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Day 2: The Announcement and Surprises

"Alohomora!" Hermione said. She looked at the handcuffs. She sighed. It didn't wok. "Alohomora!" She said louder this time. It's still not working. "Alohomora! Alohomora! Alohomora!"

"Hermione!" Harry said. "Calm down. It's not working. I think Fred and George charmed the handcuffs." They had been sitting there for an hour, doing nothing but trying to unlock the handcuffs.

Hermione sighed. "Why did they even think about of pranking us? What do we do, Harry?"

Harry looked down. Part of him wanted to find a way to unlock the cuffs, but another part of him wanted to do nothing and stay with her. What am I thinking? I should find a way to unlock the cuffs. He couldn't think of anything. "Uhmm… sorry Hermione. Can't think of anything…"

Hermione sighed. "There must be something."

"Why not stretch the cuff until it would break or something?" Harry said jokingly.

Hermione's face suddenly lit up. "That's it! You're a genius, Harry!"

"I am?"

"Yes! We could stretch the handcuffs. At least we could go to the bathroom by ourselves."

Harry smiled at her, but then frowned. I kinda liked the experience… Oh shut up! I really shouldn't be thinking of those things… even if it was fun.. I really should shut up now. Stupid hormones… He sighed. Yes, it was kind of funny, seeing Hermione's reaction.

Flash Back

"Uhhh…. Are you sure this is gonna work?" Harry asked Hermione.

"Harry, yes, I'm sure. Now get on with it." Hermione said impatiently. They were both in the bathroom. Harry was standing, facing the toilet, while Hermione is facing the door, leaning on Harry's side, and closing her eyes.

"Uhh… okay." Harry said nervously. He did his "business". (A/n: You all realize that I can't give the details…) When he zipped his pants, Hermione's hand brushed on Harry's… leg. (A/n: What did you think? Naughty…Naughty…)

"Harry? What was that?" Hermione asked with an uneasy feeling.

"Oh.. That was my leg." Harry was absolutely very, very red.

"Oh.. Of course.." That was all Hermione said. Hermione was absolutely very, very red.

"Hermione… I'm done…" Harry said.

"Well then, let's get out of here." When Hermione turned around to face Harry, Harry's eyes shone with utterly amusement. Hermione was red from top to bottom, literally. "Come on, Harry let's go." They both went out of bathroom. Harry couldn't help but smirk… I mean, snigger. Hermione shot him a glare, which made him stop. But his eyes were still dancing of amusement. Well, that was amusing…He thought.

End Of Flash Back

"I got it!" A voice suddenly was heard.

"What?" Harry asked.

"The spell! I remember now!" Hermione was beaming with joy and confidence.

"Great! Now cast it!" Harry said with glee, but in his head… Too bad.. I was looking forward for more adventure… What am I thinking? I should be happy… but then, I won't be so close to Hermione anymore. Damn my stupid head and hormones! Haha… Told you that you fancy her.. Shut up! Whatever. I'm just stating a fact and letting you know this so one day you wouldn't slap yourself because you realized that I was right and you were wrong. I told you to shut up. I am just acting this way because of puberty… now shut up. Fine… but I shall return.. Muwahahahahahahahaha… Hehe… The voice was gone…again.

"That was very creepy.." Harry muttered.

"Are you saying something?" Hermione asked. Harry shook his head.

"Ok.. Stihera Handcuffs!" They looked at the handcuffs. Nothing seemed to change.

"Hermione… Are you sure it works?" Harry asked.

"Of course I am. See." Hermione stretched it. The handcuffs suddenly seemed longer. It did stretch! The only problem is… "Hey!" Hermione cried. Her hands were tugged. The handcuffs did stretch, but it was only until 1 ½ feet.

"Hermione, I think it has a certain limit." Harry said. "It can only stretch for uhmm… a foot and a half."

"I can see that, Harry." Hermione sighed. "This isn't even long enough for us to go to the bathroom by ourselves.

Harry hid his smile. Yes! I mean… No! You're pathetic. No, don't bother to say it. I know… I'll shut up. There was silence. "Hey! At least, we could move a little.'

"I guess so…" Hermione said. "Wait a minute! How are we supposed to change? Harry! Fred and George didn't tell us anything about that! And what about showering?" Hermione's face as red… well, so is Harry's. "Harry, what are we going to do?"

"Don't worry, Mione." Harry assured her, though he himself was worried about it. Hermione smiled. Only Harry was allowed to use her pet name. But her smile turned into a scowl. "It seems that those siblings prepared for this prank…" Harry mumbled.

"Why don't we just cast a cleaning spell on us? I'm sure there is for humans." Harry asked.

"Yes, there is. But it won't be as sufficient as taking a bath. We really need to know how we are going to shower, fast."

"Fine by me." Harry replied. Hermione cast the cleaning spell and left for the Great Hall. (A/n: Sorry but I can't think of anything yet. Please suggest something and it will happen on the next chapter.)


