Authors Note: Many people saw Linar/Raine as a cute Couple...well...ah...I saw a different cute pair. R/R please.
disclaimer: I don't own Raine and her wonderful ruin-ness!


When asked how they met they would say 'We met during a dance.'
Both were slender, tall, and lovely. Both were also beautiful dancers.
"Your the new acolyte." One smiled, holding a lovely staff to the professor for her use.
"No. I'm simply a replacement for a hurt acolyte."
The former smiled. "Thank you Raine."
"Think nothing of it."

Years later, Raine came to watch Aisha perform her dance.
It was graceful and elegant, and it caught Raine's attention.
She believed the dance was what made her fall in love.
It may have been unethical, and not logical, but Raine didn't care, it felt right.

When she and Aisha finally kissed, it was like the exhilaration of finding a lost ruin, or dancing for the whole town to see.
It was beautiful, something unlike either had ever felt.

Now, everyday begins and ends with exhilaration. for me my love, and dance your way into my heart...