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Harry Potter and the New Neighbours.

Chapter 12. The End Game.

There was to be another party today, this one would be at Hogwarts, it had been promised the previous day, as a panacea to a hoard of girls in the atrium of the Ministry of Magic but a whole lot of other people had heard about it.

When they arrived there it was chaos.

Hermione and Harry had only been at the party on the lawn in front of Hogwarts for about five minutes when they started to panic, for them it was a lot easier to deal with Death Eaters than overtly amorous young people. With their second wave of panic there came a golden glow as the couple were surrounded by eight of the ten elven warriors and there was no mistaking the fact that they were warriors, notwithstanding the fact that they were all female.

The elves acted as an honour guard and accompanied the couple towards the Headmaster, who appeared to be in a strained conversation with Professor Snape, quietly Harry simply said, "Snape your life is forfeit."

Incongruously Snape laughed and he said, "Your little tricks don't frighten me."

Seriously Harry replied, "I wouldn't of thought it possible but you are proving yourself even more of a self opinionated, arrogant fool than I have always believed you to be."

Snape's wand flashed out and then slowly floated up in the air out of his reach, so Harry said, "There will be no foolish wand waving here today."

A large crowd were being held back but most of them had suffered at the hands of Snape and they wanted to know what was going on.

Then, indicating a group of about a dozen people, Hermione said, "Who are these people? Put the fool to sleep and help me to check them out."

Harry put Snape to sleep but before going to Hermione he went to the Headmaster and placing his hands on either side of the Professor's head for about ten seconds Harry revived him, for which he was thanked. Then Dumbledore rested for a few minutes.

Next he went to his love and started checking out the suspects and he said, "These are all under very powerful concealment charms, which we will have to break through."

"Why bother?" Hermione asked, "They are obviously up to no good so if we remove their magic, their concealment charms will dissipate, even if they were set by someone else, won't they?"

He smiled at her, "Still remembering everything, of course they will."

So they moved the sleeping Snape and lined the twelve up, then they drained the magic from all of them and sure enough their concealment charms disappeared. Now revealed, they were left with ten of the remaining condemned Death Eaters, Snape and Draco Malfoy.

None of the onlookers realised what had happened when they had drained all of the life from the ten sleeping Death Eaters and when this was done they sent their bodies to Azkaban.

Next it was Snape's turn so they revived him, immediately he became obnoxious, "You stupid little mud…" He was never to utter another word, the recovered Headmaster had cast a permanent mute spell on him.

Hermione was incensed with Snape, "You are the lowest, most despicable form of life imaginable and for years you have inflicted your own perverted mental torture on helpless, defenceless children whilst glorifying the Death Eater Spawn. Well your reign misused power of has ended as of now. The clock you will see continuously before you is counting down in five second intervals the remaining ten days of your evil existence, your cohorts will tell you the rules when you reach your accommodation." With that she banished him to join Bellatrix and Pettigrew in Azkaban.

"I don't think you liked him too much, did you Hermione." Amelia had arrived with Tonks and Kingsley.

Hermione looked grim, "It gave me no pleasure to do that to the evil swine and I don't believe that the punishment was a tenth of what he deserved."

Harry had been kneeling beside Draco with a hand on Draco's temple, he suddenly stood and said, "I am sorry Amelia I must free the House Elves now." He raised his hands to the heavens and proclaimed in a loud voice, "Rhyddhau holl coblyn wrth caethiwed!" (Free all elves from bondage.)

A golden light shot skywards from Harry's hands and rapidly spread out gaining speed as it went, Hermione rushed to Harry and placed her hands on his cheeks then she closed her eyes in concentration.

He lowered his arms and held her amulet, "Library," he whispered.


Elfin was waiting for them but as it turned out she wasn't needed particularly for Harry because within sixty seconds he had recovered fully, thanks to his well organised reserves of magic and Hermione adding her magical power to his.

"If you are this well what are we doing here?" Hermione asked him.

