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Birds chirped sweetly as the sun began to dip slightly in the sky, and the temperatures cooled down, a nice, steady breeze

toying with the young man's hair as he sat next to Gojyo, looking quite protective and sweet as he glanced over at the

sleeping kappa every once in awhile before returning to his book with a grin on his face.

People walked by and smiled at the men, thinking they were just friends, maybe family, but definitely not demon. They

looked too...normal for that. The young male turned a page in his book before stretching and yawning, relaxing once more

on the blanket next to Gojyo, who opened his eyes after feeling the slight movement next to him.

"How did you even drag me along here anyway? This is boring..." Gojyo complained, taking out another cigarette. Before

he could even set it to his lips, his male companion took it from him, breaking it in half before dropping it to the ground.

"HEY! Stop doing that! I need to smoke, dammit!"

"No, you need to stop smoking. I don't want to be around for years after you drop dead from some disease! And as to

how I got you here...I'm quite...persuasive, remember?" the other male's eyes sparkled mischievously, and he winked.

Suddenly, Gojyo remembered just how the other man lured him to the park, and it brought a pleasant expression to his


"Oh. That's right. That was nice, this morning. Didn't know you could even DO that..."

The other man smiled, returning his attention to his book. "I can do a lot of things you don't know about..."

Gojyo leaned forward, placing his hand firmly down on the book, blocking the words. "Really now? Well then...why don't

you show me what you can do? If I can't smoke right can't read."

The man grinned as Gojyo pushed him to the ground. "Fair enough..." he murmured out before their lips became


Hakkai remembered.

The cold slice of steel as it had ripped through his flesh.

The starburst of pain that had flashed through his body; how it had felt like he was completely on fire and burning alive in

the pain.

He vaguey remembered slamming into the ground, and then it had all become fuzzy after that point. Someone might have

been yelling his name...he hadn't heard.

There had been bright light all around him, and he had heard Kanan's (Chi:Sorry...cant spell her name correctly -bows-)

voice, but he couldn't make out the words.

He...was almost certain he had died, and yet there was still that part of him, deep down, that thought that couldn't possibly

be right. Bright light? That had to be a creation from his own mind; if he had truly died he certainly wouldn't be going to


He'd be going straight to hell.

That word...that place...didn't really bother him. It was payment for all the sins he had commited while alive, and if that

was his punishment, his just and rightfully earned punishment, then so be it.

No...he wasn't worried about that place.

He was worried about people suffering for his actions. Well, more specifically, the people around him he cared about.

Goku, Sanzo...and Gojyo.


He had to admit it. He had been frightened. He had come to on the cold, hard, wet ground...only to discover he was

completely alone!

They had abandoned him!

So Hakkai had stopped to collect some chi and repair the wounds as best he could before staggering off after the deep

Jeep tire tracks, weary and wounded. Good thing the little dragon had been going slow in his grief...or else he never would

have caught up with them.

He had...lived.

"Hakkai! Hakkai! Get up!"


There was the sound of a smack, and a loud yelp.

"Baka! He's not deaf, just unconscious!"

Hakkai slowly blinked, then opened his eyes in confusion.

Gojyo and Goku were bent over him, and just in the background stood Sanzo, arms crossed and looking the picture of


"Oh. Hello...everyone." he grinned up at them, and reached for his monocle when he noticed they were hazy and blurred.

Gojyo supplied the small glass piece, and with a murmured "thank you" Hakkai slipped it on and ran a hand through his


"I...guess you guys don't hate me completely!" he said with a laugh, although his gaze was focused solely on Gojyo.

"Of course we don't hate you, jackass! If we hated you we would have dumped your sorry ass a few miles back!" Gojyo

replied with a grin.

"Did you go to hell, Hakkai? Did they have food there?" Goku asked in curiosity, sitting down on the hotel bed Hakkai

was currently occupying.

"I...don't think so. I just blacked out."

"BAKA!" Sanzo said from the back, giving Gojyo a menacing stare. "You didn't even check if he had a heartbeat! You're

more of a moron than I thought you were!"

"And that's pretty bad!" Goku said in hushed amazement, earning a scowl from Gojyo.

"Hey! So sue me! I forgot to check, god! I was kind of...distracted..." he mumbled, looking away.

"Distraught is more like it. You were so UPSET that you had lost your wuuuver!" Sanzo said in a mocking, babyish voice,

and Gojyo blanched before growing furious.

"At least I don't take advantage of monkeys and grope them when they're sad!"

Sanzo's face turned a funny shade of purple.

"I-I-I DID NOT! He latched onto me because he's a baka!"

"I am not a baka!" Goku complained in a whiny voice. "I was upset, dammit! Unlike the rest of you, I wasn't happy

Hakkai died. I'd care if any of you died. Except you, Gojyo. You can die."

"That's it. I'm gonna wring your liddle neck!"

Hakkai smiled, watching everyone fight around him. Just like clockwork, they argued. It was strangely comforting, really.

