Knights of the Dark Goddess

An MMC fanfic by jimra

Author's note: The MMC (Massive Multicrossed Continuity) is a universe where I fit as many anime, manga, games, and anything else I could think of into a single timeline (barring crosses involving known dimensional or temporal movement). This is an idea that's been banging around in my head for at least a year, and now I'm starting on the first small story (almost a side story) within this continuity. We've got everything from Ranma ½ (bet you didn't see that coming) to Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri/Alien Crossfire—all in the same timeline without any cop-out dimensional hopping! If you don't know what's going on, that's alright. Just go with the flow; it'll all make sense in the end. : )

Disclaimer: I'm not even going to try to name all the stuff I'm crossing here, so sufficed to say that I own nothing but the continuity, and I'm flexible on that.

Prologue: Sealed

'NOOOO!' the woman mentally screamed, her eyes wide and blazing. Unfortunately for those around her, her mental screaming was not silent. Several people in flowing, intricate robes fell to the ground in the small plaza, blood running from their noses and ears.

The woman performing the telepathic assault stood tall, over two meters, with grey hair twisted into multiple, complex braids. She wore robes similar to the people around her, but they were even more intricate. However, her most striking feature was her eyes: where they would be white on a normal person, hers were blue, and her irises were as black as the pupils.

The woman clutched at her head as though in pain, but if she felt it, it became the entire world for the people trying to flee her rage. 'Sister!' she cried in her mind as she clenched her eyes shut, tears leaking from the slits. 'How could you do this to me!'

Behind closed lids, the grey haired woman watched again the cause of her suffering, the architect of her pain. Three men, clothed as her victims but with strange, black lines on their faces, held blue-glowing energy swords, their final strikes coming just as she arrived. She remembered her eyes widening at the sight of crimson droplets spraying from the final bodies to join the pile on the ground, the fierce, satisfied look in the eyes of the men as the last of her followers fell to their savagery.

Without thought, the woman had torn their minds apart, searching for an answer. All three men were lobotomized by her probe before they knew she touched their minds, and in her frantic search for answers, a face and a name emerged from the chaos. The face of a young, blue haired woman, with striking yet compassionate eyes still filled her vision, and the word continued to echo in her mind. Jurai.

With a scream of rage, pain, and sorrow, she opened her eyes once more, this time a look fury entering those blue orbs. Teeth clenched, she felt past the physical realm, past the void-structure of space, past the planet, system, galaxy, universe, and plane, reaching into the true astral existence beyond it all, and she pulled.

To her sight, the three dimensions surrounding her distorted, twisting, bending, almost to the tearing point. A furious gleam of manic glee blazed in her eyes at the vision, and the silent screams of all on the planet were music to her tortured ears, the cries of the guilty justly punished.

Finally, deciding that they had suffered enough, she jerked on the underlying existence of reality once more, harder this time. This time, she rent space itself, and the planet ceased to exist, returned to its quintessential form in the astral beyond.

'Wait for me, sister,' she thought in a grating tone. 'I will join you soon...'

A blue haired entity slowly opened her eyes, the tear tracts on her face quite fresh from her viewing. 'Sister,' she mentally whispered, entreating existence itself for an answer. 'How could you do this?'

After the third planet she saw obliterated in such a manner, the third colony world of her chosen people, the tears were familiar. 'Why?' the thought came once again, this time unbidden. 'Why would you do such a thing, such an abomination?'

Thousands of years before, three sisters and one of their number's lover had entered this universe, but they were being removed, systematically it seemed. First went the oldest sister's lover, his form shattered and thrown to the far corners of the universe. Then followed the eldest sister, too lost in her sorrow to continue.

Now, her younger sister had, it seemed, gone completely mad, and if she did not do something about it, nothing would remain of her chosen people, nothing would remain of Jurai. While tears slowly continued their lonely path from her eyes to drip from her chin, resolve crystallized in her stomach like a solid lump of frozen methane. 'This insanity must end, or all the younger races will suffer. I must stop her...'

The sphere floated before her in the star-strewn void, slowly rotating to display its full beauty in greens, blues, whites, and browns, the homeworld of her sister's chosen people, and the homeworld of her own followers' murderers. 'I go to avenge you,' thought the grey haired woman, her face impassive and eyes narrowed. 'Your killers shall not survive you much longer...'

Propelling herself through the void, she traveled toward the beauteous, life-filled planet. However, her path was suddenly blocked, the bright light startling after the darkness of space and the dim light of distant stars. Slowly, the brilliant blue-white light resolved itself into a geometrical shape, and elongated pentagon. She grit her teeth against the sheer power contained within the construct of astral energy as the first was joined by another and another.

'Light Hawk Wings...' The thought ground out as a growl. 'Is she coming?'

A moment more of patience answered her question, and before her, arrayed in a circle of points, ten Wings of the Light Hawk became manifest in the physical universe. At their center, a beautiful, blue haired woman, one from fantasy or nightmare, stood in the void.

'Why, sister?' the thought of the other woman entered her head, and the grey haired woman imagined the unclean feel of slime in its company. 'Why are you killing my people?'

Shock, outrage, and pure unadulterated hate flowed like a nauseating ocean through the younger woman. 'How dare she!' she mentally screamed. Directing her thoughts to the other, she continued in the same tone, 'How dare you, older sister,' she thought the title with contempt. 'How dare you protect them after what they did! How dare you, Tsunami!'

Shock. That was the only descriptor of Tsunami's feeling at her sister's pronouncement, or perhaps condemnation, regarding Jurai. Her eyes wide but glazed, Tsunami lost almost all of her concentration, and all but two of the defending Light Hawk Wings flickered from existence.