He gave her the smile and said, "Well it seemed like a good idea at the time but if you would like to go straight back without making love for a few days then we can. Come frigid wench."

She pushed him onto the bed and started tickling him, "Wench yes, frigid, no way."

Elfin thought it best that she leave discreetly.

It was eighteen hours later when she decided that the couple were eating and it was relatively safe for a while, but Hermione had not been lying, she definitely was not frigid.

The couple took their time to learn some new defensive shields and some containment barriers these could be cast around a person; the only problem with them was that the target remained inside the barrier with his spell. If the barrier was being used against the kind of magic it was designed for then the target being in there with their creation meant that they were generally, very dead.

After the couple had been there for three days they decided that it was time they should be going back to Hogwarts.


Several things were happening at once, a stream of elves came pouring out of the castle, an army of elves materialised in the grounds they started forming a cordon around Harry and Hermione then lastly Mephisto Malfoy arrived.

The situation had become extremely dangerous and so the cordon reorganised itself pushing the onlookers back, away from the protagonists.

As we already know Harry was fully recovered, he and Hermione having been to the library for three days but he fell to the floor feigning exhaustion and his love moved close to the Headmaster, saying very quietly, "Question him, try to keep him talking but be very careful of Cresco Malfoy he is extremely powerful."

However the Malfoy appeared to be in a lot of pain and somewhat disorientated, he didn't realise that Harry was draining both his life and magical reserves as rapidly as he could but both were immense and it was going to take time. Voldemort's as powerful as he was, took only seconds to drain, Mephisto Malfoy's was going to take a few minutes

Hermione quietly cast two spells at Mephisto, 'Dwelld gwir,' which was the truth charm and 'Brolio,' which would make him brag when he started talking then she started aiding Harry. However it was a very dangerous period and both of them were watching the evil old Malfoy very carefully.

The Headmaster asked, "How did you become so powerful?"

Surprisingly Mephisto laughed, "Voldemort was a gullible fool, brilliantly I invented the 'Advada Kedavra' curse and I taught it to the idiot. From then on everybody he or his Death Eaters killed with it I took their magic and their life force that's why the Death Eaters had to have the Dark Mark, to feed the power through Voldemort to me. I had visited 'Nooma' over three hundred years ago and with him I gained immense power so when I came back I stole the Weasleys money and land."

He continued his tale, "After that I enslaved the elves and turned them into House Elves I took all of their lands as well as their freedom and on their Great Homeland I built the magnificent Malfoy Manor." He laughed again and it would be the last time he laughed in this world although he would live another fifteen years with the elves.

Again Professor Dumbledore asked, "When you arrived here you appeared to be in pain? Why was that?"

Mephisto winced, "Because that foolish little boy wrenched my control of the elves from me suddenly but I will recover quicker than he will and then you will all pay dearly. I will enjoy being the Headmaster of Hogwarts and teaching the darkest of the Dark Arts here."

"That will only happen over our dead bodies." Harry had spoken very quietly as he slowly staggered to his feet beside Hermione, they were wearing their Lord and Lady suits without the masks and they were radiating power and goodness.

Being an elf friend Ginny had been allowed to pass through the cordon of elves and she had come to stand beside Hermione.

Ginny asked, "Do you have any more children?"

Mephisto Malfoy glowered at her but he stood and answered, "A Weasley brat. Why pray do I need more children? Draco will carry my line in this world and I am going to live forever. Enough of this foolish banter!" He screamed, "It is time to be done with all of you, 'Advada Kedavra'."

Instantly the curse raced towards the Headmaster but Harry put his hand out and said, 'Accio'.

The curse changed direction and came to Harry's hand and the beam coming from the old wizard continued to flow but its colour changed from green to silver. The Lord had started to weaken from the strain but Hermione raised her hand and drew half of the flow away from Harry.

Suddenly the magic stopped flowing and the deed was done.

As old as he was, he started crying like a spoiled little child, "What have you done you foolish children?"

