Title: The Forgotten
Author: Batsutousai
Beta: Magickmaker17
Pairings: I'm gonna be evile and not tell you. -cackles-
Warnings: SLASH/YAOI, Character death, OOCness, AU(we all know Jo won't let this happen…), OCs
Summary: What if Voldemort wins the "Final Battle," but Harry Potter survives?
Living in the Muggle world with no memory of his past, can Harry find the key to saving them all?
Disclaim Her: I'm told that I can type remarkably fast, even though I can't touch-type…

A/N: This came to me on my way to the bus stop. When people write about the world after the "Final Battle," the Light has usually won. I'm well-known for being different, no matter what series I'm writing for. I do pairings that are rare and situations that most people don't even consider. Once again, my mind has cooked up some crazy story-line and I'm just along for the ride.
This should be interesting... -grimaces-

What's Lost Can Be Found

"Tarrant! Yo, Tarrant! Wake up! Customer!" The dark-eyed man standing before the counter called, grinning.

A man with white hair that fluttered around his shoulders and the most shocking green eyes poked his head out from a door behind the large slab of wood and scowled. "You're late, Nicholas."

Nicholas Eric Ripley, or Nick, rolled his eyes, still grinning. "Sorry, boss. I was busy with that cute gal at the flower shop."

"You're two words from heading back over there and joining her with her flower arranging for good." The pale-haired man retorted sharply. "Get your smock on and open. I have some paperwork to deal with." With that, the door slammed shut.

Nick let out a sigh and vaulted over the counter, his smile fading. 'Geeze… Guess he and Zack got in to another fight. How many times do I have to tell Doo to get a new boyfriend before he'll listen to me?' The dark-eyed man shook his head as he pulled on his work smock.

Dooley Shannon Tarrant, or Doo, for short, leaned back in his chair with a weary sigh as he heard children's voices outside his office door. His candy store did pretty well, for a small neighborhood just outside the Glasgow city limits. He never really knew why he'd decided to open the shop below his flat, he was just compelled to. As if some spirit wanted him to remember itself through this store.

Not that Doo minded kids. In fact, he rather liked them. His boyfriend and lover of ten years, Zack Palmer, however, hated children with a passion. It was the one thing they always seemed to argue about.

Zack was a wonderful man, of course. If not for him, Doo would have been left in some mental ward, with no past and little chance for a future. Zack had helped him get over his lack of memories, helped him get over his disgust at his heavily scarred body, helped him start again when all he'd wanted was to die. Zack had even helped him pick his new name: Tarrant, which meant "thunder," for the storm that he'd been found in; Shannon, which meant "little old wise one," because Doo understood things which would puzzle others around him for hours; and Dooley, which meant "dark hero," for his past that was cloaked in shadows and mostly-forgotten dreams, dreams that, when he could remember them, showed him fighting evil to save humanity, or something like that.

But that was all over with, now. Doo and Zack had argued for the last time the night before. Doo had kicked Zack out and told him he never wanted to see him again, and Doo was never one to go back on his words. Zack had left, taking the changes of clothing he'd left in Doo's flat with him and swearing to take the next train to London. Doo knew, without a doubt, that he'd never see Zack again. It was just one of those things he knew.

'Nick'll be so proud of me when he finds out.' Doo groaned mentally as he stood, working a few kinks out of his body as he stretched.

Nick glanced up from the cash register as the door to Doo's office opened. "Feeling better?" He inquired uneasily.

Doo offered his friend a reassuring smile as he pulled his white hair back with a leather clasp. "Yes. Sorry for snapping at you this morning."

Nick shrugged the apology off easily as he rang up a small girl's purchase. "No problem, Doo-man. It's not like I'm unused to your morning hissy fit."

Doo grimaced as he picked up a box of chocolate-covered mints to re-stock the almost-empty jar on the shelf next to the door with. "Come out to dinner with me after we close?"

"You're not taking Zack?" Nick inquired gently.

"Zack's going back to London. We broke up." Doo replied before stepping out from behind the counter and heading for the candy that needed to be re-stocked.

Nick stared after his friend in shock. 'They broke up? Last night? Well... I guess that explains his mood...'

"Here. I want you to meet someone." Nick ordered, steering Doo towards the flower shop three doors down from the candy store as night fell around them.

"Your dream girl?" Doo inquired, cocking an eyebrow at his friend.

Nick blushed faintly and shot Doo a sharp look, making the white-haired man laugh lightly, before leading the way into the shop. "Hullo, Deva." He offered.

A girl with black hair turned to look at them. She smiled brightly when she saw Nick, showing off two rows of perfect teeth that glinted in the faint light. "Nick! I haff been vaiting for you for an hour!" She called in with a distinct accent that Doo almost recognized.

'This memory loss is getting really tedious...' The green-eyed man decided darkly as Nick greeted the girl.

"Here, Doo, this is Deva Vladislav. Deva, this is Dooley Tarrant." Nick introduced them, pulling Doo from his thoughts.

"It is a pleasure to finally meet you." Deva said carefully. "Nick speaks of you much."

Doo shot his friend an evil look. "Oh, he can't possibly speak of me more often than he speaks of you, Ms Vladislav." He replied calmly before taking Deva's hand and kissing the back gently. "The pleasure is all mine, of course."

Deva giggled, blushing. "Please, call me Deva."

"Than I am Doo."

"Doo, may I borrow you for a quick moment while Deva closes the shop?" Nick growled.

"Yes, you vait outside. I'll be there quickly." Deva agreed before turning back to her flowers.

