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Summary: Fred, George, Ginny and Ron found out how Harry's parents got together. And now they decided to try it on Harry and Hermione! They call it the Stuck On You Experiment…and they mean it literally! Sorry but I stink at summaries!


The Stuck On You Experiment

By sweetangel1619


What's This?

Two boys were walking fast down the hall. Both were of the same height, have ginger red hair, and smirks on their faces. They do look alike—considering they are twins. Fred and George Weasley are already in their last year. So, they want to make most of it, and they had something in mind. They were heading for the Gryffindor common room.

"Hey! Excuse me! Oh! Pardon me!" Fred exclaimed.

They arrived at the common room. They were panting. "Fred, do we really have to run? We can just walk, you know…. Besides, Filch might see us." George said between his breaths.

"Of course, we should! The earlier, the better…" Fred replied. "Hey! There they are! Oi!" he called out.

Two heads turned to them, both were ginger colored. A boy and a girl were sitting near the fire—the best place in the common room. Ron Weasley, a tall, ginger red-head, Gryffindor was looking at them with confusion in his grey (A/n: Is it grey? Or blue? Please tell me!) eyes, while her sister, Ginny Weasley, was shocked to see them both exhausted.

"What happened to you two? Is someone chasing you?" Ginny asked.

"I bet it's Angelina… She is tiring us from practices…" Ron smirked.

"Haha, Ron. You're so funny." Fred said sarcastically. "Anyway, we came here to show you something very interesting. Here." He pulls out an old notebook. It was covered with dirt and dust.

"We found this in one of the secret entrances to Hogsmeade." George said.

"What is it anyway?" Ron asked while looking at the notebook. He heard a gasp. He looks at where it came from, her sister.

"Dear Merlin! This is the diary of Harry's mother!" she said as she opened the notebook.

"We know." George said. "You read the entry of December. You will find something interesting. Ginny, please read."

"Sure." She opened the diary and started to read.


My Diary

Property of Lily Evans

Whoever finds shall perish to death…—I mean it!

If you ever read this, I'm going to kill you!

So I advise you to bugger off! I mean it, Sirius!

Ginny flipped the page to the entry in December. She read again.

Dear Diary,

Today is certainly the worst day. It's because Sirius pulled a prank on me again—and it is certainly not funny! He handcuffed me with a boy, but not just any boy…it's his best friend, James Potter (I certainly hate him.). I don't even know why Sirius just did that but it is very annoying. Jenni finds it funny! I am mad (not really) because she's my best friend and she didn't help! And Remus! I thought he was the responsible guy in the Marauder. He was staring and laughing his head off! Of all the people… why James! He is such a git! He keeps on pulling pranks at people even if we're still handcuffed! We were almost caught once—I mean twice. Luckily, Snape warned us. He is such a sweet guy.—

Ron choked. "Snape? A sweet guy? The world must be upside down at that time!" Ginny elbowed him at the rib. "Ow! That hurt!". Ginny continued.

I felt bad for him. He was mostly the target of the Marauders—well, actually it was only Sirius and James. This is certainly the worst day of my life. Sirius still won't give me the key…they were all smirking except me and James. You would wonder how I write this when I'm handcuffed to James. I'm trying to hide my diary from James to write. I better get going…James is trying to look at my diary again. Bye!


Ginny turned to the next page.

Dear Diary,

I think I know why Sirius handcuffed me with James… He's trying to hook me up with him! He's trying to be the "matchmaker"! Why not do it to himself and Jenni? That git fancies my best friend! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! Oh…Did I mention... I HATE him! I think I better go…Professor Binns is giving me the "look"…


Ron snorted. "The look? I think the only look he could give would be the I-am-dead-so-feel-free-to-insult-me look…" Fred and George gave Ron the oh-shut-up look. Ginny coughed to cut the tension and began reading.

Dear Diary,

It's been 3 days since I have written my last entry. I hate James! He pulled pranks on other people, including me, AGAIN! I hate everything about him! The way he flashes his smile at people when his pranks were a success…The way he laughs that makes my heart flutter… the way he looks at me with those glittering brown eyes…Good Merlin! What am I writing…this is very odd… I think I like him! I hate Sirius!

"Oh… so this is the month where Lily started liking James…" Ginny said. "But what has that got to do with us?" she asked to Fred and George.

"Oh you'll see…" George smirked. Fred elbowed him. "Just continue…"

Ginny read again.

Dear Diary,

I HATE James! He pulled another prank on Jenni! I can't stop him… I hate him! I hate it when he smiles at me asking if what am I going to do about it and I just stammer…Why does his simple smile or his touch have to affect me? I hate him! I hate him! I hate him! I like him! I like him! I like him! I love him! Oh dear…Where did that come out? Maybe I do love him…The world must be upside-down! Oh well…I'll just be here admiring James's laugh… Bye!


Ginny sees another entry.

Dear Diary,

This is the best day of my life! James asked me out to go to Hogsmeade! I have been waiting for this moment. I love Sirius for this! Thanks, Sirius! Thank you so much! I LOVE James! I LOVE James! I LOVE James! Bye now! We should go to Hogsmeade now! Oh by the way… Sirius already gave us the key… bye!


"Wow…" This is all Ginny could say. "Sirius wasn't kidding when he said he's the reason why Harry's parents are together.

"I wonder what happened to Jenni." Ron said. "She's probably seeing Sirius…Have you noticed Sirius is always away and being happy and goofing around when we were at his place?" Ron asked.

"Anyway, why did you let us read this?" Ginny asked while pointing to the diary.

"Well, we actually came up with a great idea." Fred said.

"A very excellent idea." George said.



"Cut it!" Ron said. "And…"

"Since it is our last year here, we decided to make a big change that would help everyone."



Ron glared at them and made them continued.

"So what if we do what Sirius did…" George said. Ginny and Ron gave them a confused look. "What if we also handcuffed someone with a girl he likes and then the rest is up to destiny…"

"I like that… But who?" Ron asked.

"How about Harry, Ron?" Fred said sarcastically. "And Hermione. I bet they fancy each other. It's so obvious!"

"I'm in!" Ginny exclaimed.

"Well so am I!" Ron said.

"Good! We all have the equipment safe in our trunk. Ron, could you tell Harry to go to the Astronomy Tower? Tell them we have some new products we would want to show him. Ginny, tell Hermione the same thing. We'll meet you in the Astronomy Tower." George said.

"We call it the Stuck On You Experiment! Kinda catchy, isn't it?" Fred grinned. "Well then, let's go!"

They all went to their businesses.

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