Alter Ego

What would happen if you accidentally threw yourself into another dimension and then met your respective "other self"? What would happen if the Titans were bad and they slipped into the next dimension and saw what they were like saving a city instead of stealing from it...? Loosely based on my favorite movie "The Italian Job" (the one with Charlize Theron). Enjoy my duckies. BTW names have been changed slightly. Ravyn Raven, Roiben Robin, Cy Vik, Star Koree, BB Garth (he was too hard XD). And the 'bad' Titans have no powers.

Steal or Save?

My deft fingers pounded the black keyboard. "Only thirty seconds left Ray." A voice told me in my ear. "Chill, almost done." I sighed into the mouthpiece of my headset. I hit the enter key and the system shut down. "You're in."
"Thanks Ray." Roiben's voice said. "Now go get in the car and drive it round to the back"
"Got it, boss." I ran to the van that was sat outside the bank building and drove it to the back of the building. Thankfully Koree was very good at her job. Not that it was hard. 'Bitch' I thought absently. Koree was enviably gorgeous. Fiery red hair, skinny as hell and had eyes to die for. Whereas I had black hair streaked purple and deep blue eyes. True I was curvy and had her own unique beauty, but I didn't compare. "Koree, you can leave now. We're getting outta here." Garth's voice ordered. Koree rounded the corner and hopped into the back waiting van.

A large explosion blasted rumble on to the road in front of the van. RI snorted and shook my head. That would make it hard to get away. As Vik came into view, I hopped into the back of the van, to the small laptop computer. "Go! Go! Go!" Roiben shouted as he jumped into the van, making it groan under the sudden weight. His hands were tightly wound around a bulging duffel bag. Vik sped through back alleyways, as I worked furiously on my lap top, slowing down the police as much as possible. Red lights and green were mixed up, but the art of it was that the police or traffic companies couldn't track it.

Vik pulled the van up to a seemingly ramshackle apartment building. Roiben, still holding the duffel bag, jumped out and with the keys to the building. The rusty metal door opened with a creak. The five thieves filed into the building. Inside there were polished wood floors, tasteful white walls and expensive designer furniture. The living area was open plan, with six doors leading off the main area. One door went into a large study, which was usually occupied by either me or Roiben. The other five doors went into each of the teens bedrooms.

I, characteristically, went straight to my room and logged into my computer. The room was painted deep purple, the color of a bruise. It was carpeted with in black. Translucent black shades let through a dim light. The only other light in the room was a purple lava lamp on the bedside table. My computer was black and sleek and sat on a dark wood desk. The computer greeted me in a robotic voice, "Welcome Ravyn."

My fingers flew across the keyboard as she greeted friends and informants on IM.

DarkRavyn: What's up?
DarkRavyn: Anything new happening?

TravelBackInTime: Ah.

TravelBackInTime: I've been waiting for you.

That was weird. I had never heard of this person in the group. A box popped up.

RobinRedBreast has just signed in.

RobinRedBreast: Who the hell are you?
DarkRavyn: Precisely my question.
TravelBackInTime: You will find out soon enough.

BlackNight: Leave Ravyn alone!

I smiled. My best friend, Megg (A/N: Lol. raeandrob4evahas got to read this story!) had come to my rescue. The bedroom door creaked open. Roiben's head peeked round the small crack. "Do you know who that guy is?" He asked (A/N: Do you know who RobinRedBrest is yet?).

I shook my head. "New to me. We should be careful. Could be an undercover."

"I know. Don't tell him anything." He told me.

Rolling my eyes I replied, "As if I would. I'm not stupid.

"I know you're not." Roiben confessed smiling under his long black hair.

Roiben, in a word, was hot. Pure and simple. Long black hair with maroon dyed tips, dark almost black eyes covered by rimless black glasses. A very nice body covered with tight t-shirts. He looked like a hot nerdy hacker, even though Ravyn was the hacker. He was intelligent and had a quick wit. He got stares just walking down the street. He was my best friend and I was in love. I got over it though. No use feeling depressed everytime he went out with another girl. I was just there to help him. A shoulder to cry on.

I scoffed when he had left. That's all I would ever be.

A loud bang woke me with a start. I looked at the clock. 3:45am. Only an hour after I'd gone to sleep. Slowly padding across my bedroom I opened the door. A shadow crept over the living room floor. "Who's there?" A voice shouted from another corner of the living room. Roiben glanced at me. "Who are you?" He asked again.

A quiet maniacal laughter emitted from the shadow. "Time for these teens to take a trip." It said in a low, sinister voice. A blinding blue light was aimed at Roiben, and in a moment he disappeared. The light then turned to me. "Time to join him."

I was hurled down a long tunnel. It was filled with clocks, all ticking backwards. Suddenly I hit the floor. Five people were staring at me and Roiben on the floor next to me. I looked up and got the impression of looking at a mirror. A girl with an identical face to mine. Except her hair was purple and she had violet eyes. Next to her there was a boy who was the spitting image of Roiben. I pushed myself up on my hands. "What the hell is going on?"

The girl folded her arms. "Precisely what I was gonna ask." She said in a monotone voice that made my skin crawl.

Roiben pushed his hair out of his eyes and spoke up. "Someone brought us here. I didn't see who."

I waited for the other's to come through, but they never did.

A green boy who looked scarily like Garth spoke up. "Who are you guys?"

Roiben stood up. "I'm Roiben and this is Ravyn. She's a hacker and I'm a lock breaker."

The wide eyed, strange looking girl looked confused. "You mean you do not do good? You steal from people?"

I grinned. "Basically. We do give a percentage to charity. We aren't completely evil." I put my hands on my hips. "But who are you?"

The bright boy raised an eyebrow. "We are the Teen Titans." Roiben and I exchanged a smirk. The boy continued. "My name is Robin." Roiben's eyes widened. Robin pointed at each of the teenagers in turn. "Raven, Cyborg, Beast Boy and Starfire."

I gasped involuntarily. "But... where are we?"

"Jump City." Raven said. "2005."

"But..." I said, shaking my head. "We were in Jump City. 2005." I sank to my knees. "What has happened to us?"

"That's a question we can't answer." Cyborg said. "Why don't you go lie down on the sofa?" He exchanged looks with Robin. I grabbed Roiben's arm and pulled him into the living room.

Roiben's was bunched up, in the same way it always was when he got frustrated. "What can we do?" I asked him, still holding his arm.

He shook his head, pulling me into a hug. "Nothing at the moment. We need to find out what has happened. Things aren't as they seem here. We can't do anything hastily."

I pulled away and smiled weakly. "You'll figure something out, you always do." I sighed. It was going to be a long day.

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