Authors note: Hello worm babies BEHOLD the almighty story of, me, OBEY the fist and sit! … STINK BEAST WERE ARE YOU GOING… you dare to leave, you shall pay dirt monkey! You will suffer my wrath! Victory shall be mine!

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(Somewhere in space)

"Master we have located a planet earth a few hundred miles away, Irken Zim is detected there" A Sir urgently reported in an upright salute.

"Then what are you doing taking to me, turn this ship around and head to this Earth" the invaders antenna twitched annoyed. The Irken watched as the Sir saluted and disappeared into the ship. The alien smirked to himself "I finally found you Zim, after all the waiting, the suspense, and the long searching I have done, the hope that I'd get to finally hear you… I'll get to see you…to feel you, you are mine Zim… you just don't know it yet"


"You jerk!" Dib fumed glaring at Zim, then back at his broken lab top "I will get you for this you alien scum"

"Filthy worm monkey! What makes you think I would waste my time with USELESS human trash such as that? NOW leave dirt baby or pay dear!" Zim hissed waving him off "goodbye, goodbye…why are you not leaving! YOU dare deify ZIM!"

"I just saw you!" Dib pointed accusingly.

"You speak lies!" Zim shouted leaping on top of desk pointing a finger at him.

Miss Bitters growled, popping a type in, on the type it showed Zim knocking over the laptop whistling "you jerk!" Dib yelled, Miss Bitters stopped the type. Dib walked to his desk happily.

"Why would you do that" Zim said after moments of silents.

The door to the class swung open reveling a dark icy blue eyed boy with short black hair but the front side was long enough to cover his eye, he was dressed in a black shirt and baggy black pants covering his combat boots.

Zim getting off his desk to sit inspected the human, to his surprise the human smirked knowingly raising an eyebrow at him, Zim glared.

"Class this here is Rik another pathetic waste of air, just like you, now if you have anything to say, I'd say it cause after this moment, I don't want to hear another sound from you" Frowning he shook his head no, and Miss Bitters assigned a seat in the middle front desk.

As Rik took his seat Zim eyes drifted to have a glaring contest with Dib who had already started.

After a few moments much to his surprise the new kid put his feet on the desk blocking both there views. Zim glared at him but received only a wink, disgusted and taken back he tried focusing towards the chalkboard. Out of no where a paper ball few across the room lading on his desk, he opened it reveling a picture of him on a autopsy table with Dib beside him smirking evilly

"Filthy human" Zim scribbled what said 'Not in the lifetime Dib' and threw it back, after a couple of seconds the paper ball was thrown back but got caught in mid air by a certain new student, opening it, it seemed at that moment the Rik guy had turned pure evil, drawing something and throwing it at Dibs head hard enough to knock him out of his desk. Dib opened it and immediately turned pale not doing anything though the rest of the class.

(After bell ring)

Zim started walking down the stairs to the school, stopping at the sound of Dib "Hey Zim, what's with that new guy, he your boyfriend" Dib said glaring although amused. His sister trail beside apparently annoyed.

"Stupid earth monkey, I would never stoop that low to involve myself in a bunch of defenseless worms" Zim said sickened by the comment.

"Oh really then why would he draw this" Dib tossed the paper to him, opening it Zim laughed; the drawing was the Rik guy cutting off a certain part and Dib panicking. He read what Dib had said 'someday Zim I will get you on that table' and realizing it looked like Dib was being perverted he made sicky noises.

Rick popped up behind Zim purring in his ear, "boo" Zim taken by surprise turned around tripping on the stairs, out of reaction Dib caught him.

Awkward silents fell over before Dib realized what had happened and immedeintly dropped him. It didn't help the glare fixed on Riks faced which had turn to hate to a I-kill-you-slowly glare.

"Stupid Earth monkey! How dare you drop me, ZIM, I shall have my vengeance on your oversized head." Zim hollered to Dibs retreating back.

"MY HEADS NOT BIG!" with that he disappeared down the streets with his sister.

"And what do 'you' want earth stink" he glared at Rik.

"You, but that's not the point, who is this Dib" Rik protested grabbing him by the arm. Zim outraged that he touched him slapped him.

"You dare touch me with your meaty meat fingers of …MEAT" he pointed to the human that was rubbing his cheek in pain. "I tell you nothing about the Dib"

"That really hurt Zim" he said rubbing his cheek. "Did you have to slap me"

"Stupid Rik worm you dared to touch me, you must pay" He declared walking off " I have better things to do that to talk to a worm baby"

"I'll walk you home" He said grabbing Zims hand, Zim pushed him hard enough to land into a bush "don't touch me"

"This is going to be a long stay" Rik sighed getting out of the bushes pulling a twig from his hair.

(Dibs p.o.v)

"Gaz you go on ahead I'm going to spy on Zim, the something about that new kid I don't trust"

"Shut up Dib If you make me mess up just because you're worried about your little boyfriend I will destroy you" Gaz hissed tightening her grip on her game.

"He is not my boyfriend! Hes an alien bent on destroying this planet! And my greatest enemy"

"Whatever" She said walking ahead of him.

Dib starred in shock as she disappeared. "Why would she say that? Its not like I even like Zim, I hate his guts, the very thought… makes me… ah forget it" Dib stuffed his hands in his pockets dismissing the thought, "Its not like I care if Zim were to fall in love with that Rik guy"

He stared at the sky "…would I"

now how do you like it! Is it worthy or should I crawl back in the dirt hole I came from?