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Beast Boy was up at 7am which was highly unusual for him, considering his normal wake up time was around noon. But something was keeping him up, it was Raven. He couldn't stop worrying about her and their unborn child. Yes, Raven had been pregnant from their night in New York and was six months along. Since Raven was part demon, her pregnancy was going along much faster than normal and her size had nearly tripled from the normal, frail girl everyone was used to. Her size wasn't the only thing that had grown, her appetite had as well, she was eating even more than Cyborg and Beast Boy combined. Her normal diet consisted of three cheesesteaks and some brocoli then a Slim Jim at night time.

Since around three months of her pregnancy, Raven had enclosed herself to her room even more than usual. She would only come out to fight crime and reject any offers to watch television or go to the park. The only person she would open up for would be Beast Boy, of course. But even he would venture away at times from Raven's immense mood swings. The darkest Titans had managed to destroy nearly everything in the tower atleast once. Somehow, the couple had managed to keep this a large secret from the rest of the team.

Most of the destrution of the tower resulted from Starfire, Cyborg or Robin commenting on Raven getting a bit bigger. She was already insecure on her size in the first place and didn't need anyone else telling her about it. It resulted in an innocent toaster and plates to shatter onto the team and nearly gouge Cyborg's remaining eye out. Soon after that incident, Raven began to shut herself off from everyone. Then recently, after beast boy's persuasion, stopped coming out for battles. She claimed she had come down with a severe flu and would be no use to the team sniffling and sneezing out of control.

At the moment, Beast Boy sighed and ran a hand through his hair. There were so many things unanswered when Rae and himself had come back from their runaway. Questions like, where was Slade and why did he plot against Beast Boy in the first place? These were the questions that kept him awake in the middle of the night. He felt like Robin with his paranoia of Slade and his ultimate return.


Currently the masked mad man sat in his plush throne of sorts looking at his secret cameras set up around Titan's tower. He pressed the tips of his fingers together and leaned back. He smiled under his dark mask at Beast Boy's sleeplessness.The boywas worried about his love and their coming child. The child. That's what Slade focused on. He knew it wouldn't be an ordinary child, of course not. The child would be graced with very unique and special powers. Powers which Slade had begun to become very curious about and wanted for his own use. He had a large plan for this child, a very large one indeed.


The sun rose high into the sky and the clock struck noon. The team sat around the living room lazily awaiting for the loud siren to jar them out of day dreams and put them to work. But the alarm didn't ring and no crimes were committed. Raven and Beast Boy were currently in Raven's room talking.

"Beast Boy...I don't think the baby is going to wait much longer.." The telepath said, looking down at her rounded stomach.

"You're only what...six months along? Isn' t it supposed to be like nine or something?" He said, putting a hand on hers and giving a comforting smile.

Raven shook her head, still staring intently at her stomach. "It's diffrent for my kind. I'm telling you. I think we should tell the team now...ya know, before there's a baby and they won't be too shocked."

Beast Boy merely sighed and kissed Raven on the cheek. "Alright. We'll tell them today...infact, how about right now! There's nothing going on at the moment, this is the perfect time!"

"Well...alright..." She stated uneasily and stood up slowly with his help.

Beast Boy walked Raven slowly into the living room as she waddled behind him. "I feel like a penguin." She said, looking bland as usual.

"Hey Ra...Whoa..." Cyborg said, looking at Raven as she entered the room.

Robin dropped the controler he was using and Starfire stopped brushing her hair for a second to gape at Raven. The telepath put her head in her hands and cursed under her breath.

"Uhh, guys...we have an announcement to make...Raven is...well, she's going to have a baby!" Beast Boy said, throwing his arms up in the air as he gave the news.

All that was heard was the dropping of Starfire's brush and the drop of Cyborg's metal jaw. The team was in amazement over the news they heard.

"SAY WHAT?" Cyborg shouted.

"We're having a baby!" Beast Boy said again, his usual grin upon his face.

Starfire's eyes grew large and welled up with tears. "OH THIS IS WONDERFUL!" She shouted and flew over as fast as she could to embrace the couple as hard as she could.

Raven coughed and Starfire let go, noticing she was depriving them of air. "Oh friends, why did you not reveal this wonderful news sooner!" Star questioned, grinning.

"Well, we didn't know what you guys would say...it is a little shocking." Beast Boy said, taking Raven's hand as she looked very pissed off for no reason.

Robin peered at them and then smiled. "Congradulations guys! So...that explains Raven's clamish behavior."

Raven nodded and held her stomach and back with each hand. "Okay...I need a tripple bacon cheeseburger now..." She muttered and wobbled into the kitchen uneasily.

Beast Boy sweatdropped at Raven's unusual appetite and then put his grin back on as he looked at the team.

Cyborg's mind then clicked something. "So if Raven's pregnant that means...Whoa, you guys had fun in New York eh?"

Robin looked at Cyborg and sweatdropped and Starfire tilted her head.

Beast Boy put on an even bigger grin. "Hell yeah!"

Raven came over, holding a towering bacon tripple cheeseburger slaughtered in ketchup. "I've got to warn you guys though...Demon pregancy goes fast. I think the baby is going to be coming sometime this week."

Beast Boy shook his head and put an arm around Raven. "Nah, you're just worried about a lot of things, I'm sure you'll be fine."

Starfire then looked very perplexed and decided to get off what was on her mind. "But friends...I am confused...Where is this baby going to be coming from?"

Everyone sweat dropped and fell over. Then everyone, except Starfire, turned in the direction of Robin.

"Well, Rae and I need some sleep!" Beast Boy said and Raven teleported them from the room.

"Oh...Look at the time! Another oil change already! Tehe!" He then dashed off into the hallway.

Starfire tilted her head and looked at Robin who just sobbed into his hands asking, "Why me?"


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