Title: Rin's Four Legged Obsession

Authoress: Liko-chan

Warnings: Language, fluff, OOCness, TWT, humor

Summary: Rin gets a puppy from a village after they find out that she's Sesshoumaru's charge. As Rin cares for the puppy, she eventually becomes so in love with it, she practically forgets about her Sesshoumaru-Sama. In time Sesshoumaru begins to miss his 'Rin moments' and wants the 'mutt' gone... but Rin won't let it go...

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Rin's Four Legged Obsession

Chapter 3: Such Torture

Sesshoumaru walked hastily but gracefully toward the sound of the barking. Rin's chambers.

On his way to her room, the Lord was stopped by a small group of servants, who had, apparently, found out something important.

Ryo, leading this hyper pack of mongrels as they all bowed down on one knee. Then looked up to Sesshoumaru with worried eyes, pouting lips, and some even whining. Talk about dogs...

"What is it?" Sesshoumaru asked before any of them could speak.

Jaken was now approaching from behind the pack of coyote youkai. Quickly Ryo glanced over his shoulder, and although he contemplated kicking Jaken away so he could have some time with his lord, he thought better of it.

"Lord Sesshoumaru, Rin and Jaken are back...and uh..." Ryo hesitated.

Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes, If Ryo didn't remind him of Inuyasha... Jaken interrupted his thoughts.

"Milord, I had terrible news!" Jaken croaked with every intention to tell Sesshoumaru about the puppy Rin had.

Ryo growled, finally deciding to kick Jaken. "No, I will tell him!"

"You mutt!" Jaken yelled, "Allow me to tell milord!"

"Get away, I'm tellin' him!" Growled the canid youkai.


"Listen and you'll see" Ryo mocked, fangs beared.

This little 'back and forth' argument continued on for quite some time, until Sesshoumaru ended it.

"Enough of this," Sesshoumaru growled. "Tell me what?"

Jaken swallowed a hard lump in his throat. "Tell him." He cowered.

The coyote youkai growled at Jaken, and so did the others behind him. "Well, ya see milord... I noticed Rin, and well..." Ryo trailed off.

"Get to the point." Ordered Sesshoumaru.

"Yes, milord." He hesitated for a second, then " Rin is carrying a pup" Ryo said with a serious face.

Sesshoumaru had to use all the power inside of him to keep from laughing. After all, this Sesshoumaru did not laugh. "Rin has a pup?" Sesshoumaru repeated, calmly.

Jaken's mouth flew open. "WHAT!?"

"Yes, milord. I witnessed her wide, uh...feature when she came inside the castle" Ryo said proudly.

Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes again. "Jaken, what is he howling on about?" Sesshoumaru questioned.

"Well, uh...you see..." Jaken started, "Rin has a pup-"

Jaken didn't get the chance to finish his sentence because Ryo decided to let Jaken kiss his foot.

"Milord, her abdomen is large. There is no mistaken that she is carrying someone's offspring!" Ryo continued.

Sesshoumaru no longer found this funny. He gave Ryo one of his infamous deadly glares. " Ryo, are you aware that Rin is no older than ten summers?"

Sesshoumaru could be kind sometimes. He had to tell it to Ryo that way, so Ryo didn't embarrass himself trying to figure out why Rin couldn't be pregnant.

"Huh?" Ryo begin to blush furiously at the realization of his error. "I see," He said, looking down at the ground.

Jaken was oblivious to what Ryo was previously implying, but continued trying to rat Rin out. "And milord, this Jaken is positive she will have it in her chambers!"

Sesshoumaru nodded. Dismissing the embarrassed crowd of coyote youkai and Jaken. He continued on his way to Rin's chambers. She better not have brought a mutt to this Sesshoumaru's castle.

Upon finally making it there, he knocked on her door. Recently he had started to do this just to give Rin more privacy, although there was nothing she could hide from him because of his keen sense of smell. He would detect anything that went on in his home.

Rin called for him to enter before she realized who it might be. Darn, what if it's Lord Sesshoumaru, he'd see the puppy! And she wasn't ready to let him know of it yet...

Sesshoumaru opened the door only to see Rin sitting up on her futon, with the silk sheets pulled up over her, up to her chin. Her room was as usual except for the loud smell of dog. And it wasn't any from his pack(1) either.

Sesshoumaru sniffed a few more times, trying to detect the exact location of the smell, then looked over to Rin, who looked as though she was constipated.

She was squirming and wiggling, slouching and struggling with something under the sheet.

Sesshoumaru raised a brow. "Rin?" he called.

Rin smiled while still trying to hold down the thing under the sheet. "Yes, milord?"

Sesshoumaru stepped closer to the futon. "What is it you are hiding?"

Rin squirmed, then giggled. The puppy was licking her leg. "What ever do you mean, milord?" she asked, smiling innocently.

Sesshoumaru raised a brow. "No more jokes, Rin. Allow this Sesshoumaru to see what it is you have."

Rin frowned but nodded, pulling off the silken sheet. "It's Rin's puppy," She mumbled.

Sesshoumaru nearly growled. She'd referred to the puppy as her's so she intended to keep it.

Also, the puppy was...licking her thigh!

Sesshoumaru watched as Rin picked up the pup and placed it in her arms. Instantly, the puppy begin to lick her cheek.

"Oh, please let Rin keep the puppy, Lord sSsshoumaru! Rin will be good and I can care for the puppy on my own." Rin begged.

Sesshoumaru frowned. He didn't want to openly say he wanted to be the only dog in his castle, but he also wanted didn't want Rin's mutt there.

Rin pouted and gave her lord her oh-so-famous puppy-dog eyes. "Pleeeeaaaassseee!" she whined.

Sesshoumaru nearly winced at the sound of her voice. It was ear shattering, especially to his very sensitive hearing. "No."

"But why!? Rin will do all the work and everything!"

Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes. He really didn't have a reason, except he wanted to be the only dog in the castle.

"I said no." Sesshoumaru repeated.

Rin pouted again. The puppy started to lick her cheek again catching Sesshoumaru's attention. The mutt...how dare he?

"But pleeeaassee!" Rin continued.

Sesshoumaru continued to stare, in shock, at the puppy who was still licking Rin. Suddenly the puppy stopped and looked back at Sesshoumaru, it licked it's lips and barked, then continued to lick Rin.

Rin looked up at Sesshoumaru. "See, he's even begging you! Oh please?"

'If only she had any idea what the pup just said to him' Sesshoumaru thought.

The Lord stopped himself from grabbing the mutt by it's collar and throwing it out the nearest exit; Rin's balcony, which was a couple stories off the ground.

Looking out the balcony, Sesshoumarui realized it was late. He turned his attention back to Rin, who was smiling, enjoying the pup's dirty tongue on her cheek. How dare that...!

Sesshoumaru heard a growl escape his tightly clenched teeth. "We'll finish this tomorrow."

Rin smiled. 'So the puppy can stay?"

Sesshoumaru looked back at the pup, who was excessively teasing him, and licking at Rin's cheek, and chewing on her hair. He growled, quiet enough for only the pup's exceptional hearing to hear. "We'll see."


(1) by 'pack', Sesshoumaru means all the canine youkai that work for him. BTW, most of the servents are canine demons. Whether they be coyote, wolf, mutts, or w/e! BTW, Sesshoumaru is the ONLY dog demon in his castle.

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