Chapter 15: The after math

Authors Note: The last chapter, I hope you all enjoyed this Love much! This chapter is entirely in Kikyou's pov!

Kikyou's pov (whole thing guys)

It had been a while since then, we all had graduated from high school, and life took it's course different ways. It was early spring now, the few cherry blossoms falling down her house, it was just last fall she and Sesshomaru had planted these trees. They had grown beautifully.

Sango was more or less a children's doctor, helping deliver and such, Miroku worked in the same building as Sango with the older more cooperative so he said. Children didn't take to Miroku so well, or at least newborns. I believe they sensed his perverted ness.

The two still haven't changed Sango and Miroku, There still together and the love only seems to be growing. I am very happy for the two.

Sango's still a bit aggressive but growing use to Miroku's perverted ness, and Miroku seemed to be laying off a bit, his eyes only were on Sango's and his hands seem to wander a bit less, coming close but always stopping. Perhaps, intelligence does come with age.

Kagome delivered but continued to go to finish high school, she had to stay out a few days but after that Momma watched the baby. Inuyasha was a proud father just as I knew he would be, boasting with pride and extremely over protective of Kagome. I'm glad I was able to restore my friendship with him and my sister. I'm an aunt now to a beautiful three year old baby girl. They named her Corrie.

Corrie is a beautiful baby girl, she's so sweet and caring, she loves the tree blossoms just as I do, dancing under there leaves when Sesshomaru and I baby sit her. Corrie looks like a human; she has no demon features except her two tiny golden eyes and little fangs. Sesshomaru said she takes after her daddy when he was little, curious about everything. One of those 'danger babies'

Kagome more or less started a babysitting service at their house; they live about a block away from me, and Miroku and Sango live right across the street. Were all in the same area still. Inuyasha is a lawyer, it fits him away, Inuyasha's greatest talent was fighting for what he believed in. And sure as hell, I know he never lost a case yet.

Sesshomaru and I more or less well, were married. It's strange isn't? To be married so young? He proposed on the night the others and I graduated. We've been married about a year now; we got married right away after that night. Two months later at the latest. It was such a beautiful wedding. I remember that night well…….


The church bells echoed dimly under the night sky, the stars shining high above us, candles lit down the walkway outside straight down towards the big oak tree. I remember everyone walking down two by two, Miroku and Sango walking down arm in arm proudly splitting and coming off as did Kagome and Inuyasha.

Sango and Kagome wore matching dresses, autumn colors of pale red, standing side by side as they looked at me, and I could swear I saw tears brimming Inuyasha's eyes as he stood by his brother's side. Miroku smiling widely towards me as Corrie skipped down the aisle by herself tossing autumn leaves down the walkway, turning and smiling towards me as the music began to play…

I walked down the aisle with my mom, since Mine and Kagome's father died before we were born. Mom was in tears as she stopped at the end giving me a kiss on the cheek. I knew well she could taste my tears as I stared towards Sesshomaru.

End flashback+

The rest is like history I suppose, it was just a moment and a moment was nothing you could put into words. I smiled as I looked towards the trees, a gentle wind caressing my cheek as I felt Sesshomaru's hand on my shoulder gently caressing it with all the love in the world as I turned to smile at him.

Sango and Miroku were walking up the drive way looking towards me, the smiles on their faces wide and loving. As they held up a basket and pointed to the big cherry blossom tree in are yard as we walked over taking a seat happily, Inuyasha and Kagome showing up a few minutes later all of us talking and laughing kindly.

You see this tree is the most important place to us you see, it has a bit of all of us in it. See this tree, is right in front of where Sesshomaru and I bought are first house, we moved into it on are wedding night. I had no idea.

It was a first.

Corrie was also born in front of this tree. Can you believe it? My sisters baby born in front of this very tree. It was true at the time we hadn't had this house, but no one lived here I suppose it was just one of our hangout spots. Kids often have those don't they?


It was scorching hot, Inuyasha holding Kagome gently his back pressing against the rough bark, Inuyasha's hand lingering over Kagome's very pregnant stomach. I let my head rest against Sesshomaru's shoulder as Sango and Miroku sat there watching proudly as Miroku slowly let his hand curl around her waste.

