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Harry Potter and the New Neighbours.

Chapter 1

It was Friday evening and his first night back in Privet Drive after his almost totally disastrous fifth year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The number one disaster of the year was the death of his godfather, although he had reached the point of mentally shedding the blame from himself and sharing it between Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange, Kreacher, Snape and Dumbledore. The amount of essential information that had been withheld from him made him believe that they were lucky only to loose his godfather and not the whole blasted war. He had no intension of apportioning the blame and until the Headmaster gave him a cast iron valid reason to think otherwise then Snape was an enemy.

The number two disaster was 'Toad Woman' and he refused even to contemplate that evil, obnoxious, horror.

The number three on his list that defined his less than wonderful year was Arthur Weasley who had been bitten by a snake and had very nearly died from the poison.

Next was his totally unfair lifetime ban from playing Quidditch…

He was startled from his melancholy preoccupation by a raucous scream from his aunt downstairs so Harry went to join the Dursleys at the dining table for dinner.

In the middle of the meal uncle Vernon pompously said, "You two are to behave yourselves impeccably this summer. New neighbours have moved into number two next-door, they are both dentists and very well to do. So if either of you two spoil the good impression we have made, then god help you. As for you Potter, I have arranged for you to have a job with them, seven days a week, for the whole of the summer, you better pray that those…those people of yours don't interfere. So you have to be at their house before seven thirty every morning."

Harry had noticed that his uncle had become extremely nervous when he had mentioned the order members but he was feeling to morose to take much joy from it. Or to feel very much one way or the other about his uncle's carte-blanche scheduling of his whole summer without consulting anybody, anyway it wasn't him that needed keeping under control it was Dudley who was the trouble maker.

The weight of the prophecy and the death of his godfather were dragging him down.


Early the next morning Harry, dressed in the best fitting of Dudley's old clothes, finished his breakfast of a cup of tea and one slice of toast, then, very lethargically, he went to knock on the door of number two. The time was just before half past seven.

A man who was only slightly taller than Harry answered the door, he looked vaguely familiar and with a small smile he said, "Good morning. You must be Harry, come in for a few minutes we are just finishing breakfast."

Harry stepped into the hall and closed the front door behind himself, as he turned around his face was buried in bushy brown hair and his neck was subjected to an enormous hug.

"Hermione," he said, inhaling her unique aroma and making no effort to move away, "what…what are you doing here?"

She released him slightly and stared smiling into his emerald eyes, "Isn't it marvellous. Mum and dad told me that the Headmaster had recommended that for safety's sake they should move, but right next door to you it's almost to good to be true. I wanted to visit you yesterday evening but they made me wait until you came this morning. Have those people fed you? What did you have for breakfast? What d…"

"Hermione you have to breathe sometime and let the poor boy breathe, he doesn't want you smothering him. You could let him answer your questions as well." A woman who looked like a thirty-year-old version of his very best friend and was obviously Hermione's mother said with a grin.

Harry had started cuddling Hermione back and it was with great reluctance that she released him saying, "So what did you have for breakfast?"

He answered, "I have had a piece of toast and a cup of tea, so I am all right thanks," and then very quietly he added, "and I really like you cuddling me."

Hermione was blushing prettily at his last comment but she was having none of his 'I'm all right' after only one slice of toast for breakfast, "Well we have at least enough bacon left over for two sandwiches and I am sure that we have some HP Sauce, that you are always complaining we don't get at Hogwarts, so you will just have to eat it up for us."

She took his hand and led him through and sat him at the table in the kitchen breakfast room.

"But I am supposed to be working." Harry said smiling.

"Well your first job is to eat up all of this spare bacon before it gets cold," said Hermione's mum, smiling as well, "and we don't actually have any work for you to do today, but your friend seems to think that you might like to go shopping for some clothes."

Harry said, "I would love to get some new clothes but I would need to go to Gringotts to get some money first."

"There is no need for that," her dad said, "we will need some Galleons when Hermione has to buy her school books and things, so you can give the money back to us then. Or if you would prefer we could take it out of your wages?"

Harry had a big grin on his face, "This job will really be alright if you are going to pay me to eat bacon sandwiches and go clothes shopping."

Everybody was laughing and there was a knock on the back door that Hermione answered.

It was Tonks who said, "Hi everyone, I think that the answer to every witches dream wants to do some shopping?"

Tonks came in and Hermione's mum said, "Your hair was bright pink yesterday, did you dye it last night?"

"Hermione does your mum know about Tonks?" asked Harry.

"I don't think so," Hermione replied, "what are you allowed to show them Tonks?"

