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Chapter 1

It had been seven months since Mulan and Shang were married. They had recently moved into their own home near the Imperial City but still close enough to Mulan's village to visit frequently . Things were going very well and they were very happy. They hardly ever noticed how different they were. Yao, Ling and Chien Po married the princesses and were enjoying their life in the palace. It was so different from their regular life but they loved being waited on hand and foot. But little did everyone know that Lord Chin was on the other side of the mirror planning a dreadful event that could change their lives forever.

Back In Qui Gong

Lord Chin was going on about Mulan and how she lied to him about the carriage incident, he had found out that the princesses were alive and well and had been married. What made him so mad about that was they were right under his nose. He was pacing back and forth , yelling, and shoving people as he walked. A servant had cleaned the soot away from the golden dragon of unity and found Mushu's microphone thing and told Lord Chin about it. He assumed that a person had been there and stopped the alliance.

"Why didn't I realize she was lying as much as she lies , that's all she is a liar! The liar!"he roared

The council members and the two soldiers were amazed at how fast Lord Chin got angry. They really didn't know why he was so mad.

Finally one of them spoke up and said. "Um...Sir why are you so angry I do not see any reason to..." But he was stopped when Lord Chin walked up to him and grabbed him by the collar.

"Because they tricked us what fools do they take us for! So what were you going to say next!" he screamed.

"Um...I ... You see sir... I...Um...Never mind."The council member stuttered. Even though he really wanted to finish what he was saying he decided not to because he thought that Lord Chin would have him executed.

"That's what I thought."

"So what do you think we should do about this , and I better not hear any one of you say nothing because you all know damn well that China has been planning to make fools out of us from the beginning ."


"No, not just yet suck all the juice out of them and then attack so that we are not so vulnerable."

"Yes sir."

"Start training as soon as you can. When you're ready go over the Great Wall but not before for the reason that they can defeat us easily."

Night At The Li House

Meanwhile Shang was back at home in the middle of strategy planning in the middle of the night."Maybe we should do it this way. No that's not right that would make us even more vulnerable."Shang was wondering why he even bothered to do this. It was completely pointless at the time but he just had a feeling that he should just in case. He soon became frustrated and decided to go to bed. When he finished changing into comfortable clothes he slowly got under the covers so that he wouldn't disturb Mulan. He put his arm around her and fell asleep.

The Next Day

Mulan woke up in the next morning she saw that Shang was asleep so she was careful not to wake him because she knew he had had a rough night. She got dressed and went to sit under the magnolia tree, one of the places she goes to think or just admire the scenery.

"Isn't it a wonderful day."

Mulan looked down to see Mushu smiling at her.

"It does seem like it."She answered back.

"Of course it is as long as I still have my job and be sure to thank pretty boy for the good act for me.

Mulan laughed. " I will, and are the ancestors getting along?"

"Well no, but they will manage."

Mulan laughed again. "I'm sure they will."

Her smile faded and her face turned serious.

"Mushu don't you think something bad is going to happen."

"I don't know but everything will be fine. Besides those Huns are stupid anyway they fall for all of China's tricks."Mushu said with confidence.

"Yeah but they should know all the tricks by now. How did you know that's what I was thinking about ."

"Girl I can read you like an open scroll. Mulan here's a tip. Why don't you just keep your mind clear of these sorts of things Plus its been months don't you think if they were going to do something they would have done it by now."

"I know but I'm just worried that something is going to happen. I mean you said it yourself they are slow at getting stuff."

"Don't worry about it everything is going to be okay."

"I hope so."

Back at the Imperial Palace

A messenger had just burst into the emperor's throne room with an important message.

"Your majesty, there is an urgent message from one of our spies!" He said gasping for breath.

"What would that be captain?"asked the emperor.

"Since, there was no alliance Lord Chin is now planning an attack on China.

The emperor was in shock. Like most people who had not seen with their own set of eyes what happened that night in Qui Gong the night the alliance was set to take place he thought everything was fine and things had worked out.

"Be as quick as many Imperial soldiers to report to Wu Zhong camp as soon as possible. Also get General Li and Fa Mulan here as soon as possible. Don't waste any time"the emperor ordered.

"Yes your highness as you wish."The Captain bowed and left quickly.

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