Three lovers just hanging out, and then out of know where it happened.

Kagome's breathing began to increase drastically, Inuyasha sitting up a bit worriedly, I could see Sesshomaru's eyes bolt towards Kagome before the question of 'what's wrong' could cross anyone's lips. Sesshomaru answered "It's time"

Kagome began to cry a bit tears staining her scarlet cheeks, her white cherry dress pulsing with need, Sango crawled over emmidietly as Miroku dialed the hospital in his cellphone. We all knew it wouldn't do much good, or so we thought.

End flashback+

Sango had delivered the baby, and Kagome and the child were more or less delievered to the hospital, Inuyasha following in the back of the truck a few people talking to Sango about it. When Sango told them she wanted to become a doctor, they seemed very relieved. I'm not one to say Sango's a miracle worker but when Sango was working, it seemed as if no one could die.

I looked up calmly looking towards Sesshomaru, Life wasn't just peachy though. We've had downfalls as well. Especially Sesshomaru and I. No, nothing with our love life…were perfectly happy but each day we have is cut short and that…is because of me.


"What do they think is wrong now Kikyou? On our honeymoon none the less"

I looked down towards him, I knew what was wrong but how could I say it? And at the best time in my life. I had asked the doctors for me to tell him myself but why couldn't the words seem to cross my lips? Perhaps it was the fear of death, or the fear of never having a family, or maybe the fear of him leaving…

I sighed quietly, I could feel the tears coming as I looked towards him, Sesshomaru slowly quieting and taking a seat on the hospital bed, his hand taking mine, the other brushing my tears aside.

"Tell me" He whispered and as within those words I broke, I completely shattered.

"I have cancer"

End Flashback+

At first everyone treated me differently, I would receive direct pity from Kagome, Sango looked at me hopelessly perhaps it was because she a doctor. I could see she was blaming herself for not knowing, how, when or what to do.

I placed my hand on my stomach rubbing the pregnant nub gently, Sesshomaru smiling as he kissed my neck gently. It was first child; the doctors said that they were unsure about me having children do to the cancer, and in heritage, a bunch of other precautions. Sango forced them to except it and said she would deliver the child, nothing would go wrong.

Sango was 22 now, and within that time she had three miscarriages. She didn't have it easy either, She was the best doctor and since she was, I suppose that came with a price. No one was good enough to save her babies, no matter how many times she tried. It broke her heart each time and now I do truly do believe she regrets being a doctor.

Were all going to be alright though, Sango's going to try again someday, she needs time. And so does Miroku. As with that, that's life.

I know you may say this doesn't sound like a happy ending. And maybe it's not. I don't know. But that's life isn't it? There's no point in living if you don't enjoy the ride. I know I didn't explain much of everything but as you can see, were happy. Were alive. And while were alive were going to enjoy it. Even if the pain is so great were going to keep trying because we have the memories of ourself and each other. And that's what makes us strong.

I could feel the wind sway as I looked up into the tree knowing this would be the memory of us sitting together, right here right now, this would be the memory I see before I die.

Kikyou Taiyouki, December 29, Age 43,Died of cancer 12:30 am

Sesshomaru Taiyouki January 1, Age 44, Died of 'heartbreak' 12:30pm

Sango Taiji August 15, Age 35, Died of childbirth, 12:15 am

Child- Sakura born 12:15 am

Kagome Taiyouki, Inuyasha Taiyouki, And Corrie Taiyouki diagnosed with aids January11, 12:45 pm

Authors Note: ToT If you thought that was sad I had planned a lot worse, the thing at the bottom describes how they died and if there name was not listed, nothing serious health wise obviously affected them.

It's not really a sad story, and it's not meant to be, this is just something that happened. They had fun they lived their lives their fullest and that's all they could do. Sango died in child birth, finally having a baby- her dream. Kikyou died happy, happy to be with her friend and not alone, Sesshomaru died happy because he wanted to die, He wanted to be with his lover again. And Inuyasha's family was diagnosed with aids not saying anyone died.

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