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Just Take A Breath

Sango just let the breeze run through her hair as she remained seated on the Bone Eater's well. All she could do at the moment is wait for Inuyasha to return. Inuyasha had made sure to wake up before her this morning, unlike yesterday, so today Sango chose that she would begin his lessons. Looking back to yesterday, Sango can only smile at the memory of Inuyasha in the river. She made sure to prove her point to him yesterday when she told him she was superior. Sango knows that's not the truth, Inuyasha is still much stronger than her as a human, faster too. He proved that to her yesterday when he was able to avoid so many blows.

But telling Inuyasha that he's weaker than her will feed his determination, and take her training seriously. At least, Sango hopes it will, only time will tell. He asked her to teach him how to fight, but all she'll be doing is giving him the basics. He already knows how to fight, so Sango isn't really sure what she can do for him. 'He just needs to work on defense.' Sango tells herself. Her face twists in a somewhat of a pained look, 'And learn not to be so aggressive in a fight.'

'The first problem is what he'll fight with.' Sango thinks to herself as she sits there, 'I guess he can just use another sword since Tetsusaiga won't work for him now. He'll need to learn some sort of technique since he won't have the Wind Scar.' She had decided to teach him how to properly fight with a sword last night. Which is why she had the craftsman in Keada's Village create a wooden sword. She figured she'd make him use it to practice rather than the real thing, especially if she'll be sparring with him. The wooden swords will be less prone to cut one another. A down side to them is that they easily break.

'I wonder when Kagome will be coming back.' Sango thinks as she stares down into the dark well. She's surprised her friend had not stopped by to visit yet. 'She has a lot to tell her family.' A frown crosses Sango's features at the thought. It made her think of her family, or lack of now. She's the last of her village. Her father, brother, friends and comrades of her village were all wiped out. She often wonders why she was the lucky one, the one to continue on and avenge them. If she believed in fate, she would say that it was her destiny to survive.

'Than again, I would have died back then, if Naraku hadn't helped me.' This thought had crossed Sango's mind on more than one occasion since they killed the demon, even a few times on their quest. 'He killed my whole village but decides to keep me alive.' She only regrets not being the one to deal the finishing blow to the manipulative demon. 'He would of used me, just like he used Kohaku, if Kagome and Inuyasha had not spotted the shard in my back.' She's been thinking of the past a lot these passed few days, more so than she used to when hunting Naraku. She doesn't understand why she keeps thinking of the past when it brings nothing but misery and regrets.

The sound of someone approaching causes Sango to stand up; picking up the wooden sword at her side she turns around to the approaching figure, "You're late Inuyasha." Sango says annoyed. Inuyasha crosses his arms over his chest and just stands there. Sango raises a questioning eyebrow at him, "Do you have something to say?" Sango asks.

"You going to start teaching me or not?" Inuyasha snaps, still a little soar over yesterday. He hadn't said much to her since she made him take that dip into the river. Inuyasha had to keep telling himself that it was his own fault for asking her to train him.

Sango closes her eyes and takes a deep breath to stop her rising anger to start boiling over. So Sango can occasionally have just as short temper as Inuyasha, if not more. Can you blame her, "Alright... Here." Sango said before tossing the wooden sword to the ground in front of him. Inuyasha glanced down at the sword, confusion quickly settling upon his features. He looks back up to the Taijiya, silently asking her to explain, "That's what you'll be fighting with." Sango explained.

"With a stick?" Inuyasha asked in annoyance, "Don't make me laugh Sango. I won't be able to do much with a stick. Where's a real weapon?"

For some reason, Sango felt like just strangling Inuyasha for his stupidity, "It's not a STICK Inuyasha. It's a bokken. It's what you'll be using until I feel you can handle the real thing."

"I know what it is!" Inuyasha shouts, flailing his arms above his head, "It's just that I refuse to use it! I've been fighting with a real sword all this time! I already know how to handle one!"

