Title: Worth It

Fandom: Peace Maker Kurogane

Genre: General/Romance

Rating: G

Summary: Hijikata has never been able to refuse Souji anything. But then, maybe it's worth it. (implied shounen-ai, Hijikata/Okita)

Pairing: Implied Hijikata/Okita

Warnings: Fluffiness. Come on, it's rated G, how many warnings could there be?

Disclaimer: Peace Maker Kurogane is not mine. Okita Souji is not mine. Toshizo Hijikata is not mine. Don't rub it in, because that's just mean.

Author's Notes: Holy crap! I wrote a G-rated fic! G! Sound the alarm! Call the press! Alert the media! Find me an X-rated yaoi lemon! Seriously, though, this is my first PMK fic, so be lenient with me. Don't forget to review!

"Hijikata-san! Will you come to town with me?"

A "no" had been on the tip of his tongue. Really, it had. But one pleading look from Okita Souji's wide, childlike eyes and Hijikata Toshizo gave in.

Their relationship had always been like that. Souji would make a request, and Hijikata would attempt to resist, and then grudgingly grant it. He spoiled Souji, he supposed, but in some ways, Hijikata felt that he owed it to the boy.

It had been Hijikata, after all, who had placed a katana in nine-year-old Souji's hands and instructed him to kill. It had been Hijikata who had watched Souji's young, slim body become stained with the blood of men. It had been Hijikata who had destroyed Souji's chance at a normal childhood. And it was Hijikata, now, who was determined to shelter the child still buried deep within Souji's heart.

Now, as he followed Souji through Kyoto's bustling marketplace, he marveled at the childish innocence Souji still possessed as the younger man jabbered on about some gossip that Hijikata hardly paid attention to.

He often wondered why he indulged Souji the way that he did. Despite all outward appearances, Souji was a grown man, and hardly one to be messed with. So why he bothered feeling such things as protectiveness and worry towards the tensai confused Hijikata past the point of annoyance.

Souji's voice cut off suddenly; and Hijikata glanced down at him, concerned. He rolled his eyes, though, when he followed Souji's gaze to the bright candies being sold by the bag by a young woman.

Hijikata spoke before Souji had a chance to. "Miss? How much for a bag?"

The woman told Hijikata her price, and he paid it without a word, handing the bag of candy to a surprised Souji.

The young captain's eyes widened in shock. "Really, Hijikata-san?"

Hijikata snorted. "I just paid for them, didn't I?"

Souji blinked, and then his face broke into a wide, beaming smile that seemed to light up the entire street, despite it already being midday and sunny. "Arigatou, Hijikata-san!"

As Souji slipped one arm through Hijikata's and resumed pulling him down the street with a new skip in his step, Hijikata couldn't help but sigh softly in contentment.

True, he had never been able to refuse Souji anything.

But then, he thought, feeling the warmth of Souji's arm in his and hearing Souji's bright, cheerful voice ringing in his ears, it was worth it.


Ending Notes: Aw…fluff. So adorable, so sweet…so absolutely NAUSEATING! Ugh, I can't believe I wrote something so CUTE for such a violent anime…All you die-hard violence fans, I promise my next PMK fic will be a bit more gruesome.

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