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Because of you

I never stray too far from the sidewalk

Because of you

I learned to play on the safe side

So I don't get hurt

Because of you

I find it hard

To trust not only me

But everyone around me

Because of you

I am afraid……

I took the dart and focused hard on the newspaper clipping hanging on the wall in my room. I threw the tiny, sharp object and hit my target right on the nose.

My target was named Danny Phantom.

He was known to the world as Inviso-Bill, but I knew more about him. I knew he was Danny Phantom and lived right in Amity Parks, where I lived. I knew he was a ghost. I knew that he was out for revenge for something. I also knew that I would go to the ends of the earth to destroy him.

The most important part of my job was to not let anyone know what I was doing. If any of my friends found out, well……I would be socially flushed down the toilet. Seriously. That lousy Danny Fenton always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, so I never got anything done. But he would fall with the ghost kid. Fall after my world domination dreams would rise up like castles in the sky…………

Maybe I'm going too far into this. My name is Valarie Gray. I am NOT a wanna-be ghost hunter, I'm a junior ghost hunter! Ignore what you have heard about me and take into consideration that I nearly caught that ghost kid twice already! And if I could just get my claws into him again, then my nightmare, and Amity's nightmare, would be over forever. If he could die like I wanted him to die……

He is most likely not who you think he is. I know, because two weeks ago, as I was throwing those darts, I got the strangest feeling I was being watched by somebody. And on that day, I learned the ghost boy's darkest secret. The one nobody else knows. I know his true identity. I know who he really is…

I smiled and pulled the dart out of the picture. Several tiny holes dotted the ghost's face. If that had been him and the dart had been a knife, then my trouble would be over.

But this was a dart and that was a picture, and there was no use trying to deny the fact that I hadn't caught that ghost yet. But I had dug up as much dirt on him as I could. I made out with Tucker and gave him five bucks to tell me the guy's name was certainly Danny Phantom and not Inviso-Bill. I'd tried to get some things out of Sam and Dash, but Dash seemed clueless and Sam wouldn't talk. I figured a good guy to speak to about this was Fenton.

Suddenly, I heard a trash can turn over outside and had the strangest feeling someone was near, and that I may have been being watched. I peeked out the window of my room and saw the ghost boy on the ground holding his knee. A bigger ghost with flaming green hair had a gun pointed towards the boy.

For some reason felt compelled to help Danny Phantom, so I pressed a button on my shoe and my clothes were instantly transformed into a red jumpsuit. I picked up a huge gun that shot nets that a ghost couldn't get out of, and then climbled out my window and ran over to the ghosts.

"Hey, this is my yard, so you two have to take this fight somewhere else!" I cried.

The ghost boy turned around and whispered "Valarie!". How did he know my name?

"You know you have to leave. Now." I said "Or else I'm going to have to be forced to use this gun on you." I didn't tell them it was a gun that only fired nets.

"Don't make me hurt you!" the ghost with flaming hair boomed.

While he was distracted, the ghost boy fired some kind of goo from his hand. It knocked the big ghost backwards and into the sky. He kept on going until he disappeared.

I turned to Danny Phantom and he smiled at me.

"Thanks." I whispered. Then, I pushed a button on the gun and fired the net at the ghost!

"Hey, you tricked me!" Danny Phantom cried.


"And I helped you! Now let me go!"

"I'll let you go……In a cage! And then I'll eliminate you!"

Danny Phantom sighed as I picked up the net and threw it through the window of my room. My new room. My dad had finally got enough money to move out of the apartment and into a real, yet small house.

I jumped through the window, trying not to mess anything up, and heaved the net onto my bed. This ghost was heavy for something dead.

I picked up a gun. A real one. One that fired a kind ectoplasmic goo that would instantly destroy the ghost and make it no more than a pile of dust. I held the gun up next to the ghost's head and prepared to fire.

"Valarie, don't do this!" Danny Phantom pleaded, fighting to get out of the bag.

"Why shouldn't I?"

"I'll do anything if you'll let me go! I'll never, ever bother you again! And I'll tell you who I am!"

I slowly lowered the gun to my side and stared into the ghost's eyes. He seemed to be telling the truth.

"Ok. If I let you go, will you really, seriously, honestly never bother me again and tell me who you are?" I asked.

"Yes, but you have to let me out, first. Otherwise, you might trick me again."

"How do I know it's not you who's tricking me?"

"Because I wouldn't do that to you. Now, let me go."

I pointed the gun that fired nets at the occupied net on my bed and pressed a button. The glowing net disappeared and Danny Phantom sighed.

"Valarie, the reason I know your name is because I'm really D……"

"Val, sweety, there's someone on the phone who wants to speak to you!" my father called.

"I'll be back, ghost boy." I whispered, closing the window "So don't try anything funny."

I closed the door to my room and ran into the kitchen, where Daddy handed me the phone. It was my cousin, Brent, calling from Europe, where he was on vacation. He said he was sending me a wheel of cheese, so to make sure and check the mail every day. It might spoil if I didn't find it when he first sent it.

I tried to talk fast so I could get back the my ghost, but Brent went on and on about dairy products. Finally, I hung up on him and stormed back to my room, where Danny Phantom……Was gone!

"Traitor." I whispered.

I began to sit down on my bed and fell right through it! I heard a little laugh and the lamp on my desk began floating.

"You'd better stop this, ghost boy!" I cried.

"Hehehe, sorry." Danny Phantom said, still invisible.

"Come out here and tell me who you are, and then leave! And never, ever come back!"

The ghost boy appeared in the middle of the room with the lamp in his hand.

"Ok, I'm prepared to leave you alone, now." He said. And with that, he turned intangable and began to walk through the wall.

I grabbed my Anti-Ghost Glove, put it on my hand, and grabbed him by the leg. The glove allowed me to touch intangable ghosts without going right through them.

Now, Danny Phantom was half way through the wall and struggling to get out. I pulled him backwards, but he still tried to get out. He was so stupid. If he was going to break his promise, he should have left while I was on the phone with Brent.

"Hey……Let me go!" the ghost cried, still fighting to leave.

As he pulled forward and I pulled backwards, I felt something starting to give. Finally, I flew backwards with someone—and someone else was standing in the room, too!

I stared at the ghost for a moment. It was Danny Phantom, but someone ELSE was lying on the floor next to me. When Danny Phantom spotted the person, he flew into their body quickly.

I started to sit up to see who the person was. I was anxious to see the real face of the ghost boy. But before I could, the ghost with flaming green hair crashed through my window and landed on top of my bed!

"Ah, the ghost boy and my former prey." The ghost laughed.

'Former prey?' I thought. Then I remembered that the ghost with flaming hair had hunted Danny Phantom and I through the Ghost Zone once. I guessed he was back for revenge.

"Well, ghost boy and friend, what do you have to say for yourselves now that I'm about to hang your hides over my fireplace?" the ghost asked.

"I say no!"

I sat up and saw Danny Fenton standing in the middle of the room. My room. What was HE doing there?

"I'm going ghost." he said.

At that, two blue rings of light appeared around him. They slipped over him and he was instantly transformed into the ghost boy.

Danny turned to me and saw that I'd seen him change. I opened my mouth so say something, but he only whispered "Run".

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