Dragonball Infinity

Chapter Twenty-Three: Baby on Board


Vegeta? She tried again, her hands resting on her stomach still as she stared ahead at nothing, Vegeta!

Shhh. Gokuu stiffened at the intrusion, and actually glanced around the room to see if the second Brolli had heard the sound, but he only raised a brow at her slight jump. The sound came again, but more as a breathy whisper, Don't worry.

The exhalation of sound had not sounded like Vegeta, but something more feminine and hushed. She held her stomach almost tightly as she waited for more words to come from the stranger, but she heard no more from her. After a moment, she slumped back tiredly, and closed her eyes. The voice had been right after all. She had no reason to worry just yet.

The only thing she really had to worry about was whether or not she was going into labor soon. Gokuu counted the rows of beads again, almost cursing hers and Vegeta's timing in the making of their child. Gokuu remembered when these men bought her the dresses. They had wanted her to blend into society with them as much as possible, and though dresses were most definitely not one of her favorite things to wear, the threat upon her child was too great.

Turles had turned and asked how far along she was so they could get her the right amount of threads as style demanded, and she could still recall the astonishment in their eyes when she had told.

There was nothing to do now, but wait, and pray that she gave birth after this all ended.

She looked at Brolli again, watching as he watched her, and her eyes narrowed. The man immediately stood, growling a fierce warning before she said abruptly, "I'm tired."

Snorting, he nodded, and went to the door to wait for her to follow. Carefully rising due to her girth, Gokuu retrieved another glass of water that she quickly gulped down before filling the glass again.

Gokuu followed the large man down the hall, swallowing a quick sip to hide her nervousness when Brolli contacted the others, saying in his old language, "I'm moving Kakarotto to her room. And somebody get a pitcher of water and ice."

There was a pause as the second Paragus spoke on the other end, "We just got to the First Circa. Why're you pampering the little twit?"

He said, "She's been hydrating herself often, and she's tired. I think it's coming soon."

Ceasing to walk, and thanking the soft, quiet shoes they had bought her, she watched Brolli turn the corner before she slid back away, and started going down the hall in the opposite direction.

She had to wait for her baby to be born, but that didn't mean that she had to wait for them to harm it. When she reached one of the exits of the ship, she could hear a very angry Brolli that was suddenly aware of her disappearance. Grasping the turn-wheel, she spun it counter-clockwise to loosen the latch, and opened the door.


The third Paragus seethed, almost crushing the scouter on his head as it searched in vain for the woman's energy signature. It should have been picking up her energy in no time at all, but either the bitch had offed herself or she knew some tricks that could block their scouters. He looked at the third Turles, "What'll do we do if she's dead?"

"Pray that she's not."

"Shit," his eyes narrowed on the horizon, hoping to see a bobbing spikey head, but he had no such luck. Instead, he saw a large, dark shadow move away from their search party, and he asked into his scouter, "Turles, why're you moving the ship?"

"I'm not. I put it on auto-pilot," said the first Turles. "No one's in there."

With wide eyes, he turned to the ship as it suddenly picked up speed. He shouted to the others, "She's still onboard! She's trying to steal the ship!"

His son snarled, latching himself onto the side of the ship to bring it to a grinding halt, the engines groaning and straining while they resisted against his strength. Paragus heard the third Bardock ask, "How does she know how to pilot that thing? This Kakarotto has never driven a Saiyajin ship before."

"Apparently she has!" Paragus snapped. "Just help him stop it!"

Almost as soon as he had said that, the engines began to whine and smoke before the emergency switch enabled, and activated the automatic shut down. The engines stopped, and Brolli grinned at them, still holding it aloft. They all climbed in through the still open hatch that Kakarotto had used for her escape, and Paragus followed the four Brolli Images to the cockpit.

Only a glance inside showed them that it was as empty as when the first Turles had left it. The second Brolli growled, and slammed his fists against the wall before taking after the other three to follow and search the ship. Paragus, contacted the others on his scouter, "None of the other door alarms have been activated. She's somewhere on the ship. She can't have moved that quickly."


Gokuu almost waved a farewell to the ship before she thought better of it, and just walked after it, making sure to keep as much distance between herself and it as she could. She still wanted to follow it so she would know where to find Vegeta.

When she had opened the door to the ship, the voice from before had told her that they would have alarms set into the control room so that they would know whether the doors opened without their permission. After opening it, she had run from the door, and hidden away in a closet while keeping her energy at bay. While they had searched outside, she had come out to comandeer the control room, and, listening to the voice, programmed the ship to slowly fly away before quickening the pace after a minute - to allow them to see it move.

Upon finishing the program, she had rushed to the still open door, and hugged the wall of the ship, slowly moving so that she was on the side of the ship that was opposite of them. She had clung desperately to the hull as her program had started to make it move fast, but the jerk of the ship as Brolli had grabbed it nearly threw her. When they finally entered the ship through the door that was facing away from her, Gokuu slipped down to the ground to hide in some brush while they tried to make sense of everything.

It had taken a while, but the ship was finally moving away from her, and Gokuu smiled to herself, rubbing her belly contentedly. Her baby didn't stir, but she did feel something new.

Blinking slowly, Gokuu hugged her belly as she felt it pang. The abrupt cramp had started from near her spine where it slowly wrapped around where her baby was before ebbing off. After a moment, she started walking after the ship again, making sure that she could still sense it and its inhabitants.

So what do you know about giving birth? She tried to ask the voice, not sure if it would answer at all. It had only come when she had needed an answer.

Surprisingly, it came immediately, Be patient.


