Hey names Otakualways new here well actually first story hee hee anyway might as well not bore u with me the prologue is boring but the story is good I guess anyway disclaimer thingy.

I don't own the Teen Titans cause if I did I would but raven and robin together forever

Oknow on with the prologue thingy

Dear boys,

I'm sorry but I must leave you all but don't you fret I will be back also before I forget my niece is coming you see she's a little un-social and before Richard blows if you can change her into a lady you can live here for free for the rest of your high school life, but before you get over confident I must warn you that she can be a little ……. Difficult. Anyway tootles I'll check back on you guys every once and a while.

Luv Ya

Gabriella Roth

P.S. Her names Raven and she's your age also KEEP AWAY FRROM MY MAKEUP AND WIGS

I know it suks but it will get better promise just go down and hit that little purple button plz