"You'll use it, whether you like it or not." Sango states flatly giving him a look that dared him to object. "Remember, you're the one to ask me to help you, so we do this my way, or I don't do it at all." Sango contained her smirk as Inuyasha growled and picked the wooden sword up. Sango took out her one wooden sword, deciding Inuyasha would feel a little less aggravated if she used one as well, "Good, now I'll show you the basics, and we'll move on from there. You'll notice that the basics don't imply that you run blindly into battle either."

"Feh... I don't run blindly into battle."

"I never said you did either." Sango replied, though the tone of her voice said otherwise.

For the next hour or so, Sango showed the basics of using a sword. Though Inuyasha felt it was ridiculous, he did exactly as he was told and mimicked each of Sango's every move with ease. When Sango felt that Inuyasha was good enough to move on, she began showing him several techniques. The first one Inuyasha could do with ease, as would any beginner, but the second technique found Inuyasha failing, miserably.

"You're doing it wrong." Sango points out as she watches Inuyasha.

"No I'm not." Inuyasha snapped, knowing that he was actually doing it wrong.

"Do you need me to show you again?"

"No, I'm not doing it wrong." Inuyasha said once more.

Sango let out a breath and shook her head while thinking that she should of perhaps shown him an easier technique. Though the only technique easier than the one he's currently attempting is the first one she showed him. "Inuyasha... You're only suppose to use one hand." She reminded him when she noticed his other hand on the hilt of the sword.

Inuyasha growled in irritation, "Why the hell does it matter anyway? One hand, two hands, either way you'll be striking the enemy."

Sango released a tired breath before pulling out her own wooden sword, "Alright Inuyasha, attack me. I'll only use my one hand strike you." She said, the corners of her lips twitching as she held back her smirk, "And you can use both your hands."

The look of suspicion crossed Inuyasha eyes at first, not trusting the Taiyija's words completely. Nevertheless, he figured he'd prove his point and jumped forth, performing a horizontal sweep. Sango brought her sword down to block the attack but the force of Inuyasha's attack deflected it away with ease, causing her to take a few steps back, being off balance. Seeing the advantage he's having, Inuyasha smirks and rushes at her again. Sango raises her sword up and the two blades clash. They stand toe to toe as each tries to push back the other. The blades lean more towards Sango, as Inuyasha physical strength over powers the Taiyija.

Inuyasha's lifts his gaze from the locked swords to Sango's eyes and smirks, knowing that he's winning. Sango matches Inuyasha's smirk with one of her own, slightly confusing the violet eyed boy, that is until he realized a bit too late why Sango seemed so confident even when he was clearly overpowering her. Her fist connected with his chin as she used her free hand to uppercut him, knocking him straight off his feet. Too stunned from the attack to really defend himself, it was easy for Sango to lower her sword above his throat. With the smirk still pasted on her face, Sango says, "You lose."

Inuyasha growls as he rubs his sore jaw, "You cheated!" He explained; jumping to his feet and throwing his sword to the ground in aggravation, "You're suppose to attack me with your sword!"

"But on the contrary. I said I'd strike you with just one hand." Sango pointed out, holding out the hand she had struck him with, "And that's exactly what I did. Let this be a lesson, each technique as an advantage and disadvantage. While using one hand, your attacks have less force behind them, having a hand free allows you to strike your opponent in more ways, making you less predictable."

Inuyasha crosses his arms over his chest, not really paying attention to what Sango is saying, "Feh..."

"It's best for one to adapt several techniques for their weapon. Otherwise, they'd just be foolish to fight."

"And what about you?" Inuyasha asked. Confusion is spreads across Sango's face. "You use that damn boomerang, you just throw it. So I guess you would be foolish to go into battle." Inuyasha explains, using her own words against her.

Sango shakes her head, "Inuyasha, I have more than just the Hiraikotsu when I fight, or have you forgotten? I have my katana, smoke bombs, and... these." With a quick flick of her wrist, two long daggers slide out of her slayer's outfit, resting on top of her hands.

