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It was 5:45 and was nearing the end of dinner hour at the hospital. As House approached the door to his office he could see all three of his doctors sitting around the table in the conference room, drinking coffee and looking generally forlorn. House had been home to dinner, but as it seemed, his three doctors had managed to keep themselves busy enough to miss it completely.

House opened the door to the conference room and greeted them all with a nod. They mumbled a general greeting and went back to looking hungry and tired. House looked at them with his head tilted, a curious, thoughtful smile on his face. Foreman was the only one to notice House's staring and was about to make a comment when Sylvia came through the conference room doors, carrying a casserole dish in one hand and a cooler in the other. "Good evening everybody!" Called Sylvia. All three heads lifted slightly. Cameron and Chase smiled, Foreman raised an eyebrow and looked scared.

"Good evening, Mrs. House." Said Chase, standing up and taking the casserole dish and the cooler from her, placing it on the table. Sylvia gave Chase a big hug, not having had time to do so before Chase ran away the first time they met up that day.

"Its good to finally get my arms around you, Robert." Joked Sylvia. "Not that it's a chore to do so. You're…"

"…Far too thin, yes Mrs. House, I know." Finished Chase goodheartedly. Sylvia narrowed her eyes and smiled.

"It looks as though you three missed dinner." Commented House as he made his way over to the coffee pot. "Too bad we only brought a human heart and brussel sprouts with us." He said, indicating the red cooler and the casserole dish. A general groan filled the room. No jokes for these cranky kids. Sylvia gave House a light slap on the arm, telling him to stop teasing. House grinned foolishly.

"Actually, we brought you leftovers of Greg's soufflé and some soda." Soothed Sylvia. Although the thought of food appealed to the ducklings, they were wary of eating anything that Greg House had cooked. All they did was stare longingly at the casserole dish, and House stared back at them, looking irritated but secretly amused.

"You made a soufflé?" Asked Cameron. House rolled his eyes.

"No, my twin sister who is also named Greg made it." Replied House. Cameron shot him a sharp glance and House mocked fear. "Eat, damn it!"

"Oh Captain, my Captain." Greeted Wilson as he walked through the glass doors. House shot him a deadly glare and Wilson tried not to smile. Cameron giggled. House cringed. Wilson made his way to a chair in the corner when he stopped at the sight of the casserole dish. Wilson looked at House and then to the casserole dish, then looked slowly back at House with bright eyes and an open mouth.

"House, you didn't." Said Wilson. House nodded. Wilson looked at the casserole and back at House again. "Did I just call you Captain? That was foolish of me, I'm terribly sorry."

"Groveling won't do you any good, Jimmy." Commented House. "There probably won't be enough left over once my budding diagnosticians get their hands on it." Wilson stared at the doctors earnestly.

"Don't trust it. Absolutely, under no circumstances, do you want to eat this soufflé." Advised Wilson, sounding a bit too desperate to pull it off.

"Is it really that good?" Asked Foreman, sounding surprised. Wilson sighed and nodded his head.

"Yeah. Like you wouldn't believe." Wilson looked at House. "Can I come over this weekend?"

"I'm not making you a soufflé." Both House and Wilson knew better, though. Of course Wilson would be coming over that weekend, and of course House would be making a soufflé. House making a soufflé for Wilson, just the thought of it was sending rumors flying across the hospital.

"So, who's serving?" Asked Chase.

"You four sit back and I'll serve." Said Sylvia, patting Wilson on the back. Wilson grinned, being glad to be included. Sylvia had a way of making grown adults seem like adorable children. They all looked like grade school kids at snack time. Sylvia divided the remaining soufflé into four pieces and handed them out. Wilson, of course, already knew what to expect, but the other three were shocked to discover that the dish that House had prepared was delicious. All four of them dug in, making noises of appreciation and surprise. House smiled to himself and Sylvia nudged him in the ribs.

"Oh my God," Said Cameron. "If you can dance I think I'm in love." House cleared his throat nervously, Sylvia chuckled lightly and Wilson tried his hardest not to choke on his meal. Cameron glanced up at the three of them and turned red. "You can dance?"

"You'd have to see it to believe it." Said Wilson. House shot him another dangerous glance and Wilson grinned unabashedly.

"She'd make a good replacement for Lisa." Commented Sylvia. House cleared his throat again.

"Stick to Lisa." Answered House.

"I'm sorry, what…?" Asked Cameron.

"Don't ask." Interrupted Chase.

"Do I want to…?" Started Foreman.

"No." Answered Chase, House and Wilson. The four diners were trying their hardest to make the meal last, but even then the food was finished quickly. Dinner break over and stomachs full, the ducklings stood to go back to work. Surprisingly they were in a better mood than they had been before House entered the room. How odd. Sylvia smiled at them as the filed out and then excused herself to use the powder room. House and Wilson stood side by side and watched her leave.

"House?" Asked Wilson.

"No." Answered House.

"No meaning yes."

"Yeah." Wilson looked at his shoes and nodded. House rolled his eyes. "Don't you have any hot daughters of cancer patients to chat up?"

"Don't you have any hot patients with soap inflicted head wounds to hit on?"

"I wasn't hitting on her."

"Sure." Said Wilson as he headed for the door. House leaned against the counter and watched him go. "Six o' clock okay?" Called Wilson, making plans for the weekend.

"If by six you mean never, sure."

"As long as the inverse is also true, I'll be over around never." Wilson disappeared around the corner and House made his way to his desk to sit down in his chair. House rested his head on the back of his chair and stared up at the ceiling, contemplating why it was that he never had anything to do on the days when he had long shifts.