Authors Note and Disclaimer: I don't own Utena or the characters involved.
This is incredibly short, but what-they-hey, right? Just a scene between the...sisters.


"I don't appreciate what your doing with my brother." Nanami spoke.
Kozue shrugged and looked at the Student Council President with boredom.
"I really don't care." Nanami's eyes turned rage-filled when Kozue began to smirk.
"You keep your filthy hands of my brother!"
"I'll try. I can't promise anything though." Kozue chuckled, turning her back to the furious girl.

"What! What's that supposed to mean!"
Kozue chuckled, and turned back to face the pretty blonde.
Her smirk held an overall superior visage, causing Nanami's hate to intensify.
"Well, when two people are attracted to each other, isn't it natural to...say...enjoy each other?"

"That's sick! I won't allow you to touch my brother!" Nanami growled, dangerously close to slapping the nonchalant girl before her.
"Hm..."Kozue chuckled. "Jealous?" She pushed herself against Nanami.
"Wh-what?" Kozue's hand traced Nanami's breast as Nanami shook with anger.
Kozue smirked and took a step back.
"Dream of me tonight." She turned and began to walk away.

"Oh, and Touga might be late getting home." She chuckled, leaving.
Nanami stared, gaping at the spot the other girl had once occupied.

...zettai unmei: mokushiroku...