Hey guys sorry I haven't updated this story in forever so here conclusion of Makeover of the century. Also don't get confused Aqualad (Alan) is in this story not Roy or whomever I said I just got confused since in my other story contest of hell I have Roy (speedy) in it instead. So sorry for the screw up. Also don't be confused if I use their hero names instead of their real names I am so confused and screwed up right now. BTW if you read wallflower this is basically the line up of characters.

Raven-15, Sunako Nakahara

(Robin)Richard-16(still same grade) Kyohei Takano

(Aqualad)Alan-Ranmaru Morii

(Cyborg)Victor-Takenaga Oda

(Beast boy)Garfield Logan (nickname Gar)-Yukinojo Toyama

Disclaimer-I do not own the series Teen Titans or their comic books neither do I own the series wallflower but I do own volumes one through seven waiting for eleven

Raven looked left then right. She ran around the corner she came up to a decision left or right. This was a crucial decision her mind saying left but her instinct saying right. Which to choose she has to be quick time is of the essence she could hear the shouts behind her and the dreaded sound of two metal blades rubbing against each other. Which way WHICH WAY!!! She looked behind her she ducked left then swerved and turned around and ran down right she was trusting her gut on this. She looked behind her and for a second broke her façade to look smug at their bewildered faces. She turned around fast enough to see…a dead end. 'NOOOOO instinct why do you fail me' Raven turned around and they pounced. This was the end for her.

"Raven calm DOWN!!!!!" Richard tied her bangs up to see her face then was pushed aside and Alan came in.

"Raven stay still you can't go to school like that" (Btw they are wearing the same uniforms as in the manga 1)

Richard held her down since he was the strongest out of all of them Gar pulled out tweezers and got to plucking her eyebrows. Soon Victor caught up with them he leaned down and started to cover face with foundation. Alan was busy starting to find certain colors that he thought would compliment raven's skin shade. "Sorry Raven we can't let you go to school looking like that" Alan apologized to raven.


20 Minutes Later

The boys struggled to keep their laughter raven was an isolated Goth any discouragement and she might curl up in a ball and lock herself in her room which she could do since she's the only girl so she was allowed a lock.. But it was really hard I mean she had some slight razor burn on her eyelids and she was well allergic to the foundation they found in the landlady's room. Richard commented that if they drew some whiskers she'd look like a kitty. Which of course they all hit him for.

"Why don't you guys give up ok and how many times do I have to tell u to leave me alone."

"Come on" Gar whined, "At least cut your bangs you're going to freak out the school if you go like that."


"Just leave her alone" Richard said calmly walking away to get his school bag. "You should never mess with a girl's looks."

"And when did you get so chivalrous?!" Vic said while Richard just walked away to get ready for school.

Outside walking to school (Not walking with the boys)

'I can't believe that they ambushed me why can't they just accept the fact that no matter what I will always stay and be a cynical, weird, gothic, girl'

Raven noticed a child and looked at him while walking past she was slightly startled to see him start freaking out.

'What a weird kid'

'I hope I don't get in any classes with those freaking pricks of light.2

Raven walked into the office and closed the door she walked up to the secretary and waited for her to stop flirting with one of the teachers.

Finally after about ten minutes she finally turned around and seemed to have

Noticed Raven since she almost screamed bloody murder until she remembered that a new transfer student was coming from Gotham City and she was 'stranger'

The secretary snapped out of her trance and cleared her throat.

"'cough' Raven Roth I presume?"

Raven just nodded and held out her hand for her schedule.

The Secretary handed Raven her schedule and was about to leave till the Secretary spoke.

"Oh I wouldn't go out right now you'll see in about a minute"

Raven was about to brush her off when she heard a shrill scream.

"KYAAAAA There they are the four hottest guys in the whole city"

"Please the whole state"

"No, the whole country!"

Outside the School

Richard brushed past the normal fan girls he wasn't like Gar who really loved the attention or Alan and Vic who just waved and smiled that fake smile to please the fans. While he, he just pushed when he had to but basically ignored them all. He walked into school and walked to his homeroom with all the girls following them.

Inside the office

Raven froze right before turning the knob and felt the ground shake. She looked over to the staff and saw them just working calmly while holding any loose items acting as if this was normal the secretary must have guessed what she was thinking by her posture (remember eyes are covered).

"Oh don't worry those are just the fan girls we all have gotten used to them ever since the four came don't worry you'll know about them soon enough."

1 http:// www. kodanclub. com/dbimg/0019501/0019501001R.gif

2 I decided unlike Sunako who sort of worships them Raven basically hates them