Inuyasha's eyes the daggers with moderate fascination, he had nearly forgotten about those. Sango had hardly ever used them when they were after Naraku. She only just needed Hiraikotsu, and occasionally her katana for all the battles they've gotten into. With all her weapons tucked away, hidden inside her outfit, she's like a walking armory. 'Wonder what else she has hidden in there...' Inuyasha blinks stupidly at his own thought, wondering why he even bothered to think of such a thing. He let it slide however, deciding it was nothing.

Inuyasha shakes his head, ridding himself of foolish thoughts. When he glances back over to his companion, he tilts his head to the side when he sees Sango standing over by the Bone Eater's Well, looking down into the dark depths. "She's... not coming back." He hears Sango states. It wasn't a question, it was a statement. For a moment, Inuyasha's heartbeat picked up, afraid that she had figured it out. "I guess... it's for the better." Sango says quietly, "It's not exactly safe here. Demons are still all over. She could be killed by one after everything we went through to kill Naraku. It would be safe for her to stay in her time."

Inuyasha figured Sango was talking more to herself then him, he also figured that Sango hadn't realized that Kagome can't come back because of him. "Maybe she'll come back someday." Inuyasha found himself stepping to Sango's side as he said it, although he knew it wasn't true. After all, the well no longer works now that he used the jewel.

"What was her world like?" Sango's eyes never left the bottom of the well, as she gazed in lost thought.

"Feh... No place for me. Completely different world. Too noisy, too many weird things. You'd be completely lost in her world."

"Seems like we're all slowly drifting apart." Inuyasha raises an eyebrow at the comment, "First Kagome leaves. Then Houshi. I guess we're all going to go our own separate ways eventually."

Inuyasha could easily pick up the sadness in her tone. He can also see her eyes begin to glisten with unshed tears. Inuyasha suddenly felt very uncomfortable. Shifting from one foot to another, Inuyasha decides to try to reassure her, "That damn monk isn't going to be gone forever. He said he'd be back."

"Saying and doing something are completely different things. He can decide to change his mind and not return."

Sango seemed to be going deeper and deeper into her own little shell, and Inuyasha isn't sure what to do exactly. "Then why didn't you go with him? He asked you, didn't he?"

Sango slowly nods her head, "He did... I wanted to but..." Inuyasha wasn't sure why he cared so much about what her answer to his question would be. All he knows is that he found himself leaning a bit closer to her, waiting for her to finish her a sentence, "But... I couldn't leave Kohaku behind."

For some reason, the answer seemed to affect him in some strange ways. For one, he was angry, angry that she just can't seem to let go. Secondly, she seemed to care more about leaving behind her dead brother than her friends, which he happens to be one of. And lastly, for the strangest of them all, Inuyasha felt a little disappointed that he was the reason. Maybe he just didn't want to have friends let him go, the very few he managed to get.

"Feh... Don't worry about it Sango." Inuyasha said roughly. Suddenly, all his tough features faded, as he turned to face Sango. Reaching out his hands, he grabbed her shoulders and turned around slowly, "Don't worry Sango because... even if everyone else decides to leave... I'll always be here."

Sango glanced up to his eyes shyly through her bangs. She stared at him for the longest time, blinking back the tears. Quickly, she leaned into him and wrapper her arms around his middle, happy for the support he's giving her. Awkwardly and more or less embarrassed, Inuyasha wrapped his own arms around her.

He isn't sure why he felt the need to watch out for the Taijiya so much, or why he's been comforting her since the night they defeated Naraku. All that mattered to him was the present, the now.

This moment...

Even if his emotions were one big tangle of different knots, and even if he felt like his chest was going to explode with everything he's feeling at the moment. All he has to do is just take a breath, and tell himself that everything is alright. He may be unsure about a lot of things in his life, and he may not be the most easy going person. One thing to him is for certain. It only took this moment for him to decide it as well. The reason why he cares so much. The reason he felt the need to keep Sango safe. The truth is as clear as day in his mind. That truth that he'll keep to himself.

And the true reason for why he cares so much is...

He loves her.