Ok before I start this chapter, I think a few people are confused on the pairings. this story is a Naraku:Kagome, a sesshoumaru:Kagura:inuyasha love triangle, and a kanna kohaku pairing. And one other thing, yes I know that Kagome is in high school, she should be around 17/18 and in the second chapter, She is not wearing her dark green uniform, but a different seafoam colored one that means she attends high school. I don't really know about Japanese school uniform systems, I just chose a color that I thought Naraku would hate XD.

ok with that cleared up, on with the chapter


Like a soaking rain

your signature is forged black

Like the shadows below

A purple glow came from Naraku's arms and before I knew it, a force-feild was surrounding him and the silver haired youkai backflipped backwards clenching and unclenching his taloned hand. Even though the youkai with magenta stripes and the indigo crescent moon only said one word, I know that he is the other man in my nightmares.

"What in the hell is going on here! I am used to being sneered at, but this is ridiculous!" I yell, pointing a slightly clawed finger at Inuyasha and his striped comrade. Kagome stood there looking more than slightly annoyed and Kanna and that boy were simply just staring at Naraku who was still glowing purple.

"Enough Kagura, these cretins only know how to solve problems with their fists." Naraku glanced over to where I was; the purple glow fading down until it finally disappeared. I could tell that Naraku was on his last nerve, with this many people trying to attack us for no damn reason he feels like his time is being wasted. We aren't the villains here, these people are just insane. Just then, I felt a pair of eyes on me from behind, I whip around to see none other than the striped face youkai looking down at me, picking me apart with his intense golden eyes. I felt a certain familiarity wash over me, like this has happened before.

"You are nothing but a hanyou now Kagura." He traces a clawed finger though a tangled strand of purple hair and I feel myself tremble, out of fear anger or déjà vu I don't know. "Disgusting. This Sesshoumaru does not associate with Hanyous." I narrow my ruby eyes and curl my fist. How dare he call me disgusting! In one swift motion I manage to uppercut his jaw and kick him away from me.

"How dare you! You call me disgusting? Look at yourself, you just attacked my brother for no damn reason, you and your stupid cronies tricked us and sent us back in friggin time, and then proceed to tell us why we should pay for mistakes we didn't make! You need to get a mirror you disgusting jack ass!" I scream at him at the top of my lungs, and the red wind coils, twists and spirals around me making the trees dance and moan in the gusts. I felt rage rise within me as I turn my red tinged eyes to Inuyasha and Kagome who look at me shocked at me, perhaps this guy was never talked to that way. Still, they don't have to look at me as if I were some destructive out of control force of nature.

"Mistakes you didn't make?" I turn to the source of the voice, Sesshoumaru who looks completely unfazed by my attacks. He simply stares at me, studying me, trying to unnerve me. "Who are you really?" He looks to Naraku as well, and Inuyasha gets frustrated and answers.

"Who do you think they are? They are Naraku, Kagura and Kanna's reincarnations! Now let's show them the way to hell one more time!" Inuyasha rushes Naraku before Kagome could hold him back, Inuyasha's sword had coiling wind around it as well, and he leapt in the air with his amber eyes knit in concentration and his lips in a smirk

"Kaze no kizu!" the yellow jaki sprung from his sword aimed perfectly at Naraku. Naraku, however, did not seem worried at all, in fact his eyes were closed as if he was remembering something, or some instinct was taking over. Naraku then struck his fist into the ground and out from the ground came hundreds of vines which blocked the kaze no kizu and grappled around Inuyasha. Naraku smirked as dazzling white flowers bloomed delicately yet quickly from the vines and generated a potent scent which knocked Inuyasha unconscious from the potency.

"Japanese wisteria, fragrant and poisonous." Naraku let the vines constrict around Inuyasha's body and I couldn't help but notice how domineering Naraku looked as he crept towards the stoic Sesshoumaru. Now that he is a hanyou, his botany skills are almost out of control, he could create any sort of plant when he was a human, but now…

"You think that a vine could possibly defeat me? You are a fool, but you are not the same Naraku who killed Rin." He said dismissively and waved his hand lightly. I scratched my head for a moment, Rin?

