you see is natural, it is not make-up. Now. For my name, I want you to remember it clearly, because I won't forget yours." I conjure a pregnant pause for effect. "My name is Ichiku. Ichiku Naraku and I am your student." I maniacally grin and place my hand on an empty desk, front row middle and sit down. My hard, yet restrained glare makes him straighten up in recoil as he walks back to the chalk board to write the notes down. I notice the way his hand shakes when he picks up the chalk.

"Class, this is Ichiku, Naraku and I do hope that you treat him fairly. I am sorry about the accusations on my part." He practically hisses as he scribbles down some worthless trash culture lesson about the Aztecs in Latin America and how they sacrificed people to their gods. It's not that bad of an idea, right now I wish that some Aztecs would storm the school, capture this worthless professor, and sacrifice him to quezelquoatl or whatever they blindly had faith in.

I check my schedule again this Spanish language class, Japanese history, the accelerated government and politics class, calculus, lunch, a public speaking course, physics, and the all important, advanced placement botany class. I run a hand through my hair and mentally sigh. The students are still staring at me for my total lack of respect towards the professor and I feel their eyes drilling into me. If it were not for my ambition and the schools science laboratories, I would have left this school already like the rest.

"Ichiku, what is the name of the lake, and the now modern day city where the Aztecs had their empire?" The teacher smirks with an all-knowing expression on his face, but unfortunately for him, I know everything. He should learn that no one trumps me.

"Lake Texacoco, and Mexico city." I quip and sit back in my seat, it is going to be a long day. I feel a migraine come to my head and I keep my pain to myself knowing that lunch is only a few classes away.


Lunch. And for once I am starving. After taking my migraine medication, I go to my locker and get my boxed lunch, and walk to a deserted corner in the schoolroom where a computer with internet hookup is located. I just took a bite of some horrible instant ramen when I hear someone come up from behind me. I turn with a mild interest to an albino girl, can't be older than 13, with a white uniform on.

"Who are you?" I ask only half-caring. I gradually feel the relief of my migraine medication working. I look the computer screen and mentally make a few notes.

"Nameki, Kanna, and you are Ichiku." Her monotone voice is very different from the rest, and for some reason I think I know her, but I know I have never met her before. She seems so familiar, those vacant, dark eyes, and white hair scream at me to remember. Perhaps she is in those dre—no that's not possible. I must be losing my mind from being in this hell of a school.

"Go away." I bark at her, I don't wish to be disturbed, I need to make a plan by tomorrow night and it cannot backfire no matter what. I take out my papers, stained from blood, and begin to scribble down the delivery times for the truck…she is still here. I sigh.

"Why haven't you gone! You are trying my patience and since you know who I am, that is not wise." I hiss at her; that will make her want to leave, but she looks at me with an almost soft expression as she sits beside me and looks into my eyes. Why isn't she scared, or giggling, or yelling like the others? I remember the hidden knife in my shirt.

"Your reputation, Ichiku Kado, I have heard, but whether those rumors are true is debatable. I cannot leave because I cannot go into the noonday sun, it hurts my skin. This is where I eat lunch, I will not leave easily." Kanna replied. I must say, her reasoning for being here seems valid, but I will much rather drink my very own poison than to let her believe those rumors aren't true…even though the are actually false, I cannot allow anyone else to know that.

"Those rumors are true, and I will permit you to sit here if you don't make a sound." I compromise. This is rare, I only compromise with Kagura, but I will with Kanna because she has caught my eye as someone who might be interesting enough to tolerate. She didn't believe my rumors after all.

"You are lying." She accuses me with her monotone voice.

"What! You dare have to gall to call me a liar! Perhaps I shall through you out side into the sun and strap you to the sidewalk and see what you say after that!" I stand to my feet, pushing her against the wall, with my knife at her delicate throat in a second. My eyes burn with a deeply hidden venom that came from somewhere inside of me. Her eyes widen and look to the knife in apprehension, seemingly defeated, and she should be. No one demeans my integrity!

"I shall leave, I am sorry I upset you, but I have you know that I am psychic, and I know for a fact you did not kill those men." She speaks softly, yet still in her monotone. Pyschic? This school really is a waste of my time, people think they are psychics! Total bullshit! I take back my knife and slap her across the face, watching her crumple to the ground.

"I don't care if you think you can fly! You. Know. Nothing!" I sneer at her, studying her reaction and secretly wondering to myself why I didn't expect her to respond. I put my knife back into my uniform and walk back to my computer, my migraine is back thanks to her. I look to my right and she still is crumpled against the wall. I take out my knife and with a flick of the wrist; it crunches into the wall next to her white face. She gasps and lifts her head up, her watery dark eyes look into mine.

"Afterschool, beware of the blue van." She spoke in a monotone as she got up and faded into the hall. What did she mean blue van? Is she setting me up? It can't be possible that she is psychic! I wondered in my head…how did she know I didn't kill him. And how did she know that I am covering for them! Could she be working for the Yakuza too! Is it possible she was sent to spy on me and to make sure that I stay imprisoned!

"This isn't good, if the Yakuza knows I am here in this school, and not in the other like I set up, then they will track Kagura down too…" I whisper to myself as I finish up the plans of my escape route. Good thing that the last job I have to do for them is tomorrow night, and then I will escape from them and the Yakuza will never be able to exploit me again. I finish my ramen slowly, touching the tattoo of a serpent eating a spider on the back of my neck. I have always hated spiders. One would think that I would love them, hiding in the dark, venomous, sucking the life out of anything that comes in its path.

But I don't. I hate spiders; I want nothing to do with them. Ever since my fifteenth birthday, my nights have been plagued by…


My thoughts are cut off and I trudge to another class, throwing away any evidence that I have been here, including wiping down the keyboard and mouse for fingerprints and erasing the hacking into the computer to cancel out any accessing made by me. I try to ignore my headache as I walk to my next class in a deep thinking trance trying to piece together everything before I have to actually escape tomorrow. Yet, something about the conversation I had with that girl Kanna sticks out, and I feel my world slip apart slowly…she knows something not even the Yakuza knows, that me and only Kagura know…

She knows my birth name. Kado.

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