It...gave off a faint sense of security for some odd reason.

"OW! OWOWOOOOW! That's my goddamn leg! I have to use that, you freakin' monkey!"

"Don't call me a monkey!"

"You're a diseased, filthy, ugly, stupid MONKEY!"

"Yeah well you're an ugly, stupid, retarded, cheating, perverted KAPPA!"

Goku and Gojyo continued to throw out insults and blows until Sanzo seperated them with the slap of his all-mighty fan,

roaring at them to shut up and die, and Hakkai sat there, beaming as he watched.

"Obviously having you guys stay in the same room would keep me up all night-" Sanzo began, but was quickly interupted

by Gojyo, who picked the wrong thing to say to the already annoyed priest.

"Damn right it would. You probably get all hot and bothered when you see how sexy I am." Gojyo said, and had to dive

quickly to avoid being struck by several bullets fired at him in rage.

"Which is why I'll stay with Goku." Sanzo said, and Goku clapped his hands happily, missing Gojyo, whose loud cough

sounded strangely like the word ra aape.

"YAY! FOOOOD!" Goku called out happily, evacuating the room with Sanzo close behind.

Hakkai looked up, serious. "Gojyo, I-"

The gentle demon was nearly bowled over by the kappa, who hugged him so tightly Hakkai thought a few ribs had been

crushed in the process. "G-Gojyo!" his expression softened into a smile as Gojyo placed his red head on Hakkai's shoulder.

"Hakkai! You-I-I'm glad you're alive!''

Hakkai grinned. "I'm glad I'm alive, too. Hell would be pretty boring if I didn't get to hear you and Goku fight or Sanzo tell

someone to die."

Gojyo smirked, sitting cross-legged next to the former sensei. "Why do you always have such a nice personality?"

Hakkai was taken aback by the question that came out of the blue, but he continued to smile nevertheless. "I'm...I'm not

aware that I did."

"Oh, but you do." Gojyo said, voice lowering slightly, and Hakkai's eyes lit up.


"Where else? Unless you want to out in the rain...''

"Gojyo...remember what happened last time?"

"So what. The priest caught us; he already knew."

Hakkai lowered his head, a few strands of his dark hair falling into his beautiful grass-green eyes. "I'm sorry, Gojyo."

"Nah. I'm over that now. Let's just move on and try not to get so irritated over the smaller things..."

The other demon nodded as the kappa nearly attacked him in his happiness, pressing his lips to Hakkai's. After a minute

or so of pushing and kicking at the covers, Hakkai gasped slightly, sitting up with his hand over his ribs.

Gojyo looked nervous, and he sat up as well. "Are you ok? Did I...hurt you?"

"No. It's just...that wound I received earlier."

The light in Gojyo's eyes faded, and he stood up, brushing his hands. "Too soon then...alright. See ya a little later then-"

"No! Please...don't go!"

Gojyo stopped in his tracks when Hakkai reached out, grabbing the perverted demon's wrist. "I' fine, Gojyo-san. I

can do this...we can do this."

"Alright..." Gojyo hesitated for a moment. "But if...if anything hurts, stop, ok?"

Hakkai nodded, but he had no plans of stopping.

Goku stood near a large shelf filled to the top with food, and he looked longingly up to the top shelf, where a bag of meat

buns sat. Leaping up into the air and waving his arms, he tried three or four times to snag the bag of food, but each time he

came down empty handed. He sighed, mouth watering at the sight of food, and he whined as he thought he would never be

able to taste the delicious meat. (Chi:XD bad perverted mind i have XD!)

"Hn. Little monkey can't reach?"

Goku whirled to see Sanzo directly behind him, arms folded. "Sanzo! You can get the meat buns for me...can't you?"

Sanzo paused to think. "Can I get the meat buns? Yes. WILL I get the meat buns...?"

"Saaaaanzo! Pleeeeease! I'm starving!"

Sanzo sighed, remembering all the times when Goku begged like this, he had slapped him and said no. But now...

He liked doing things for this little monkey, strange enough. Maybe he had been around the perverted kappa too much,

and Gojyo's stupidity had rubbed off onto him...

Sanzo purposely stood directly behind Goku, pushing against him roughly to get the meat buns on the top shelf, and

Goku's eyes went wide.

Sanzo was so...warm.

"There you go...Goku."

The Monkey King took the meat buns gratefully, and looked at them, then Sanzo in amazement. " didn't call me

"monkey" for once." he said with a beautfiul grin, and Sanzo's face began to twitch, as though it were trying

Hell no!

And yet...standing there, clutching the meat buns as though they were the greatest gift in the world, with the happiness

splashed across his teenage face...he looked...


Sanzo's eyelids twitched.

"Sanzo...your eyes're really pretty when you're not hittin' me or yellin' at me...or mad at me."

Goku smiled up at him, and Sanzo could no longer hold back what he had been trying to stop for a long time.


