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"You're sending us to high school?" Robin yelled at Batman.

"Robin? What is this school of high that you sound so frightened of?" Starfire asked.

"It's heaven on earth…the best place ever." Cyborg put in.

"You mean the worst place EVER." Robin argued.

"Alright," Raven said. "I just want to know why we all had to be blindfolded."

"Not all of us were folded blind, friend Raven." Starfire smiled.

"What are you talking about?" Beast Boy asked her.

"I and Robin were not." Starfire explained.

"Oh I see. If you date Robin you don't have to be blindfolded." Beast Boy said sarcastically.

"BB! Stop it! Shut up!" Robin snapped quickly.

"Robin, you have a girlfriend?" Batman asked.

"Didn't you ask us here for a reason?" Robin said changing the subject quickly.

"I need you to go undercover…" Batman started.

"What!" The Titans yelled, confused.