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"It's not done yet!"

"But the box said it would be done in thirty seconds!"

"That's just a marketing ploy."

Aiden and Drusilla were in the bathroom of Titans tower. Drusilla was holding a pregnancy test in her hand while Aiden waited impatiently for the time to go by. Raven and Beast Boy walked in to make sure they were alright. Finally, the small egg timer on the counter rang.

"Check it, Check it!" Aiden said, peering over her shoulder.

Drusilla took in a deep breath and opened her eyes. "It's...blue..."

Beast Boy's eys widened. "Oh God! No! It's a boy!" He screamed.

Raven peered at him and his his arm, grabbing the box from Aiden. "It means negative..."

Drusilla gasped. "Thank goodness..."

Mother and daughter embraced and everyone celebrated. Slade was still out there, but he hadn't suceeded in ruining their lives just yet.

The years went by and Drusilla grew up normally. The titans grew older, but amazingly didn't call it quits until they decided they were just too old for the job. Instead, Drusilla and Aiden took over protecting the town. They became the fighting duo of Jump City, keeping the city safe from all danger. Eventually, they decided to start their own family and further expanded their team with their children.

Slade still worked to get his revenge on Drusilla, but she had grown far too strong for him to take her down. She and Aiden, working together, defeated Slade and ended his legacy of evil.



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