Goku was caught by surprise by the priest, who cupped the younger man's face in his head and kissed him gently, then

more forcefully with each passing second.

Goku's eyes widened, and he dropped the meat buns, yet neither of them seemed to notice.


Sanzo was taken aback when Goku threw his arms around him, burying his face in the priest's voluminous robes.

"I love you, Sanzo."

Sanzo hesitated, then sighed, ruffling the Monkey King's hair affectionately, giving him an extremely rare smile.

" you too, Goku."

Hakkai and Gojyo, finished with their little romp (Chi: I shall go no farther due to rating. lol. take it as you will .), had

decided to wander off into the dining area, positive that everyone else would be asleep at this hour. Both shirtless, they

padded quietly down the hall, not wanting to attract any unneeded attention. Gojyo, now suddenly over his shyness, had his

arm draped lovingly over Hakkai, running his fingers through the slightly shorter demon's hair as they walked down the


"Think they'll have any food, 'Kai?"

Hakkai grinned up at Gojyo, catching a quick kiss before shrugging. "I don't know. Doesn't matter, does it? It's a nice

night out...if there's no food left...we can look at the stars."

"Gah. You're too romantic. It's...charming, I suppose." Gojyo said, bending down to nibble around the other demon's

power limiters with relish.

Hakkai stopped suddenly, nearly throwing Gojyo forward since he was leaning heavily on Hakkai, not paying any

attention as to where he was headed.

"Hey! What the hell-!"

"Shh! Listen!" Hakkai said sharply, putting a finger to Gojyo's lips, and Gojyo responded by nibbling on that as well, but

he stopped when a few certain words reached his ears.

"I love you, Sanzo."

A pause.

" you too, Goku."

"BUSTED!" Gojyo practically shrieked, leaping around the corner to confront Sanzo and Goku, who nearly leapt out of

their skins in shock.

"Oh damn." Sanzo said, caught in a compromising pose with his lips too near to Goku's.

Hakkai sweatdropped, and Goku turned apple red.

"Sanzo! What are we going to do! They caught us! GOJYO IS GOING TO MAKE FUN OF ME!" Goku panicked

near the end, and Gojyo laughed.

"Damn right I'm going to make fun of you, you twisted monkey faggot!"

Sanzo glared at Gojyo. "I do believe you are in the same position we are, so I wouldn't be talking!"

"Am not! I'm not gay!"

"Yes, YOU ARE!"

Hakkai stepped between the two, grinning. "Now now. Yes. We are, Sanzo. Gojyo and I are...together."

Gojyo threw his hands into the air in exasperation. "Can't you lie just ONCE!"

"But...what does it matter? Who cares as long as we love each other?"

Goku looked up, and his face slowly turned back to the normal color. "I...guess Hakkai's right. It...doesn't matter."

He hugged Sanzo once more, and the priest couldn't help but blush and look slightly agitated, and Hakkai smiled at


"Well, Gojyo-san? Do you agree with me?"

"How could I not?" Gojyo said, shaking his head and grinning as he pulled the demon close to him.

They pulled away, and Gojyo smiled, wiping his lips. "Remember when we caught Sanzo and Goku in the act...Hakkai?"

Hakkai (the mystery man in case any of you got...confused XD)laughed. "Do you remember what Goku and Sanzo

looked like? Poor guys. They should have been more open...we should have been more open."

Gojyo shrugged, pulling Hakkai onto him. "What does it matter anyway? We are now, so that's all that matters..." Gojyo

was about to lock lips with his love once more when gunshots rang out, and bullets passed dangerously close to his head.


Both Gojyo and Hakkai sat up quickly, and heard deep laughter.

"You're in my spot, baka. I was just telling you to move!"

Sanzo and Goku stood over them, holding hands, and Gojyo glared at both of them.

"I don't see your names on the ground!"


Hakkai pulled Gojyo out of the way to avoid fighting, and they scootched (sp) over on the blanket to make room for the

Monkey King and the priest, who sat down together. "So...picnic, huh?" Hakkai questioned, noticing the basket Goku was

carrying on his arm, and Sanzo nodded.

"Yep! Sanzo said we could have a picnic, and he said we had to bring sandwiches for even you, Gojyo. But he wouldn't

let me eat them..." Goku looked crestfallen for a moment, but then he grinned, producing sandwiches.

Each ate their own sandwich, Hakkai leaning on Gojyo and Goku actually in Sanzo's lap, and the sun shone brightly down

on them as the birds sang happily. They were reunited for the first time after completing the mission, and they all seemed

relatively at peace.

"I love Sanzo!" Goku declared proudly.

"Yeah well I love you, stupid little monkey!" Sanzo said with a smirk, giving Goku a noogie.

Hakkai smiled, not needing to use words to express how he felt. Gojyo, however, took Goku's declaration as

competition, and glared at him.

"Yeah well...I love Hakkai more than you love Sanzo."

"Do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do NOT!"


And it was said on the crisp air you could hear the hollow THWACKS! of the fan almost a mile away.

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