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Kik is in highschool , 9th grade, And her friends are sango & miroku. She has a boyfrend, Inyasha, who was secretly cheating on her with her slutty sister kagome. ( sorry i 'm a kagome hater) kikyo finds out and brakes up with him. Now shes in a state of deppression and kagome doesn't care but Her friends and ex does. then sesshomaru comes into the picture. kikyo falls in love but is to scared that her heart will be broken once again. Sesshomaru tries to convince that he loves her to much and won't make the mistake that his half brother did. Inuyasha realizes his mistake and tries to take Kikyo back but kikyo lets him go. You can pair him off with another character or kagome. This fic has to end with the pairing KIKxSESS , SANxMIR, INU x KAG OR OC

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Kikyou raced down the stairs flinging her backpack over her shoulder, pausing as she kissed her mother on the cheek.

"Have a good day dear"

"You too mom"

I'm Kikyou Higurashi a mere 15 year old freshmen attending high school and I'm running late which is quite usual for me.

"Kikyou!" Sango called out from the door of our high school, Miroku coming up behind her a smile on his face as he wrapped his arms around Sango's waste. Sango blushed slightly raising her hand waving me over.

Sango and Miroku are my two best friends. I met Sango when I was in kindergarten and Miroku came in second grade. Sango's training to be a nurse and so is Miroku, Miroku's quite a pervert but he's let down a bit since he started going out with Sango. They started going out last year in 8th grade, so they've been together about a year now.

"Hey!" Kikyou said racing over to her friends, Sango giving her a hug. "Where's my hug?" A familiar voice asked smiling as Kikyou turned to face him smiling widely.

Inuyasha is my boyfriend the one person I love the most. We've only been going out a few months but I love him more then anything in my life.

"Hey Inu" Kagome said waving her hands glaring at her twin sister as she walked by, Kikyou flinching at the mere waver of her voice. Kagome winked at Inuyasha seductively as she slid through the school doors.

Kagome Higurashi. My sister, no…worse my twin sister. A mere two minutes behind me but much more 'mature' and not in the way your thinking. She's a known whore. Kagome has no feelings for me or Momma she brushes off like we don't even exist. It's only gotten worse; she's been after Inuyasha since day one.

Inuyasha looked on passively, hardly even acknowledging Kagome's passing.

"So where ya goin'?"

"Me and Sango head to English, member? Where you goin'?" Kikyou smiled teasingly.

"Actually, I was planning on skippin'" Inuyasha said smirking slightly, Sango rolling her eyes.

Inuyasha skips a lot, he hates school. I think he got it from his older brother Sesshomaru. He's not that much older he's a somphore, he only beats us buy a year being 16 and all.

Sesshomaru walked past them slightly annoyed catching Inuyasha's last comment.

"Why ditch little brother you don't have anywhere to go?"

Inuyasha growled "Half brother".

Kikyou sighed slightly.

They don't get along.

Kikyou frowned shaking her head as her eyes met with Sesshomaru.

I've been friends with Sesshomaru a long time too, I knew Sesshomaru before Inuyasha I think it was before Inuyasha and Sesshomaru started moving in with each other. Sesshomaru always seems so cold but he's not that bad when no one else is around.

Miroku looked over his shoulder as Sesshomaru passed a hand around Sango's waste, Inuyasha still mumbling something about Sesshomaru being an asshole.

"He is rather odd" Sango mused as she looked at Inuyasha wondering how two people could hate each other so much.

"I only see two moods from the guy, nothing and slight scowls towards Inuyasha" Miroku commented as I looked towards Inuyasha.

I guess I'm the only one who sees Sesshomaru as a friend…Oh well as long as I got Iinuyasha.

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