She dances fluidly, one with the wind. Nothing seems to tie her to the earth, but I know something does. He does.

She loves him, it's obvious. Loves him deeply, and will never notice me, not unless she needs me. Perhaps I'm being too cynical, but that's the way it feels sometimes. I am nothing more then a friend to her, no matter how much it hurts me.

She acts like a klutz around him without meaning to. She gets so nervous…I can tell. But that's only because I get to spend more time around her then he does. Not that she knows it.

I love her. Will she ever notice me? He isn't good enough for her, goddamn it! He doesn't even know how beautiful or talented she really is…he's too caught up in his image of her. An image that's all wrong…

How can I tell her that, though? I couldn't. Not without letting her know who I am, and that…that is something I can never deal with. I adore her, I love her for everything she is, I know the real her, the sweet, caring girl.

He sees someone completely different, and I don't know how. I'll never understand how he can see her that way…a way so far from how she really is.

He treats her like crap. I treat her like a princess. The answer should be simple, but it's not. She loves him, but I doubt she'll ever tell. I can tell though, and god, it hurts…

Why can't she that we belong together? I would never leave her, never hurt her. Never make her cry.

He does.

Goddammit, Akane, why must I always be P-Chan to you? Ranma will never deserve you…

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