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Summary - Two years after the fateful fall of the chandelier, the Opera Populaire is to be reopened with a spectacular opera. Will one of the new Chorus girls capture the Angel of Musics shattered heart? Will he capture hers? EOW

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Chapter One

Madame Giry sighed softly as she watched yet another girl audition for a place within the chorus. It had been 2 years since the Opera Populaire had last closed it doors after that fateful night no one could possibly forget. Many chorus girls had been forced to move on, in an attempt to find work and continue their careers.

Now many were needed to replace them for the upcoming opening of the Opera House and it seemed as though anybody was attempting to try out, perhaps in the hope to see the mysterious "Phantom."

She hid a small smile. Many believed Erik to be dead, either by his own hand or killed by one of the mob, as several had claimed to have killed the beast, but no one had proof. No one quite dared to go down within the labyrinth. If anyone had, they'd have seen him, playing the organ, composing beautiful pieces of music or painting.

He had disappeared for a few months and she had feared he was dead, that the rumours were indeed true. Then one day, he simply returned. Madame Giry was not sure where he had gone, he had never given any explanation and she had never asked.

She had just about given up hope that he was alive when he had simply left a red rose on the door step of her temporary quarters in town one evening and she had known instantly. He was alive!

She had sought him out after several weeks of waiting for him to come to her. However, realising she should have known better, she went to the one place she knew he would return. She had been worried about him, terrified she would find a shell of a man remaining. However as she decended into the darkness, she heard music drift across the water and she smiled.

He would be alright. Erik was nothing, if not a survivor.

Christine had gone on to marry Raoul and according to the newspapers, they were expecting their first child. They had moved to a chateu on the outskirts of France. She had sent many letters, espressing her sadness over the events. She had returned once to the Paris, to see them. She had admitted to them privately that she had loved the Phantom, he would always be her Angel of Music but her love had been that of a pupil to a teacher. She had never meant to hurt him and she had cried when Madame Giry had indicated to her that Erik was dead. She had needed to move on and it was better for her to beleive he was dead.

She had only stayed for a week before she had departed back home. Letters had slowly become scarce and there had not been a letter for several months. She had moved on and was happy. She deserved that, as did Erik.

Her attention brought back to the girl on the stage, Madama Giry shook her head. This girl would simply not do, she danced like an elephant and sung like a wailing cat. 'Thank you Mademoiselle,' Giry stood to dismiss her.

The girl, obviously disappointed, slunked off the stage. Madame Giry looked down at her list. She had been the last one and only one other girl had not turned up. However they still needed another dancer.

Just then, there was a crash at the back of the auditorium and Madame Giry turned and saw a young lady dashing inside, hand in hand with a man. She couldn't quite make out the pair in the darkness of the theatre and it was only when the pair drew near that she could see them..

This young woman, who could be no more then in her early twenties, was a striking beauty. Deep red hair pulled into a severe bun,it did little to detract from her pale skin, with just a hint of a tan, large green eyes behind long dark lashes. She wasn't tall, perhaps 5ft2? The simple pale green dress she wore, did little to detract from her slender body. Obviously this was Charlotte Durand, the dancer who hadn't made an appearance earlier.

She glanced to the young womans companion and saw he was just a young boy, perhaps just into his teenage years. He was slightly on the plump side, his light brown suit and white shirt clung to him. Light brown hair hung over the smooth pale skin on his forehead. He had a cute button nose and wide green eyes that looked around before he settled his gaze on her. He had a beautiful face, especially when his heavenly features broke out in a smile just for her. She instantly knew he was disabled, mentally obviously.

'I'm sorry Madame,' Charlotte apologised profusely. 'I'am late and while I know there is no excuse but if you would allow me to explain,'

Madame Giry looked at her, seeing she was obviously distressed and nodded, allowing her to continue. She did not tolerate lateless very well but would allow the child a chance to explain.

'My brother, Joshua and I are staying at a local boarding house and one of the others left the front door open and my brother wandered outside.' she looked genuinly distressed. 'I have only found him but ten minutes ago,' she said softly. 'I realise there is no excuse to be late and if you would not allow me to audition, I understand,'

Madame Giry looked at her for a moment before she looked down at the boy and then smiled. 'Did you try to run away?' she asked him with a genuine smile.

'He has very little speech Madame,' the girl explained. 'He has Down Syndrome,'

Giry nodded, holding a hand out to the young boy and he shook her hand with a childish smile. She looked up at Charlotte. 'You may audition,' she nodded. 'If you wish to change and warm up, I shall keep an eye on your brother,' She had instantly warmed to the little boy.

The girl looked disbelieving at first and then smiled. 'Thank you very much Madame, I shall not be long,' she said, taking her bag in the direction Giry had indicated.

The boy looked up at Madame Giry who patted one of the red velvet chairs and he sat down silently, obviously a little unsure.

