A/N: Another poem by me! I like this one a little better, although I'm always hyper-critical of my own work (isn't everyone?). Because you know you want it, another Grim/Mandy poem, completely butcheredby my poetry style...OF PAIN! Be forewarned: If you are adverse to the concept of dying being vaguely alluded to (yet are still somehow a fan of a cartoon about Death Incarnite), this will offend you. Yay!

Disclaimer: You know the deal. Maxwell Atoms and CN belong to TGAOBAM. Yes, that show actually owns its own creators. Would you expect anything less?

Dedicated to all the wonderful peoples who dreamed up the most excellent G/M poems out there. You know who you are.

Running Away...Or To?

Last meeting, empty room
Shatter ice with a half-smile
The typical ending, the logic in life
Pretend it was worth all the while

Cold touch, childhood memories
Crimson and black, always there
Metal flash and whisper sound
Blankness cast on a dark stare

Something that might echo love
On a pale horse, hollow faces
Cracked shell, dust falls
Disappear to shadow places

A/N Version 2.0: Sometimes, I think I'm too vague for my own damn good. You followed it, right? On a side note, the phrase "On a pale horse" refers to the fact that Death is said to come on a pale horse. It's also the title of an excellent book by Piers Anthony (of Xanth fame). It's the first book in a series called "Incarnations of Immortality" and centers around a man named Zane who kills the Grim Reaper and is forced to assume the job himself. Check it out if it sounds like your kind of thing.

R and R if you have the time to spare for a poor, fledgling authoress.