Then, even though he was tired, Harry pronounced Mephisto Malfoy's doom, "We have removed all of your magic and at the request of the elves, as you can see from the clock now before your eyes we have left you with only fifteen years of your stolen life, which you will spend with the elves paying for your crimes against them."

Cresco Malfoy was stood immobile as Ginny spoke, "From your own mouth you admit to having greatly wronged my family and so this is something for you Malfoys to remember the Weasleys by." She pointed her wand first at Mephisto and then at Draco, she cast the same charm on each of them, 'Briw gwydr ffolen'.

Harry and Hermione were grinning but the Headmaster asked, "What was that Miss Weasley?"

She smiled sweetly, "Hermione taught it to me she calls it 'Glass Arse,' if you try to sit it makes you think that you are sitting on broken bottles and it is permanent."

Next Harry revived Draco, who winced as he sat up, then he quickly stood and was looking at the ground where he had been sitting but of course he could see nothing that would have caused him the pain in his nether regions.

A scuffle had broken out at the edge of the cordon and Narcissa Malfoy was escorted through by two elves, who brought her before them; she fell on her knees before the Headmaster saying, "I swear that I knew nothing of this vile creatures doings." She was pointing at the elder Malfoy.

Harry bent and took one of her hands saying kindly, "Stand Narcissa Black, we believe you and you have without doubt suffered enough."

In his normal supercilious manner Draco said, "Mother how could you…" Harry waved his hand and the timbre of Draco's voice changed to resemble that of a house elf, "…associating with these lowly…" he stopped because he realised that his voice had gone squeaky and everybody was suddenly laughing at him.

Hermione smiled, 'Diffrwythioni,' (sterilize) she cast on both of the Malfoys then she cast 'Briw gwydr cals' on Draco alone saying, "The second one is something personal to remember me by, every time you pass water it will be like broken bottles." Needless to say the ferret didn't look happy. She concluded, "As far as I am concerned the elves can have the pair of them now."

For the first time since her reprieve Narcissa spoke she handed Harry her wand and asked, "May I please do one thing?" Harry nodded so she walked up to Draco and slapped him very hard across the face then she came back to retrieved her wand then she said, "Thank you so much, you don't know how long I have wanted to do that, the major part of twelve years under the 'Imperius,' curse with a pair of self centred pigs breeds a lot of hatred." She kissed Harry on the cheek and stood back.

The kiss had generated quite a bit of jealous muttering from a lot of the girls watching them from the crowd.

"It is time for me to tell you your fate, Draco." Harry said loud enough for everyone to hear. "For years you have gloried in persecuting the Weasleys in the full knowledge of what your family had done to them in the past. So on the anniversary of this date any of the Weasleys is free to come and enact on your person any punishment they think fitting, Ron and the twins might be especially inventive. You have five years plus one day to live as you can see from the clock counting down before your eyes, this time you will spend in the custody of the elves and they will aid you in atoning for your crimes against them with your Great Grandfather."

He turned to the elves and said, "They are yours, take them away please." Four elves separated themselves from the cordon and each taking an arm of one of the Malfoys they all disappeared.

Amelia sighed, "It's over."

Ginny looked puzzled and asked, "Why five years and one day?"

Harry answered, "If he had five years on this day in five years time he would die, but this way in five years time on this day he will have his day of penitence for the Weasleys and then he will die the following day."

Ginny understood and said, "So we will have five days to make him regret his actions against us."

Then Harry created a large, translucent, silver bubble enclosing them and in it were a dozen comfortable chairs together with three sofas in an irregular circle. He and Hermione flopped onto one of the sofas and Ginny sat with them.

Harry said, "So that's it then, all of the wizard world's really bad guys accounted for." He sighed with relief and then he asked, "Moro could you ask a few of your people to control who comes and goes from the bubble the rest of them should go and party for a while."

Moro said, "Certainly Harry although I already know that our king wishes to come and join us."

"Your king!" Hermione exclaimed, "I didn't know that you even had a King, of course he can come immediately."

