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As he walked down the hallway all manner of people moved out of his way, glancing warily at him as he ignored them. As cautious as they all were, they were markedly less so today than on normal days. Despite the pain in his leg, his perpetual boredom, and the excruciating slowness of Tuesdays, Dr. Gregory House was in a rather good mood, at least as far as good moods went for him.

House slowed his pace slightly as he reached in his jacket pocket for his bottle of Vicodin. He paused in mid-retrieval of his medicine when he caught the sound of slowed footsteps behind him, and cocked his head slightly. It wasn't as if he hadn't known that Wilson had been following him. House pretended not to notice for the sake of ritual and his own amusement. Wilson often followed House for a few minutes before approaching him, supposedly for the purposes of assessing the other man's boredom and mood before offering up a case. House liked to walk around the hospital, leading Wilson on a crazy goose chase before stopping to let him speak. House supposed that Wilson knew that he was messing with him and Wilson supposed that House knew he'd been following him, but neither man acknowledged the fact. It was tradition now.

"Good morning, Dr. House." Said Wilson as he joined House's side. House looked at him quizzically and popped a Vicodin into his mouth. It didn't fool Wilson, he knew House was in a good mood. "You got a minute?"

"Only if you're interesting." Said House as he began walking again. He shot a sideways glance at Wilson and raised an eyebrow. "Nice tie."

"Thank you, I've always been a fan of puke yellow myself." Answered Wilson, beating House to the punch line. House exhaled more than actually laughed, but it was still a laugh.

"Now that one is a gift from Julie."

"Yes, actually it was." Sighed Wilson. House shot Wilson another sideways glance and Wilson shrugged.

"She has impeccable taste." It was a shot at the tie, Julie and Wilson all in one. Mostly at Julie though, House didn't like her much. Wilson opened his mouth to say something but House had already moved on. "Are you going to be interesting or not?"

"25 year old female, frequent nose bleeds and heart problems. High fever and severe flu symptoms." Said Wilson as they came to a dead stop in front of House's office.

"I assume there's no evidence of a brain tumor, otherwise you wouldn't be here."

"No tumor." Affirmed Wilson. Wilson could already see that it had been a no-brainer for House.

"It's the flu." Said House.

"What? With nose bleeds and heart problems?" Scoffed Wilson, although he knew that House would turn out to be right.

"Yes, but those are caused by her cocaine addiction." Wilson rolled his eyes, half at House and half at himself. "Taking cocaine can compromise the immune system so it would be pretty easy to catch the flu."

"She's had her flu shots." Countered Wilson.

"You know as well as I do that flu shots cut down the risk of getting the flu, but it doesn't make you immune. Just because you've had a flu shot doesn't mean you won't catch it." Wilson put his hands on his hips and sighed up at the ceiling. House waited and Wilson looked at him.

"Cocaine?" Asked Wilson. House nodded. Wilson looked at the floor and then over House's shoulder. He sighed again. "Okay, cocaine." He finally looked back at House and House blinked. Wilson turned and walked away.