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Different Families

18-year-old Chandler Bing sat staring at his mother in shock; he had just graduate high school when she had dropped the bombshell.

"I'm adopted?" He croaked out.

"Yes but no matter what I'm still your mother..." Nora assured, taking his hand.

"What...why...what..." Chandler stuttered, not sure what he was asking. "Who are they?"

"They were my friends from high school..." Nora explained. "They thought they were to young for children we were just out of school... Lenny, you're father... He was going to med school...and your Mother, well she wasn't really the type for kids... but I fell in love with you the moment you were born..."

"Oh my god..." Chandler exclaimed quietly.

"I phone them the other week..." Nora looked down. "They're married now... They said if you wanted to meet them, they would be willing too..."

Chandler remained silence, trying to let everything sink in… wondering what to do next.

2 days later, Chandler stood outside a large house, trying to get the nerve to go and talk to the couple that gave him away. He knocked on the door, quietly, part of him wanted to run but the other part wanted to stay.

"You must be Chandler..." A woman greeted him. "I'm...I'm..."

"You're my Mom's friend, Sandy?" Chandler finished her off, no matter who gave birth to him, Nora was his mom.

Sandy nodded, giving him a small smile, not sure how to feel about his comment...she stepped aside.

All three of them sat around in a large living room in silence, chandler glanced around at the photos of their children...or other children...all girls.

"Chandler, we won't you to know that we've never forgotten about you..." Sandy told him. He just nodded in reply.

"If you need money for college..." Lenny, her husband started.

"My parents are paying it fine..."

"Of course."

There was silence again.

"You have daughters?" Chandler said quietly... His sisters.

"Yes..." Sandy looked uneasy at her husband.

"Yeah, about that..." Lenny sighed. "We would really like it if they didn't know."


"Its nothing against you..." Sandy said quickly. "Its just they'd never forgive us if they knew..."

"I understand..." He stood up.

"Where you going?" They both stood to.

"I think it's best if I just go..."

"Look, chandler you can still be apart of our life..."

"Just not as a son..." He replied. "Listen, you have children and I have parents, there is no need to mess with that..."

"I guess if that's what you want…" Lenny said.

"Yeah..." He nodded. "I'll see you around..." Without he quietly left the house...left their lives...


"They're here...they're here..." Rachel jumped up and down after she buzzed her parents in. They were coming for the dinner to meet everyone for the first time since she had moved in 4 weeks ago.

"Calm down.." Ross told her. "Everything will be fine..."

"Yeah, yeah..." She scanned the room to see if there was anything out of place, her eyes settled on Chandler. "You! Go!"

"What?" Chandler looked up. "What did I do?"

"No, you need to go change!"


"You're wearing a tee-shirt!" She exclaimed. "You need to wear a shirt!"

"Told you!" Joey whispered as Chandler sighed and stood up.

The only reason he knew was because Rachel nearly attacked him with a knife when he walked in earlier with a Knick's sweatshirt on.

After changing and coming back into the apartment, her parents were already there, being introduced to Joey and phoebe. Chandler's mouth dropped open when he saw them.

When Mr and Mrs Green turned around and saw him, they froze.

"What's wrong?" Rachel asked, looking at her parents but not noticing Chandler's expression.


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