As Moro went out Mimi came in, the couple stood to greet her but shyly she kissed Harry on the cheek then she said to Hermione in a friendly scolding sort of voice, "Your hair is a mess and the king is coming."

"The King is here and I am sure that I don't mind how much of a mess Miss Hermione's hair is." The couple turned to see whom had spoken, the king was the tallest and most regal elf they had yet seen, Harry started to bow and Hermione started to curtsey but the king of the elves stopped them saying, "The Lord and Lady of the light bow to no one for they are the most honoured among us and from this day forward I plight the troth of all elf kind to you and yours. Might I call you Harry and Hermione please, my name is Dui-y-Bei but you might call me Dobby, Mr Harry Potter Sir."

The couple were speechless with wonder and the three just hugged each other, laughing and crying tears of joy.

One of the elf guards came in holding Amelia's nieces, "I have been having great difficulty with these two outside, what should I do with them?"

Amelia said, "You two again, what should I do with the pair of you?"

The Headmaster had a relaxed smile and suggested, "We have some very miserable and damp dungeons you could borrow Minister?"

The Minister's eyes were smiling, "So, what do you two have to say for yourselves?"

Daphne said, "On behalf of our houses we wanted to congratulate Harry on…"

Susan interrupted, "And Hermione."

"Of course and Hermione," added Daphne, "on his, no their magnificent achievement."

Hermione was smiling, "These congratulations of yours, they wouldn't include trying to snog Harry to death, would they?"

"Well," said Susan, shuffling her feet and looking down, "we thought that might not hurt, for our Houses of course."

To everyone's amazement Harry stood up and said, "That's a very good idea girls. Come on."

Harry took the girls hands and started to lead them out of the bubble.

Daphne stopped him and asked, "Where are you taking us?"

"Well," said Harry with a smile, "I was going to tell everyone just what you have unselfishly offered to do on behalf of your Houses and then ask for a volunteer from Ravenclaw to selflessly provide the same service on behalf of their House."

"If you tell them all that they'll murder us!" squeaked Susan, "Slowly and painfully."

Daphne was both contrite and apologetic, "It sounded like such a good idea when we thought of it."

Amelia, Hermione and Harry had collapsed in fits of laughter whilst the Headmaster chuckling said, "Hoisted by your own petard, I believe the Muggle saying is."

Everyone except Hermione looked at the Headmaster confused and she just chortled then said, "It means, 'blown up by your own bomb," now they looked at Hermione confused, "your scheme backfired onto you." From the tone of her voice everyone knew that that was the last bit of help she was going to give on the subject, however now they all understood and the two girls were smiling sheepishly.

Hermione asked, "Headmaster, what was going on with you and Snape? You seemed to be struggling when we arrived?"

Pondering for a moment Professor Dumbledore answered, "He must have cast a spell on me from behind because when I first saw him it was already working, he was trying to close my brain down and then you both came. I believe that I was winning however what would have happened if the senior Malfoy had arrived I do not know."

Harry told him, "It wasn't you or us Mephisto was coming, it was nothing to do with anything we did, I took the information out of Draco's head. That is why I had to free the house elves immediately, we had a strong suspicion that they were tied into his mind, although we didn't know how; for that matter we still don't know how."

"When I changed the elves," he continued, "it did not weaken him so much as it caused him pain and threw him off his guard, that allowed us to start draining his power. Before we confronted him we had enough reserve magical power to rebuild Hogwarts three or four times if it had been completely destroyed, now we could rebuild it twenty times and not be able to identify the change in the level of our reserves of magical power. If it had been open confrontation it is most likely that the world would not have survived especially if Mephisto thought that he was losing and in a suicidal attempt to redress the balance released all of his stored magical reserves."

Amelia asked, "What do you intend doing about the Muggles problems?"

Straight away Hermione answered, "Unless there is a dire threat to world peace then really we don't want to know, there are over three hundred and fifty thousand Muggles on their red list in Britain and Europe and we two are not going to attempt to sort them out. We could supply lists of all of their criminals to the relevant authorities and who did what to whom and when but I don't think that it would be a very good idea since a good percentage of the people on the list are politicians. Immediately there would be too many questions of the where did those lists come from variety and even you don't know the answer to that."

