Well, I've written some of these almost a year or more ago, but I never got around to posting them. These are my InuYasha series drabbles. Covering various characters and pairings from the series in short little ficlets. I'll be adding more as I write them, so please check them all out!

Title: Hanyou

Genre: Drama/Angst

Rating: PG

Character: Young InuYasha

Summary: As a child, InuYasha is confused as to why he's outcast from the world.




Words thrown with the stones as I walk quietly through the village.

No children will play with one like me.

No adults will stop to ask how I am or how Mother is.

No one wants to have anything to do with me.

Their masses part as I approach; as if I have some fatal disease they'll contract if I get too close.

I don't understand the harsh stares and harsher words.

What have I done? Have I done something wrong?

I turn to Mother and ask her.

"What's a hanyou?"

And all she does is cry.