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Harry Potter And The Destiny

Chapter 1-Scandalous

A little conversation goes a long, long way
Show a little patience
That you are here to stay
So show me that you're game oh

You're dangerous
Just get it up
The way you move so scandalous
It's all about the two of us
A one night stand just ain't enough
I need some stimulation baby
A little conversation maybe
You got me spinning 'round like crazy
There goes my baby

Scandalous Mis-Teeq

"I still can't believe that it's our last year!"

"Gosh, thanks for rubbing it in Herm. I still have another year here! What am I gonna do without you guys?" Ginny Weasley was the youngest student in the compartment. Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and Draco Malfoy were seated around her.

"Don't worry Gin, you still have…what's her name…Luna…"Draco soothed. He had switched to Gryffindor the year before. He had shocked everyone, by not only saving Hogwarts, by telling Professor Dumbledore what the Death Eater's had planned. But, he also saved Ginny. She was taken captive by a Death Eater. Draco left Hogwarts for a week and upon his return, he had Ginny with him. Neither he nor Ginny ever told anyone what happened that week. This naturally brought Draco and Ginny closer together. Ron, Harry, and Hermione were still careful around him. Ginny told them over and over that it was Draco's father that was the bad one, not Draco.

"Yeah, I guess…"

"What's that noise?" Harry questioned.

He was right there was indeed a noise coming from outside the compartment. "It sounds like people are whistling," Ron said.

Just then the compartment door flew open. A girl with beautiful sandy blonde hair stormed in. She was wearing extremely tight fitting muggle jeans, and an equally tight muggle shirt.

"IMMATURE PRATS!" she yelled.

She slammed the door so hard the glass shattered into pieces. She whipped around and saw the four teens staring at her. She had hazel eyes that reminded Harry of someone he couldn't place, and she wore brown glasses.

"Oh, sorry I didn't think anyone was in here," she spoke.

While she was saying this she waved her hand and the glass all went back in place.

"I'll go find another compartment, some people out there were just pissing me off!" she looked like she was going to explode.

"No…you can…uh… stay with us…right guys" Harry said turning to the others.

They all nodded.

"Alright then, thanks a lot. Oh, how rude of myself. My name is Jennifer Chase. People either call me Jaycee or Jen." As she was saying this she reached into her purse and grabbed a chocolate frog.

"Anyone want one I have a few more in here," she asked.

"Sure" Ginny said. "By the way I'm Ginny, Ginny Weasley. Nice to meet you"

Jen passed Ginny a frog.

"I'm Hermione Granger"

"I'm Gin's brother Ron Weasley"

"I'm Draco Malfoy" Jen smirked.

"And I'm Harry Potter"

Jen choked on the frog she was eating and spit it out.

"Serious" Jen asked.

"Yup, serious" Harry answered.


There was a pause.

"So do you guys still play Quidditch here in England?" Jen asked.

"Of course, we're all on our house team." Ginny responded.

"What position do you play?" Ron asked.

"Well at my old school, we were taught the 'art' of all the different positions. I basically can play all of them, but I concentrate more on another position."

"What is it?" Harry asked.

"I'm…I'm an aerobatic." she responded quietly.

"Really? There's only like…what… a one in fifty chance a witch will become an aerobatic. You have to be born one." Ginny stated.

"Yup, my mum was an aerobatic like me."

"So what do aerobatics do? I mean I've heard of 'em before just never really knew what they did." Ron asked.

"Well, I have a broom that is thinner and longer than a regular broom. I fly up to fifty feet or higher and put on a force field called an aeroshield. This is for safety measures, if I fall I land on it and don't get hurt. The best way I can explain it is if you think of a muggle cheerleader. I kind of do what they do only I have to wear regulation heels. They're five inch at minimum." she paused to look around at everyone. "I do flips and a bunch of other tricks on the broom" she finished.

"Cool" Harry said.

They talked about Quidditch for a while, when Hermione spoke up.

"So what year are you in?" she asked.

"I'm in seventh year it's my first year a Hogwarts though." Jen started. "I moved here from Canada. I went to a place called Black Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry."

"I guess Professor Dumbledore is going to make you get sorted with the rest of the firsties" Ron said.

"Nope, I've already been sorted" Jen responded.

"Well which house?" Harry asked.

"Slytherin why?" she said.

They all stared at her, shocked.

"Just kidding, I got sorted into Gryffindor" she smirked.

They all let out a breath of relief.

Just then the compartment door opened again.

"Just here to let you all know that we will be arriving in about 10 minutes, so you should change into your uniforms." a young boy, probably fifth year, spoke.

"Okay, thanks" said Jen. "Well, you girls are already changed, I'll be back in about five minutes."


True to her word Jen returned five minutes later. Harry's jaw dropped. Her skirt was at least three inches shorter than regulation. Her hair was tousled, she had put on make-up, and her blouse was undone. She walked right up to him and shut his mouth with one finger.

"If you keep your mouth open like that, bus will crawl in." she stated.

"Oh my gosh, how did you get your skirt so short?" Ginny said.

"It's against the rules, your gonna get in trouble" Hermione said.

"No it isn't. If you look in the school charter page 296 434 it clearly states that if a student manages to get through the anti-shortening spells, a shortened skirt will be allowed only if shorts" when she stated the word shorts she lifted up her skirt to show her shorts "are present." she finished.

"How did you remember that?" Hermione questioned. "It was exactly right"

"I have photographic memory"

"Are you serious" Ron questioned.

"No, that my…"she paused and bit her lip. "I mean that's how I was born, so yes I'm being serious."

"What were you going to say" Harry asked.

Jen looked nervous. She snuck a quick glance at Draco.

"Oh, would you look at that, were here." Draco said.

Jen breathed out.

"Come on lets go, or we wont get a good carriage."

As they hurried out no one noticed as Jen turned to Draco and whispered "Thanks"

When they entered the Great Hall Jen went to go sit with the other Gryffindors. After The Sorting, Professor Dumbledore stood up and the chatter in the Hall immediately ceased.

"I would like to welcome newcomers and old students to Hogwarts. I have some announcements to make. First, the Forbidden Forest remains forbidden. Second, Mr. Filtch would like me to remind you that magic in the hallways is not permitted. And on a welcome note, welcome to all of the first years. We also have a new student with us, she is a seventh year Gryffindor and comes to us from the highest wizarding school in the world, the Black Academy in Canada. I would like to introduce you all to Jennifer Chase, Jennifer please stand up." Jen stood and the Hall clapped. She sat back down. "Those are all of my announcements so tuck in." Food magically appeared on all the tables and the students ate. Later they all headed up to the common room and stayed up until late hours of the nights.

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Angel's Only Shadow

Sneak Peak for Chapter 2-Imaginary

"HARRY!" she screamed.

Harry was thrown from his broom and was falling fast. Jen jumped off her broom and started to freefall after him.