'T... Tokimi...' she hesitantly thought, uncertain of what her grey haired sister was talking about. 'What are you talking...?'

Eyes finally unglazed, she saw emptiness. Tokimi was gone, and confusion once more reigned in Tsunami. 'Where...?'

Agony. The agony of her people, her chosen followers. 'NOOO!' the mental scream rippled out from Tsunami's position, high over the planet Jurai as she saw the surface ripple. She moved.

A cruel smile played across Tokimi's lips as the fabric of reality rippled, writhing around her. 'Now they pay,' she thought coldly. 'Now they finally pay for what they did to my people.

So engrossed was she in her justice, she failed to notice blaze of power behind her until it was almost too late. The mental scream, like ice-cold, serrated blades raking across her mind tore her from her manipulation of the astral existence, and she spun to see a livid Tsunami, all ten Wings blazing around her.

'NOOOO!' came the blue haired woman's mental cry of anguish. 'You will not take my followers from me!'

Tokimi reached out, trying to wrap the quintessential fabric of existence around her in defense, but it was too late to avoid Tsunami's rage. Blindingly bright, searingly brilliant, Tsunami's Light Hawk Wings enveloped her, and pain ruled absolute.

As the cocoon of pure, astral energy faded, Tsunami fell to the ground, weeping. Now, she was alone, and she had been forced to imprison her one remaining sister. The blue haired woman writhed on the ground, her sobs echoing in the now-stable atmosphere of Jurai, and her followers surrounded her, feeling her pain and wishing their goddess comfort.

Thousands of years later...

'Clay has failed.'

The thought rippled coldly from seemingly nowhere, and a face appeared in the void of the amphitheater. With a long, flowing beard and hair matching the beard's absolute lack of color, it stared upward with emotionless, blue eyes.

"What shall I do, Lady Tokimi?" it asked, its voice completely emotionless but for its respect for the Lady.

Slowly, a form wavered into existence above the face, grey hair and intricate robes flowing from nothingness. "We do nothing," she replied coolly. "Clay caused his own failure, and his punishment, while light, is acceptable for the moment."

"As you wish, my lady," answered the face, and its visage slowly faded from the audience chamber.

'Tsunami...' the thought came unbidden to Tokimi's mind as she slowly sat in her throne. This palace had been both seat of rulership and prison to her for thousands of years, ever since her older sister entombed her here. 'Some day, Tsunami, I'll repay you for my long imprisonment...'

As though bidden by her thoughts, and as so long ago, a Wing materialized before her, followed by another and another. At first, Tokimi's eyes narrowed, anticipating one or two wing to simply renew her prison, but this time all ten appeared, and Tokimi's eyes widened in recognition of her sister's most spectacular entrance.

Tsunami materialized slowly behind the incredible display of astral existence, and as her eyes opened, Tokimi realized that something greater than Clay's failure had occurred. The grey haired woman shuddered and the anger in Tsunami's eyes as her older sister's piercing stare reached out to caress her mind.

'Tokimi, why?' A humorless quirk of Tsunami's lips made her seem to smirk for a single instant before returning to her original, piercing gaze. 'I never thought I would ask that again... I suppose sealing you within one of your own palaces was not adequate to contain your strange tendency to evil...'

Tokimi's eyes widened at Tsunami's implication, but before she could react, she felt Tsunami's power around her. 'Considering that you sent Clay after my people as your proxy, you leave me little choice in this matter. If I'm to keep my people safe, I must eliminate you entirely.'

A strange, nauseating feeling welled up in Tokimi's gut at her sister's cold pronouncement. It occurred to her, in a detached, morbid manner, that Tsunami was awfully casual about fratricide, but then again, her sister had used her followers to eliminate Tokimi's own people, so she supposed that the blue haired woman was capable of anything.

For just a fleeting moment, Tsunami's eyes softened, and her thoughts conveyed the same concern and love Tokimi remembered from their youth. 'For what it's worth, Tokimi, I still love you, and if you can ever overcome this insanity that grips you to the point where you do not kill innocents, I will welcome you once more into my heart.'

Eyes wide with shock and outrage, Tokimi almost didn't notice the wings converging on her throne, and even as they cocooned her once more, she screamed her rage at existence itself, and her palace faded into the void.

As Tokimi's final realm wavered and crumbled into quintessence from her final scream, Tsunami finally folded in on herself, her cold demeanor collapsing like a black hole. She lay in the fetal position in space, floating with nothing but her tears and wailing to accompany her. The first time she was forced to imprison her sister was bad enough, but to cut her off from conscious thought in hopes that her unconscious mind would repair what ever warped insanity infected her consciousness was beyond what Tsunami ever wished.

'Please,' she begged the universe itself. 'Heal my sister Tokimi. Washu doesn't remember me, Tokimi is bound until she regains her sanity, and Atomusk is shattered. Please... Don't make me the last of us... Alone...'


That word isn't usually used as a feeling, but in this case, it was an existence. No stability. Thought melding with reality, matter with energy, physical with astral. Nothing stable, nothing firm, nothing to hold to. Reality was not.

So an existence wavered between entity and non-entity, being and nothing.

Singularly, in the chaos of limbo, was there a point of stability, and the... being? strove toward that point, reaching for the pin-point without knowing or understanding why.

Author's notes:

As you might imagine, this is something of a darkfic, but a tale of a dark goddess and her knights couldn't be anything else. In any case, the next chapter will deal with characters other than Tokimi and Tsunami, so don't worry about that. As long as you read the MMC note at the beginning of the prologue, then you've read everything else I really have to say. Oh yeah, it's pretty obvious which anime this one is about, but there'll be a cross in chapter one. Until next time.