Doo allowed himself to be dragged from the shop and smirked at Nick's obvious fury. "Calm down, Nick. I do that every time I meet a pretty lady." He shrugged. "Where's she from? The accent's vaguely familiar, but I can't really remember where it's from…"

Nick let his boss change the subject with a helpless sigh. "Bulgaria. She's got a cousin that works at a private school not far from here."

"Really?" Doo blinked a few times. "Which school?"

"Hogvarts." Deva replied as she stepped from the shop, locking the door with a deft movement. "You von't haff heard of it."

Doo's eyes had widened, however, at the name of the school. "Hogwarts?" He murmured, voice distant. "It's still standing?"

Deva's eyes widened and she shot him a sharp look. "Wot did you say?" She demanded as Nick looked one in confusion.

Doo blinked twice before giving her a confused look. "I-" He blinked again and shook his head helplessly. "No idea. I've lost it again." He spun around and kicked at the ground. "Damn it!"

Nick sighed and leaned over, placing his mouth next to Deva's ear. "Doo doesn't remember anything past ten years ago, Deva. He does that sometimes, says something he doesn't realize he's said. You'll have to be patient with him."

Deva nodded, gazing at Doo's defeated stance with watery eyes. She remembered ten years ago. Many had lost their memories to the Dark Lord. It was one of the worst after-effects of the war, in her opinion. That Doo would be able to recall anything, even if just for a brief moment, was an amazing act. The people she knew who had lost their memories couldn't even do that much. "Shall ve go get some food?" She asked gently.

Doo glanced over his shoulder at his best friend and the girl Nick liked so much. "An excellent idea." He agreed, brightening suddenly.

Deva startled at the quick change, but Nick just grinned. "Well, Doo, since I've finally gotten you out of that shop, why don't you pick the restaurant?"

"Your treat, eh?" Doo teased, motioning for his two companions to follow him.

"What!" Nick cried. "No! You're the one who wanted to go out!"

Doo smirked. "But you just sa-"

"Fine, fine, I'll pay." The dark-eyed man muttered, rolling his eyes. "Fucking bastard."

Doo let out a ringing laugh and draped an arm around Nick. "Ah, see, this is why I love you, Nick. You can always make me laugh."

"You are so strange." Nick replied, grinning.

Deva smiled at the two ahead of her. 'It is good Doo has such a good friend, Muggle or no.'

Red eyes swept around the empty chamber before closing. The eyes' owner let out a soft sigh and leaned back in its chair. A hand came up to rub, gently, at the bridge of the nose, accidentally knocking a pair of glasses from their perch and sending them flying. "Damn it." The figure muttered, opening its eyes again and leaning over in the chair to retrieve the spectacles. "I'll never get used to these bloody things."

A knock came upon the heavy oaken door before the desk the red-eyed figure sat behind. "My Lord, an owl has come for you from Hogwarts."

"In." The figure ordered in a voice filled with power. It was so very different from only moments before when there had only been himself to hear his speech.

The door opened and a man with flowing white-blonde hair in his late fifties stepped in. He paused before the desk to bow before holding out a thick envelope. "It is from Severus, my Lord."

The man who was called "Lord" didn't deem this obvious statement worthy of a reply and just pulled out the parchment and read over it quickly after he'd settled his glasses back upon his nose. Once he'd finished, he nodded at the man still standing in his office. "I have something to attend to at Hogwarts. I'm leaving now. You're in charge." He ordered, standing and stuffing his glasses into a pocket of his flowing black robes. "You know the price if anything happens, Lucius."

The pale-haired man bowed in understanding. He did know. Last time, he'd almost lost his life when one of the dragons got free. "How long will you be gone, my Lord?" He murmured.

The red-eyed man paused, blinking slowly at Lucius. "A week." He decided in a firm tone.

"Very good, my Lord." Lucius agreed.

"Lord" smiled coldly. "Don't mess up this time, Lucius, or I will kill you." He warned evenly before disappearing with a 'CRACK!'

Lucius shuddered.

Nick left Doo to walk Deva home, since he lived on the other side of the small town from the two shop-keepers. It wasn't until Nick was out of sight that Deva spoke.

"Nick says you haff lost your memories."

Doo nodded calmly. "Yeah. You get used to it after a while."

Deva sighed sadly. "I haff a friend back in Bulgaria vo lost her memories at about the same time as you." Doo glanced at the woman in surprise. "Ve haff found no cure for those vo lost their memories in the Final Battle. Ve haff been trying and trying to find one, but the spell vos too strong."

"Final Battle?" Doo asked in a whisper. "Spell?"

Deva nodded solemnly, but ignored his questions. "I haff to visit my cousin tomorrow at Hogvarts. Vould you like to come? It might help."

"But, you said they've found no cure." Doo hissed, eyes wide. Something within himself was begging and screaming to go to this school Deva's cousin worked at.

"They haff not. But," She met his gaze evenly. "There has never been one vo has remembered anything they haff forgotten. Not even in little spurts, like you. Maybe you vill be the one to break the spell." She shrugged and turned to her shop, which Doo suddenly realized they were standing before, pulling out a key to open the door. "Think on it. I vill come by in ze early morning and you may come or not, as you vish." Deva added before stepping into the store and closing the door behind her.

Doo bit his lip before turning and continuing down the sidewalk to his own shop and his flat above it. The offer was one he had to think on.

A/N: I was considering making this longer, but I decided that this was a good prologue. Prologues are always short. It's fun. -cackles madly and wanders off to tackle the next chapter of Abandon-

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