It was breakfast in the Great Hall in a breezy Sunday morning. (A/n: It's still the same day as the situation above except for the flash back part… that was on a Saturday.) You would hear the clattering of the utensils on the plates and students chatting with their friends. Others gossiped (A/n: That's the girls.), others arguing about Quidditch (A/n: That's the boys.). Let's focus on the Gryffindor table, where Harry and his friends are eating.

"Dissuffisgreat!" Ron said while stuffing some pumpkin pie and treacle tarts in his mouth. (A/n: Imagine that..)

"Ron, you should not talk when your mouth is full. No one will understand what you are saying." Hermione said calmly while getting a slice of the pumpkin pie, with her right hand.

"I said that this stuff is great!" Ron said.

"Hey look! Dumbledore is about to announce something." Ginny said.

Professor Dumbledore stood up. All was silent. "Students, October 31 is 3 weeks away, so I and the faculty decided to throw a Halloween Ball." All the students faces lit up, some were chattering about who they will go with. "However," Dumbledore interrupted. All fell silent. "Third years and below are not allowed." The first, second and third years groaned with disappointed. "But, we arranged a party in their own respective common rooms so everyone would enjoy in Halloween." The first, second and third years lit up in amusement. "Since we will arrange 5 parties (Halloween Ball and common room parties), starting tomorrow until Halloween, all students will only attend to the classes until Lunch. You may continue eating." He sat down and began eating along with the other teachers.

"Can you believe that! They canceled our afternoon classes! There must be some kind of mistake!" Hermione cried in frustration. Everyone looked at her incredulously. Ginny changed the subject.

"Isn't that great? A Halloween Ball is coming up." Ginny said excitedly. "Who are you going with, Hermione?"

"I don't really know if I'm going to go… considering I'm handcuffed to a person." Hermione replied sarcastically.

"Hermione, will you stop being such a pessimist?" Ron groaned. "I didn't even know I know that word."

"I am not being a pessimist, Ron. I am stating the obvious." Hermione replied.

"Well, if you want to go, I would come with you, Hermione." Harry blushed. Why the hell am I blushing? I hope she doesn't notice. He glanced at Hermione. It seems like she made no reaction.

"Sure, Harry. It was sweet of you." Hermione flashed him a bright smile. Harry blushed even more. He looked at his plate, making sure Hermione doesn't see his face. Ron and Ginny noticed it and sniggered. "What's so funny?" Harry glared at them.

"Nothing, Harry!" Ron and Ginny exclaimed at the same time.

They continued eating… well, in Ron and Ginny's case, eating and sniggering.


"I'm bored." Ginny sighed. They were in the common room. After eating, Hermione ignored Ron and Ginny. ("I think she's mad at you" Ron whispered. "Oh, don't you think?" Ginny replied sarcastically.)

"That's because I beat you for the 20th time already." Ron shouted. "Hey Harry! Wanna play Wizards' Chess with me? Ginny's no competition." Ginny glared at him. Ron shrugged.

"No thanks. I've got to finish my Potions essay. It's due tomorrow, and Double Potions is our first subject, remember?" Harry muttered.

"Oh yeah. I forgot." Ron scratched his head. "Hermione, will you help me?"

Hermione snorted, holding Hogwarts, A History. "That's what you get if you don't do your homework at once."

"Since Ron asked, Hermione, will you also help me? You could both help us." Harry pouted with puppy dog eyes. "Please? Pretty please?"

"Oh no. Not the puppy dog eyes." Hermione crossed her arms and looked at another direction. Merlin, how can I say no? He used the puppy dog eyes. He is so cute when he does that. His eyes shine and the way he looks at me…Merlin, I sound like one of his obsessed fan girls. "Fine, but next time..." She looks at Harry and Ron. "Next time, if you don't do your homework. I am not helping you."

"Thanks." Harry embraced her. Uh-oh. Why am I hugging her? She feels warm, and smells like cinnamon... Stop that! He can hear sniggering from Ron and Ginny. He blushed, then let go. "Sorry." He muttered. Hermione nodded, blushing as well.

"It's alright." Hermione replied. Sweet Merlin, he hugged me. Harry hugged me. Harry, my best friend whom I should not think of unplatonic things, hugged me. He feels warm, and smells like… Stop that! "I suppose we could start." Hermione said. Harry and Ron nodded and went to the boys' dormitory. They appeared again with some parchments and quills.

"Surprise!" A voice was heard at the entrance of the common room. They all look at the owner's voice and accidentally drop their stuff.


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"Harry, why are you so…stiff all of a sudden? Is there something I should know?"

"Uhmm.. you see… I'm handcuffed to Hermione so.." Harry mumbled, blushing.

The two men looked at each other. There was a long silence. And they burst laughing. Now both are clutching their stomachs. Now they're pounding the floor, kneeling down. And now, they're rolling on the floor.

"I think I would die of embarrassment… And to think my life is in danger…" Harry muttered.