"Hold up there. Naraku has been rumored to kill some guys before, but not girls. Is this why you guys are having such a fit is because of the stuff the past Naraku did, not what Naraku was rumored to be doing in the Yakuza?" I yelled at the retreating white adorned figure who turned around and looked at me though delicate crimson lidded eyes. I noticed for the first time how handsome he was. His eyes though, so cold, why?

"You really have no recollection of anything do you…" Sesshoumaru said absently, though for a moment, a trace emotion flew through his eyes that once could say was a bit sad. "Yes. Naraku took some things of mine that cannot be reclaimed." his emotionless voice let on the slightest hint of anguish as he turned to face me his silver hair blowing like sails in the wind. "Until again, hanyou." like a shooting star, he was gone, leaving us to the faint beginnings of sunset. I heard Naraku snort and mutter something about arrogant bastards and turn his head of dark curls to Inuyasha who was beginning to regain consciousness. Naraku, completely ignoring Inuyasha walked calmly by him to Kagome who was looking quite funny trying to figure out how to get Inuyasha down from the 60 tower of vine.

"I'll get the idiot down." I flick my finger at the stalk of vines a few times and the vines immediately were severed and came crashing to the ground, along with an annoyed Inuyasha.

"I could have done that you stupid wind witch!" He snarled and came stomping up to me, looking for a fight I really don't feel like having. His silver hair was not as fine and straight as Sesshoumaru's, but the wiry quality and the fuzzy ears make up nicely for that.

"Like when you were knocked unconscious by a few flowers? Paleeaasse." I smirk, letting my eyes pierce into his. "And by the way, your insults don't affect me; I'm called worse things in traffic." He just growled and looked to where Kagome and Naraku were talking.

"Hey! Get away from Kagome you creep! Just 'cause you aren't the real Naraku doesn't mean I trust you!" Naraku glared at the pile of irritancy called Inuyasha and rolled his eyes as he turned to face him. Inuyasha instinctively got in an attack position from seeing his blood red irises glare at him. Naraku chuckled, like he did if he saw some common thug threaten him with nothing but brute force.

"Actually, you don't have to worry your undersized brain a bit. I am leaving this place holds no interest for me. I grow tired of imbeciles and arrogant pricks trying to kill me enough in the city, I don't need it here." He sneered and if his voice could be a color it'd be the color dark purple, like rich velvet on a chair that is never used. I scoff at him.

"Imbeciles and Arrogent pricks; Naraku come again? Don't you fall under both categories? You are if you want to go back to the Yakuza now. Just cause you can make some stupid flower doesn't mean you can hold up against them. You can leave; I don't want to go to work tonight." I smirk as Naraku's eyes narrow in anger. Actually, the reason why I don't want to leave is because I want to get to the bottom of why those two guys, Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru, both hate me and are in my nightmares. Obviously Naraku isn't that interested...or…perhaps he is a bit tired of everybody unjustly hating him, and is too annoyed that he just wants to run away.

I want to run too Naraku, but I have to hold my head up high.

"Where do you work Kagura?" Kagome asks, I guess trying to break the tension that is cementing thick in the air, but she doesn't do it correctly.

"I work at the Silk Maiden." Kagome's eyes widened and Naraku turned away, ashamed. "I am an exotic dancer at night, security guard during the day." I said; trying to justify any dignity I might have left. I don't like doing what I do, but if it will get us some money I'll do it. Besides, I really don't care what people think.

"Oh, he he he, I guess I can see why you don't want to work then." Kagome said uneasily, looking to Inuyasha who seemed a bit confused. Naraku simply turned on his heel and left, not even looking behind him toward the well where we sprang from. I was used to Naraku walking out on me, he is good at that.

"Feh. I guess you are staying with us aren't you?" He turns to me, his amber eyes centered right on my but without anger, just an apparent dislike. The strangest sensation came over me as I noticed his ears…I almost wanted to go up and stroke them a bit. I must be going insane.

"Of course! I mean where else is she going to go? You can't expect her to fend for herself without even knowing her powers yet! Besides, it will be good to have some company since…" Kagome's sweet voice trailed off and her gaze saddened and became stony. Inuyasha just glared at me again, what did I do!