'It's alright child,' Madame Giry smiled.

The boy seemed to understand, for he sent her a big smile and touched her hand gently. It was clear to her that mentally he was still but a small baby. However she already found him to be quite endearing. Most children and adults alike who were disabled were placed into cold instituitions and never allowed outside. She thought it to be so incredibly cruel and heartless, especially as she had come to know Erik through the years. No innocent deserved to be locked up, especially not for a deformity beyond their control.

'I'am ready Madame,' Charlotte returned to the stage, now wearing a simple pink ballet skirt and shirt. Her hair had remained in the bun but a few strands had now come loose.

'Very well,' Giry nodded, turning from Joshua and looked up at the stage. 'If you would please commence with a short dance routine,' She had been quite impressed with this young womans dance history. She had performed in London and Italy but she had not worked steadily for well over 12 months, a fact not unoticed by Madame Giry.

She gave one of the muscians several sheets of music for him to play from Swan Lake and he started playing and a few seconds later Charlotte begun to dance. Her movements were graceful, professional, skilled. She moved with the grace of a swan and Madame Giry nodded in approval. She was a very skilled dancer, that was clear.

She looked over to Joshua who sat beside her, watching his sister with a smile that warmed her heart. It was clear he loved his sister and obviously, he loved music, the way he clapped softly.

Once the piece was over, Charlotte stopped and stood there, waiting for further instructions.

Madade Giry smiled. 'Very well,' she nodded her approval. She was almost certain she would hire this girl, although she needed to find out one more thing. 'Did you also bring along a song to sing?'

'Yes Madame,' she nodded, moving to the side of the stage. 'I have brought the music to a song of an older Opera, Hannibal,' she explained. 'It is called "Think Of Me",'

Madame Giry was sure she froze for just a moment although Charlotte could not see from so far away.

The pause however did not go un noticed. 'Shall it be alright to sing? I realise that song is not for the chorus but it shows my voice range,'

'It is fine child,' Madame Giry told her. 'Please, continue,'

Charlotte gave the sheet music to the piano player who took it from her wordlessley and began to play. Charlotte waiting for a few bars before she started to sing softly.

'Think Of Me

Think of my fondly

When we've said goodbye

Remember Me

Once in awhile

Please promise me you'll try

When you find that once again you long

To take your heart back and be free

If you ever find a moment, spare a thought for me...

Erik awoke in the darkness suddenly, not quite sure what had awoken him. He lay there in the dark for a few moments, before he realised soft sounds floating down to him from above.

He instantly recogonised the song and felt as though something had slapped him. Were the demons simply tormenting him? Were they not content to only hurt him in his dreams anymore? He somehow managed to push away thoughts of Christine during the day, losing himself in his music. But his dreams often contained her face.

He listened, realising after a few moments that it was not Christine that was singing the song. It was another, a voice he did not know. He remembered Madame Giry telling him that she was auditioning new chorus girls.

The voice sounded beautiful, if slightly out of practice. The way she was holding the notes, it was clear she had natural talent and had been trained.

Erik didn't realise he had risen from his bed until he heard the water lapping close to his feet and stopped. Where was he going? To see this mysterious singer? And then what? Offer to train her? What if perhaps he found her beautiful? Charming? What if he came to love her? What if she was repulsed by him and ran off with some pretty boy Viscomte and left him alone in his darkness?

No he could never allow himself to be hurt in such a fashion again. He could not allow another to have such control over him. He turned with a sigh. He was awake now and he would continue his musical compostion he had been working on the previous night, hopefully to drown out the sounds of the beautiful voice which came from above.

Charlotte hit the final High C note close to perfection and then she stood and waited. She knew her singing had not been perfect, she had not sung for a long time now.

'You did very well my dear,' Madame Giry told her gently. 'Come down here,'

Charlotte made her way backstage and down the stairs to the auditorium, before she moved to where Madame Giry was now standing. 'I'm very impressed and would like to hire you for the chorus,' Giry told her gently.

'You would?' Charlotte felt tears well.

'Yes my dear,' Madame Giry nodded. She could see the young girls tears.

'Oh Madame Giry, thank you so much,' she said softly.

'No need to thank me, my dear, I can see your talent and you will be an asset to the ballet company,' she smiled. 'Now as far as accomodation is concerned, we have rooms available here,'

'What about my brother?' Charlotte asked softly. 'I realise it would be inappropriate for a boy to stay in the female quarters but he needs constant supervision.' She couldn't and wouldn't forget her responsibilties to her brother.

'I shall find something for you dear,' Madame Giry told her gently. 'There is a room, a single room with another beside it, perhaps that will be appropriate for you,'

'Oh thank you Madame Giry,' Charlotte resisted the urge to throw her arms around the older woman. No one had ever been so kind.

'You're more then welcome my dear,' Giry smiled, touching the young girls arm. 'More then welcome,'

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