"I'm not really supposed to show them anything unless I am forced to, but there is no strict rule against it." She replied.

"I will just have to force you then. Won't I?" Harry said with a cheeky smile.

"Me being a fully trained Auror and all, just how do you expect to force me?"

"How about if I promised to call you by your first name for the whole of the summer if you don't show them?"

"Now that is just plain cheating." Tonks hair became bright green and grew six inches longer and her 'B' cup boobs became 'DD' almost splitting her 'T' shirt. She followed this by becoming a little old lady.

The Grangers were totally amazed and Tonks explained to the pair all about her being a Metamorphmagus, she explained that it was very useful also a very rare gift, but it makes it difficult getting a steady boyfriend.

"Why's that Tonks?" Asked Harry sounding very concerned.

"Well as soon as most guys realise that I can make myself look like almost anyone else," she said, "then all they seem to want is a fantasy date and they don't want to know me."

"You poor thing." Harry said, "I would never of thought of that, what's inside is so much more important than what you look like on the outside."

Hermione put her arms around Harry's neck, kissed him on the cheek and then looking deeply into his eyes very sincerely she said, "Now you know why I love you so much Harry Potter."

Harry had turned bright red and he looked completely confused.

Tonks broke the tension, "Before we go anywhere both of you give me your wands a minute."

The pair handed over their wands and Tonks cast a spell on each of the wands in turn, it caused them to glow bright pink, then she told them, "Amelia Bones, she's my boss the head of the Aurors, told me to remove the underage tracking spell from your wands, so now if you do magic you won't be getting a letter from Malfalda Hopkirk, at the Underage Use of Magic Office. Also take these Portkeys," she gave each of them what looked like a dark blue pocket-handkerchief, "if you hold it and touch it with your wand it will carry you and anyone else who is touching either you or the key to a safe room in the Auror Headquarters." She next turned to the senior Grangers, smiled and said, "Right, where are we going?"

Mrs Granger was the first to recover and she said, "Well, Matt has some paperwork to do at our office which is in Croydon, the surgery is in the middle of the main shopping precinct so we can go shopping near by. I thought that the first thing we should do is buy each of you a Mobile Phone then we can all keep in touch if we get separated and no doubt the two of you will want to talk in the evenings when Harry goes home. I can't imagine those dreadful Dursleys allowing him to use the phone even if someone else is paying for the call."

"It's still only quarter to nine so let's go to the office," Dan said, "we can carry on this conversation in the car."

Hurriedly Tonks said, "I have one more thing to do before we leave, can we go to your bedroom please Hermione?" Two minutes later they were back down and she continued. "I have just made half of a reusable Portkey, I will make the other half somewhere out of sight in the office in Croydon. Let's go."

Their trip to Croydon took just over an hour and they chatted all of the way, when they arrived Dan parked in a dedicated space right outside the back door of the surgery, they climbed out of the car then they all went into the building.

Mr Granger showed Tonks a little used storeroom just inside the back door and they decided that it was an ideal place for the other end of the reusable Portkey, which took the form of a small 'disillusioned' dictionary.

She handed it to Harry and told him, "To activate it you touch it with your wand and it will carry you to Hermione's bedroom, you had better test it, it will bring you back here if you touch it with your wand again."

Hermione touched the Portkey just before Harry touched it with his wand and the pair of them disappeared.

As the pair arrived in Hermione's bedroom she took the Portkey off him and put it on the very large desk in her bedroom, she turned and put her arms around his neck, "I have been wanting to get you on your own for ages." She said just before she commenced trying to kiss him senseless.

The next twenty seconds were possibly the longest of either of their lives so far.

Hermione's twenty seconds went something like, kiss me back, Kiss me back, Kiss Me Back Please, KISS ME BACK POTTER OR I WILL HEX YOU INTO NEXT WEEK, He's Kissing Me Back, PARADISE.

Harry's twenty seconds went, what's she doing, Hermione's kissing me, does this mean that she likes me? Of course it does you idiot, I had better kiss her back then or she might not do it again, I really like this, HEAVEN.

About a minute later there was a pop and Tonks voice said, "Oh sorry." Then there was another pop.

Another minute down the time line two voices said, "That was definitely the best thing ever."

They were both looking squiffy eyed and Harry said, "Does this mean that we are dating? Was that Tonks?"

Hermione answered, "It had better Potter, I want a lot more of that. Yes, I think it was."

He was kissing her again, "Do you think that we should go back to …wherever?"

"Mmmm." Eventually she picked up the Portkey and touched it with her wand. Harry just held on to her and didn't stop kissing her, all in all she didn't appear to mind very much.