Dumbledore spoke, "It is not even that Hermione and Harry won't tell you their source, they are magically bound and they cannot tell you their source.

"I think that we should be going." Harry said fairly quietly to Hermione, "If we try to go out side to the party, there will be a riot, I have a feeling that we will have to disappear from the world for a while or we will not have a minute's peace, especially if people know where we are." He turned to the others and said, "We are going first to the Potters Place and we will see you all sometime in the future."

The couple disappeared.



Some weeks later it was discovered that the couple had first gone to the Potters Place and then to Babilon, which was the traditional home of his family and the library in the house had been sealed. The friends who had been coming and going while the couple were there were still free to stay at the Potters Place as and when they wished. Lodi and Suria stayed with the house also other elves came as needed to help with the upkeep, they informed everyone that the other four elves had decided to go with the Lord and Lady to look after them also Myrddin was missing from his frame in the study.

A little later it transpired that Harry had bought an abandoned village and the valley in the middle Exmoor that it was located in, Hermione christened the place Doon Valley, from one of her favourite childhood stories. An area of repellent charms surrounded the valley, these didn't only work on Muggles they worked on uninvited magical people as well, if you weren't invited then you didn't find the valley.

On the surface the village had been rebuilt with the addition of several new houses, however the majority of the work had gone on underground where a complete, vast complex of scientific research facilities had been built.

Within six months Hermione's parents had left the Muggle world and come to live in the village with Tonks and the few others, mainly elven who were already living there. The elves had enlisted the dwarves to carry out the majority of the underground laboratory excavation, which was being planned and overseen by Jane and Matt.

Shortly after the couple disappeared Ginny, Susan and Daphne each received personal letters from Harry and Hermione with suggestions as to which NEWTS they should take. This came together with a commitment to each of them regarding their long term working relationship with the Lord and Lady. The three girls were included in the dozen or so humans who attended the couples wedding three months after the battle of Hogwarts.

The wedding took place at Godric's Hollow, it was officiated over by the King of the Elves and the Chief Warlock, the party afterwards was truly magical and it continued for three days and nights. For the first time that anyone could remember Harry seemed to really enjoy the festivities and he didn't disappear a couple of hours after the party had started. But the biggest shock and also to everybody's complete surprise Gaia attended both the wedding and the subsequent party, she told everyone that the world needed to become a more enlightened place.

A small army of elves, who had been recruited at the wedding, had been taken to the Library to study with Elfin; phase two of the four-phase plan had begun. Subsequently their first task was to scour all of the schools, universities, research facilities and such like, seeking out the open-minded talented individuals to aid with the couples major task. A major part of the lure bringing people to Doon Valley was the promise of a virtually bottomless research budget, if you thought that something might help you then you had it. Much to the couples surprise the facility turned out to be self-funding after eighteen months and with the marketing some of their new technology inventions it ran at a vast profit after only four years.

The major catalyst in the technological and scientific leap forward was the integration of magic into the high end of physics and astro-physics. It is difficult to defend a three-dimensional universe theory when you are stood in a room of requirements that will be whatever or wherever you want it to be.

Amongst the inhabitants of Doon Valley it was strongly rumoured that there were three other facilities like it around the globe, the rumour was wrong there were none or six, it depended upon how you looked at it. No two were the same but they all were charged with the same task, that of preserving certain essential aspects of modern life and technology, for after the devastation that was certain to occur in the relatively near future.

At the time of the upheaval there were twenty-two young Potters and most of them were elven, after the cataclysm the order of the day changed for everyone because now it was the duty of everybody to multiply. What remained of the earth was severely under populated, what remained of the previous landmasses was virtually devoid of animal and vegetable life and that imbalance needed to be rectified.

The future was preserved; just how this was accomplished is not within the remit of this Epilogue to expound.

The End.

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