Hello and welcome to 'A Demon's Guide To Surviving The Human World.' We are happy that you have decided to purchase us before making the giant leap to the unpredictable and often scary Human World.

With the help of a normal demon (whom we will shall Hiei), a half-breed (named Yusuke), a demon in disguise (whom we shall call Kurama), and a normal human (so called Kuwabara here) we will examine the right and wrong ways to interact with such a primitive animal.

Please feel free to follow this demon :cough:victim::cough: as we show both sides.

All chapters are short and hopefully to the point. Please inform us if they are not (we will be sure to look at your replies then proceed to burn them).

Also for your viewing pleasure we have included clear color pictures. But due to the lack of technology that these 'creatures'- called humans- have the pictures refused to show, so we hope that all those who cannot read will still be able to enjoy and learn from this book. (We have included very graphic details that will enable them to see what is happening to our victim).

Anyways good luck with your ventures, and please be sure to read all of these chapters before venturing out. Also fill out the response cards (located at the purple button) to tell us how our book has helped you.

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