Her mother's voice was coming around the storeroom door which was almost closed, "…ell of course I've known she's liked him since first year, every letter is Harry this and Harry that. And this morning she has been coming on to him so strong…hello dears are you back? Did it work ok?" Hermione had opened the door.

The pair of them looked starry eyed and they were holding hands, Hermione answered, "Yes everything worked perfectly, shall we go shopping?"

Mr Granger said, "Hang on a minute Harry." He took fifty pounds out of his wallet and passed it to Harry saying, "You need some money in your pocket, that's about ten Galleons isn't it?"

"I really don't know sir," Harry answered, "I have never changed any Galleons for pounds but if you are happy with it then five pounds is one Galleon."

Three ladies and Harry went shopping, about an hour later they returned and Harry went into the backroom to change into some of his new clothes.

When he came out Tonks said, "I'm not to sure that the new clothes were such a good idea Hermione, now all of the girls are going to realise just how gorgeous he is."

Harry thought that Tonks had been joking. She hadn't. Quite a lot of girls were making passes at Harry and Hermione was getting agitated. Her mum pulled her to one side and said, "Calm down and just watch him."

So she did.

The girl was serving him with shoes, first she opened one extra button on her blouse then she undid another she went outside to bring another pair of shoes and when she came back another button was undone and her bra had vanished. She went out to find him another pair of shoes, when she came back this time she crouched down in front of him supposedly to help him try them on and her knees kept opening, her knickers had disappeared as well.

Harry didn't take any notice.

"Is he blind?" Hermione whispered.

"He only has eyes for you." Her mother sang.

"I bet that if you open one extra button he will notice." Tonks said.

"And don't try what she did unless you really mean it." Her mum added seriously.

Later Harry didn't see her do it but Hermione had opened one extra blouse button as they went into Burger King for lunch, "You two sit down and we will bring what you want." Mrs Granger said to Harry and Tonks.

Tonks and Harry sat down and Hermione bent over slightly to ask Harry what he wanted.

"I have never been in one of these places before so I don't know what they sell," he told her, "you know what I like so you choose," then he whispered quietly in her ear, "and I like the view."

As Hermione turned away her face was beetroot but she had the biggest smile her mum had ever seen on her daughters face, so her mother started humming again, 'I Only Have Eyes For You'.

Mrs Granger's mobile phone rang at three thirty, it was Mr Granger telling them that he had finished, so they all went back to the surgery ready to go back to Little Whinging.

Tonks said, "I would much prefer it if Harry were always to travel using the Portkey. It is much safer for him."

The Granger's quickly agreed, so Tonks taught the kids a neat little charm that expanded the inside of a bag and making it so everything put into the bag only weighed five percent of its true weight. The problem with the charm was that it only lasted for a maximum of four hours and for witches and wizards of normal power it would only last for about an hour and a half.

First Tonks Apparated to Privet Drive and then back to the surgery to give Harry and Hermione the all clear and they used the Portkey to Hermione's bedroom whilst her parents drove home.

Number two was a much larger house than number four. Upstairs it had five good sized bedrooms three with en-suit bathrooms the other two had en-suit shower rooms plus a family bathroom and a box room that was as large as Harry's bedroom in the Dursleys.

On the ground floor there was the kitchen breakfast room that Harry had already been in, a dining room and a very large lounge, there was also a study and a very large library, which Hermione assured him, was in urgent need of stocking.

Outside there was an attached double garage with electric doors, a completely sheltered heated swimming pool, a large patio with a barbecue pit and ample lawns and flowerbeds.

Hermione decided that Harry should have a bedroom with a shower because the door was directly opposite her bedroom door. They went into his room and christened it with a good kissing session then they put all of his new things away in the wardrobe and drawers, he wasn't going to let the Dursleys see any of his new things until after he should have been paid. The only new thing he was going to take to number four was his mobile phone because true to her word they had been the first thing that Mrs Granger had bought the pair of them.

A short while later Mr and Mrs Granger arrived home so Hermione explained what she had had Harry do with his clothes and her parents agreed that it had been a good idea.

"Would you like to stay for dinner Harry?" Asked Hermione's mum.

"I would please Mrs Granger, what can I do to help?" he replied.

"You don't have to do anything to help, just go and talk with Hermione and you don't have to keep calling us Mr and Mrs Granger you should call us Matt and Jane. That is unless we have victims in the surgery then it is probably best if you call both of us Dr Granger, does that sound alright to you?"

"It sounds fine thank you, Jane." He answered smiling as he went off with Hermione.