Vegeta opened his eyes, almost expecting to see Kakarotto looming over him as he died on Namek or with her in his arms as he bled over the metal floor of Paragus' ship. This time, there was no pain, and he blinked away the awkward gritty feeling in his eyes. Sitting up, he grasped at a straggly tree beside him, and pulled himself to his feet. Staring at the gray tree, he squinted at its oddities, and groaned when he finally could discern the pain in his hand. He pulled his hand off, and looked at the small puncture wounds caused by the tiny spikes covering the entire tree.

Stepping back, he looked over only to see a temple in the distance. Vegeta frowned softly, and began walking toward it. The temple was the same dull gray as the tree upon which he had pricked his hand, and was a great bulky form on the green desert sands.

Suddenly aware of all the green, he dipped his hand into the sand and brought it up to his face to look at while he walked toward the temple. The sands were fine and smooth, almost like tiny polished marbles, and Vegeta reveled in the odd feel of them - so very different from the coarse red sands of the Circas. After a moment, he was looking at gray steps, and he raised his head to the temple doors, dropping the green sand in his hand.

He pushed the doors open, entering to frown at the darkness. Vegeta was several footsteps in before he thought of something, Why would gods have a temple? What would they worship?

The door slammed shut, and he went still, feeling out several energy signatures at the end of the hall he was in. Hesitating only momentarily, he then walked onward, figuring that if he got this far, he might as well satisfy his curiosity. When he was close to the energies, he slowed down somewhat. He squinted in the dark before he realized there was a form that was glowing with a dusky silver light laying on a pedestal.

Vegeta reached out to touch her foot gently, and after a moment, realized that he was praying softly under his breath.

Something screamed next to his head, and he flung his arm out to strike where the creature had been, unable to see in the pitch black of the chamber. His hand had missed, but another form rushed for him, causing him to spin sharply out of control. Vegeta hit the ground hard, grunting before springing to his feet. With a shout, he summoned his Super Saiyajin form before the spike in energy made him realize how utterly tired he really was. The trip through the Gateway had been more taxing than he had first realized.

Also, his usual bright golden form only shed so much light. He doubted that he'd be able to see the beasts even if they were only a meter away. Thus, Vegeta clung to the side of the pedestal where the girl was still laying.

One of the creatures lunged for him again, but he managed to throw aside the form before another tackled his back, bringing him to his knees with almost shattering force. Cringing terribly, Vegeta somehow grabbed the creature - finding it clothed in some kind of garment that he could grab onto - and tossed it away. The three creatures - for he could only sense the three and the girl behind him - giggled nastily, and seemed to whisper to one another. The jargled bits and pieces finally made sense when he realized that each creature was speaking in a different dialect.

One spoke in the oldest of Saiyago dialects, while another was talking in a dialect that was about a thousand years later. The last was speaking in the Saiyago dialect of three thousand years before, and he shuddered while he listened.

"Another has come."

"Kill it, she's coming."

"No more hauntings! Get out, get out!"

"Leave us!"


Just as suddenly as they had begun, their speaking stopped, and he held his breath for another attack before he pulled himself to his feet with the pedestal.

He could not hear their breathing, but he could still sense their odd energy and that they weren't moving toward him again. Vegeta glanced up at the naked girl when her soft silver glow intensified slightly. Not able to yet see her face or the shape of her hair, he felt along what he could see of the pedestal until he was standing beside her head. The hair did not belong to her, but the shape and mold of the little girl's sleeping face reminded him painfully of Kakarotto.

The creatures started to shriek and scream again, and it was a miracle that the girl didn't even stir. With a grimace, he took off his shirt, and draped it over her nude form before lifting her into his arms. He reasoned in his head, Kakarotto would hate it if I left you here with these things.

As soon as he reached the doors, they opened, and he frowned before deciding to ignore it, walking through quickly, and keeping his tail close in case the doors decided to shut on it. Propping the girl up on the steps, he situated his shirt onto her, glad that it was long enough to work as a dress for her tiny form.

He sat down beside her, and shook her shoulder lightly, "Hey, wake up. The least you could do is help me find some gods for saving you."

Black eyes fluttered open before they landed on him. She smiled after a moment, and waved to him.

"Yeah, hi," he said in an older dialect, certain that someone from this place wouldn't know any newer dialect, "I'm looking for the War God. Can you tell me-" he stopped when he saw the blank look on her face. "... Do you understand what I'm saying?"

She pointed at her mouth, and shook her head.

Vegeta switched to modern Saiyago, "Do you know where the War God is?"

This time, she nodded.

"Great. Now, tell me-"

The girl shook her head again while pointing at her mouth, and it finally dawned on him as to the reason.

"You're mute?" He rubbed his face, and glanced back at the temple doors before deciding that the temple was creepy enough for one trip, and he wasn't sure that the creatures would like it if he asked for directions. Vegeta rubbed his chin before he nodded, saying, "Since you know where the War God is, then I suppose you're useful in that account. Show me the way. Quickly, I don't know how much time I have left."

She pointed at the temple doors, and Vegeta scowled at her.

"That's ridiculous. I'm not going back in there. Is there another way in?"

The little girl shook her head, and he growled, gritting his fangs before he stood up to walk away from the temple a few paces before he turned to look for some windows. He asked, "Are there any other ways we can take to get in?" He looked at her for his answer, and grunted when she shook her head again, "There's plenty of windows to go through. Why don't I go through them?"

She shook her head before he sighed and figured that he should probably listen since she was the only inhabitant he had met as so far. After a moment, something caught his eye, and he squinted at the word embedded just above the door.


He pointed, and asked her, "Do you know what that means?"

The girl nodded.


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