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Maroon 5.

Chapter Thirteen

"So, Richard…" Nightwolf started.

"So, Alex…" Robin mimicked.

"Whoa! How'd you know his name? How do you know her name?" Beast Boy asked.

"He wears a flipping FIVE INCH MASK!" Nightwolf yelled.

"She skateboards, sounds like her and oh yeah, her hair's blue!" Robin followed.

"Oh…" Beast Boy said, embarrassed. He backed away.

Robin sighed and went to Starfire, Nightwolf followed him.

"Robin." She whispered as he walked. "Just kiss her already. Or at least ask her out."

Robin swatted her away from his ear. He sat down next to Starfire. Nightwolf rolled her eyes and went to Raven and Beast Boy.

"Okay, we're here." Cyborg said landing the plane. Raven, Beast Boy, Nightwolf, and Cyborg went to the opened door.

"Where's Star and Robin?" Beast Boy asked. Cyborg went to where they last saw them. He saw them and came back stifling a laugh.

"Don't worry guys either they'll pass out or they'll realize the plane's stopped moving." He explained.

"…do I want to know why?" Nightwolf asked.

"They're makin' out." Cyborg said simply.

"Uhg… did not need to hear that." Raven said slightly disgusted.

Robin shot Batman's gravelling hook at the building's roof. He swung out of the plane.

"Dude, where'd he get that thing?" Beast Boy asked jealous.

"He probably stole it." Raven reasoned as she flew out of the plane.

"Slade!" Robin yelled.

"Oh great, not another cheesy Robin line." Nightwolf mumbled.

"Titans Go!" Robin ordered. All of the Titans, even Nightwolf, jumped down to where Slade had trapped Batman. "Guys, get Batman! I've got Slade!"

"Azerath Metrion Zenthos!" Raven used her powers to hit a few of the Slade clones surrounding an unconscious Batman. Nightwolf shot claws from her nails and shot electricity through them and punched at the remaining clones. Starfire flew in and picked Batman up.

"Well Robin…"

"Slade just shut up!" Robin punched Slade, denting his mask.

"Getting strong are we?" Slade mocked. Slade struck at him.

"Rob!" Cyborg yelled as he shot a way out with his cannon. "We got him! Let's go!"

Robin ignored him and dogged Slade's strikes. Slade's punched Robin knocking him to the floor. Robin got up, whipped at the blood on his lip and looked around. Slade was gone. "Grrr." Robin mumbled.

"Robin?" Beast boy yelled.

"He turned around and went to the door.

"Robin?" Bruce asked, coming to. He sat up quickly.

"Morning, sir. Tea Master Bruce?" Alfred said, standing next to him. They were in the bat cave.

"Where's Robin?" Bruce asked anxious, ignoring his name.

"Master Dick is in the kitchen, sir." Alfred explained. Bruce jumped off of the medical table and headed for the door.

"Sir?" Alfred stopped him.

"What Alfred?" Bruce asked turning around. Alfred was holding out a robe.

"You may want to cover your uniform sir." Alfred told him.

Bruce looked around and found his mask nearby. "No thanks Alfred. This'll do." He put it on as went to the kitchen.

"Robin!" He yelled rushing in.

Richard looked up at him, "Yeah?"

"It's about Alex, who's standing right behind you." Batman said noticing Alex.

"Oh, I already knew." Robin said simply.

"How?" Batman asked.

"Well after I saved him and Keioke, you got kidnapped. I helped him and the titans save you." Alex explained.

"Ha, Robin got saved by a girl." Batman mumbled.

"I know…I know. Only Star gets to save me." Robin said sarcastically. He turned to Alex. "I still don't get how you knew where Keioke was, both times, and that Moose was dead, assuming that blue blur was you."

"I have my ways. Which means I know everything…everything that my squirrel minions tell me about or take pictures of?" Alex explained.

"Ask her Robin." Cyborg whispered.

"Alex, since you're not a Robot…want to join the team?" Robin asked.

"Okay on three conditions. 1. No one touches my stuff. 2. I get al my stuff sent over in a five thousand dollar jet. 3. NO ONE TOUCHES MY SODAS!" Alex looked at Beast Boy. She went on. "Oh, and 4. I get four stereos in my room."

"Dude, didn't she say three…" Beast Boy whispered to Cyborg.

"Umm…"Robin debated.

"I have Maroon 5." Alex whispered to him.

"You're in!" Robin declared.