"Let me take a wild guess, My incarnation killed one of your friends." I said daringly, looking to Kagome who shook her head. Then a boy's voice came from behind me and I looked at a young teen with freckles and a skin tight suit.

"No. Naraku did. He killed my sister and her fiancée Miroku." The boy said it with such sincerity that I couldn't help but believe him and for a frown and soft eyes to appear on my face. No wonder these people hate us so much every time they see Naraku or I, they think of how those incarnations killed their friends.

"Oh. I see…No wonder things got off on the wrong foot with Naraku, but what did my incar—" I stopped mid sentence noticing Naraku coming back into the clearing, his appearance as sudden and as stealthy as a raven on a moonlit night. His ice blue eyelids were closed as he turned to Kagome to reveal their ruby treasures.

"I cannot get through the well, come with me now." He grabs Kagome by the upper arm and she immediately tears her arm from him, glaring at him with her chocolate colored eyes. Meanwhile Inuyasha is growing livid as the sun merges more and more with the horizon. I sigh and walk towards my brother.

"Man, you need to learn how to communicate better with girls." I said flippantly as I walk towards the angry girl with an understanding expression "You think that's bad, try living out of a car with him." I laugh and Kagome manages a small chuckle, she isn't that bad, she is just a little annoying and I guess takes some getting used to.

"Kagura shut your mouth before I shut it for you." I turn to my angry slightly older brother and with a coy little grin I turn to him. "You and what army aniki?" Naraku's eyes glow and he morphs his arm into a long scimitar like blade, but before he could strike Kagura already backhanded him across the face and round housed him in the gut, making him crumple a bit, his black curly hair blanketing his pained and humiliated facial expression.

"Did I just see what I thought I saw? I think I just saw Kagura kick Naraku's sorry ass." Inuyasha's jaw was practically on the ground and the usually silent Kanna spoke up.

"I saw this in a vision as well." Kanna said simply before Naraku straightened up and growled. His eyes glowing the color of dripping blood and I unconsciously push Kagome away.

"Shut up all of you! I don't need to take any more of this from any of you!" Naraku bellowed and his aura began to increase, I'm not too concerned, if it is anything like Naraku's normal temperament, he is like an explosion, when angered, his rage is as strong and as fleeting as a blast.

"Please, Naraku, the sun is almost set, why don't we all just go back to the hut and I can figure out the well in the morning." Kagome placated and to my complete and utter surprise, Naraku didn't push her away or lash out at her like he would me, but struck a few trees in half with his sword-arm and calmed down slightly.

"Whoa…Kagome I don't think keeping them here is such a good idea." Inuyasha admitted, looking at the last tangerine slice of sun fall behind the horizon. Gosh, why can't guys ever make up their minds! They can stay, no they cant. I am getting a headache. Then I noticed something, Inuyasha's hair was turning colors, it was becoming black and his dog ears were now human; his claws were missing along with his amber eyes, which were now surprisingly an impossible shade of amethyst.

"Hey look, He's a human. I kinda miss the dog ears." I admit, only making Inuyasha angrier, but before I can tease him, I feel a strong force overtake me, my scarlet eyes widen and I crumple to my knees. My ears are ringing with a hauntingly familiar shrieking peal of laughter and my vision begins to go blurry black.

My whole body aches, as if I'm chained down and in the distance I can hear screams coming from the normally stoic Kanna and low growls and shouts coming from Naraku. I didn't even know I was screaming till I noticed I needed to breathe. I can't see anymore and my whole body feels like it's weighed down by five tons of ice. My body begins to convulse from the sudden cold and I try my hardest not to cry as my head begins to pound like a jackhammer Then the shrieking peals of laughter turn into understandable words

'Ive found you! I have found all three of you. My pretty creations! My little marionettes you will soon return to me and you shall dance for me Kagura…oh you shall dance.'

A dark aura wraps itself around me, like I've felt this before, like I'm a puppet on a string. I panic, and claw at the ground, twitching and flailing, im trying to escape it, the feeling. Then right when I'm about to burst from the pressure, I feel two arms encircle me and I immediately went unconscious.

AN: wow what a cliffie XD hope you liked it, If there are any mistakes please let me know.