Later that night Harry was lying in his bed, he had just spent half an hour talking to the love of his life on his new mobile phone and he decided that even with Voldemort in the background life could still be worth living.


The next morning Harry knocked on the Grangers back door just before seven thirty and a few seconds later Hermione opened the door and threw herself into his arms and gave him a kiss.

"You can just knock and come in, in future, if you want to." She told him.

"Well if you are going to greet me like that every morning I would be a mug not to let you answer the door. Wouldn't I?"

Hermione's mum laughed, "He's got you their girl. You two just have time to get upstairs and change before breakfast, if you don't spend to much time canoodling."

"There is no such thing as spending to much time canoodling mother, you and dad still do it all the time." Hermione said as she followed Harry upstairs admiring his bum.

Harry changed into the clothes that had been laid out for him on the bed then he met Hermione on the landing and they did some canoodling until her mother called them.

"You were quick." Jane said.

"Well we got changed first then we did the kissing bit because we are good little boys and girls, we are." Hermione had a totally false sickly sweet smile on her face so her mum gave her a playful slap.

Tonks, who had come in and was sat at the table, burst out laughing, she said, "So what are we doing today?"

"This appears to be highly confidential information to which we are not privy." Hermione said sounding slightly aggrieved.

Jane started serving breakfast as Matt came in and said, "Have you ever been on a boat Harry?"

"Only with your daughter Sir." He replied, having forgotten about the trip to a little island for his eleventh birthday.

Hermione said, "Mum told you to call them by their names and when have you been in a boat with me? Oh I remember the rowing boats at the beginning of first year, he doesn't mean those sort of boats but bigger ones."

"They weren't rowing boats they were powered by magic," he said, "and they were the only boat's I have ever been on, it was nice, I was with you."

"Just how long have you liked me? Harry Potter."

He blushed and replied, "I would of thought that the answer to that question was a bit obvious."

She said, "Mine started Halloween first year."

"Has anyone seen a toad? Neville's lost one." Harry said in a high-pitched bossy voice.

"The first words I ever spoke to you." Hermione turned a pretty shade of pink and had a lovely smile on her face.

Her father interrupted them saying, "As interesting as your historical dialogue is, I had asked one of my colleagues if it would be possible to borrow his boat for the day, unfortunately it is being serviced. So it was just an academic question as to whether or not Harry had been on a power boat before?"

"I am afraid that the answer to that is no Matt, as charming as your neighbours are, their remit didn't include taking me any further than Sainsbury's car park and then only when there would be a lot of groceries to carry." Harry answered.

Hermione said, "So what are we going to do then? It would be nice to go swimming but the neighbours might see us. We wouldn't like your aunt and uncle to get the impression that we were overworking you, would we?"

Tonks suggested, "Well I should be able to cast a 'false illusion' charm over the back garden so no one will recognise who it is in the garden. It's fairly sheltered anyway."

"Wonderful!" Hermione exclaimed.

"Just a couple of slight problems," said Harry, "I don't have a swimming costume and I can't swim."

"Brilliant," Hermione said excitedly, "we bought you a bathing suit yesterday, didn't you notice and I would really enjoy teaching you to swim."

Hermione teaching Harry to swim was something they both enjoyed, all the wet skin contact, tangled legs and occasional canoodling was a good way for the pair of them to spend the day. Harry had probably learned to swim in the first half an hour, but who was he to object to Hermione 'helping' him for the rest of the day.

Harry was wearing his new swimming shorts and Hermione had on a very conservative dark blue one-piece swimsuit although the legs were very high cut. She told him that she had to wear this costume to hide the scar although she still had some potions to take for the next three days, after that it would be gone and she would be able to wear her new pale lemon bikini.

Lying in bed that night Harry thought that he was about as happy as he could ever remember being, even though he had seriously reduced the level of number two's swimming pool with all of the water he had swallowed and he hadn't even been thirsty.

He had the promise of Hermione in her bikini in a few days and if he had understood her hints correctly even less for his birthday in a few weeks, the thought of that as a possibility was almost unbelievable.

Later in the afternoon they had agreed that they should tell Ron that they had become a couple and asked him to pass the news on to Ginny, they spent a couple of hours writing him a long letter, which Harry had sent with his owl Hedwig. The couple of hours was the time they had spent in Hermione's room, at the most only half of it had been spent writing Ron's letter although her bedroom door had been open all of the time.

So he drifted off to sleep to dream of wet skin, sparkling golden-brown eyes and joyful laughter.

Authors Note; Should this be a 'One Shot' or should I continue it on until the end of the summer holidays? Whatever it will be very fluffy.